Review of different hosting companies & services side by side with our continous testing/monitoring over website performance, customer feed backs and overall industry reputation. We host sample website and do necessary testing on some crucial features to ensure our recommendation is perfect.

100% Uptime Guarantee Hosting

100% uptime guarantee hosting

Server uptime is crucial for any online service, thus 100% uptime hosting is perfect choice for any website. In this article we'll review out the best uptime guarantee hosting plan and find what actually affects uptime rate.

About Uptime Guarantee

Uptime refers to the total hours for machine running in one year comparing to server failure. For web hosting industry, uptime guarantee is not only referring to hosting server but also network. What clients see is combination for both.

Server uptime – The actual hosting server and OS status
Network uptime – The connection status between hosting server and datacenter outside.

Some hosting providers announce to offer 99.99% server uptime guarantee while some provides 99.99% network uptime guarantee. It's crucial to check what kind of guarantee it is if it's crucial for your business.

To be better understanding uptime rate, let's calculate based 99.9% and see how much down time will be generated:

Let's say 365 for one year and 24 hours per day, total hour per year is 8760. 99.9% uptime will result in 8760*99.9% = 8672.4 hours. Thus the total down time from calculation is 8760 – 8672.4 = 87.6(hours). After convert to day, the number is 87.6/24 = 3.65(day).

As we see, even based such high uptime rate, about 4 days downtime is expected in one year. And because of this we can't really blame hosting provider.

100% Uptime Guarantee – yes or not?

Can 100% uptime be guaranteed? It's definitely impossible for regular hosting service. Even from those biggest providers with millions of dollars for both server equipment and their own datacenters, etc., do not achieve 100% uptime. They can be very close to this guarantee though. The main point is, if you're patching your servers regularly you will need to reboot them at least once a month (for Windows) or whenever a kernel patch comes out for Linux.

If you're really trying to get such high values of availability, costs are also going to be high as you will need to implement very complex structure. Such as, use quality hardware, a quality network, etc.

Best Uptime Guarantee Hosting

For high rate uptime and high performance hosting service, look nowhere else other than bluehost. Bluehost group has total manage for server and data center setups. Powered by newest DELL servers with optimized linux kernel and cloud storage, bluehost provides instant account provisioning upon payment verification. Bluehost setup their own data centers by modern technologies with more than enough resources.

bluehost uptime guarantee hosting

As regarding to uptime guarantee, bluehost applied multi solutions to ensure the highest server uptime rate.

Powerful DELL server. when we say powerful, it refers to hardware specifications, life cycle and performance benchmark.

OS optimization, the use their own linux optimizer called "Betterlinux" which is optimization on kernel level based their years hosting experience.

Data center setup. They created 3 world class data centers in Utah that will fulfill the next 10 years IT requirements.

Because of such facilities, bluehost created their own cloud structure to serve all clients. On this platform, even if there's a single server failure, another server will take over the work and make sure your site is always online. In this way, some common tasks to make server offline such as patch is no longer a big concern.

Bluehost unbeatable hosting features include:

  • Free domain and domain manager
  • Enhanced cpanel for all in one hosting control
  • Scalability of seamless upgrade
  • Resource protection for guaranteed performance
  • 24*7 live tech support by chat, email and ticket
  • Daily backup with one click restoration

Find out full features on website

bluehost uptime review

Website Uptime Reviews

When we look for the best uptime hosting service, there're more efforts to be done from client side. Website uptime is combination of many side works but not just hosting service. This includes

Optimized Script – If you programmed the website by yourself, you have to make necessary local testing before uploading to production server, some crucial features like CPU/RAM usage and response time etc have to be pre-tested. The more tests we do from local, the less problem we will deal with.

Website Usage – We have to evaluate how much server resource on hosting server other than focusing on those unlimited features. If our requirements are more than capacity from a shared server, we should never try with it.

Continous Monitoring – Monitor is a must to keep your web service online. We have to find if any outage being occured on site and do needful fix in time.

PowerDNN & Review

powerdnn & review

This PowerDNN & review is based side by side evaluation of hosting features, ease of use, server performance and customer support quality etc. The sole purpose is to provide readers helpful guidance of perfect DotNetNuke and CMS web hosting choice among hundreds of different services.

PowerDNN & Overview

The name powerdnn was setup the same year when DotNetNuke was born. It is a respected name in DNN community for its countless effort in powering any size DNN website. Start from a single server to multi class hosting plans, Powerdnn is serving thousands of successful DNN websites with high performance & security protection.

After DotnetNuke 7.3, powerdnn is renamed to with completely new hosting solutions including shared, cloud, dedicated and enterprise plans. Since then, it's no longer dedicated for dotnetnuke, the powerdnn team started to support the popular major CMS softwares including wordpress, drupal and nopcommerce. Plans

Currently there're total of 4 class plans offered under service – Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated server and Enterprise hosting. Unlike any other traditional web hosting service, all hosting plans under the company are setup for enterprise purpose with extremely high professional support.

Shared hosting – Total of 3 class shared plans provided vary from $99 – $299/mon. Difference is the amount of disk storage, number of supported websites, mail box and ftp users such crucial features.

Cloud hosting – a high end hosting solution from this company. Besides all advanced features from shared server, people get guaranteed cloud resources with instant scale up for any available feature.

Dedicated server – enterprise class hardware with 100% meet-your-need setups. Server environments are engineered and built to be scalable for your specific needs.

powerdnn hosting plans

Besides all above, also provides a complete customization service for high end hosting requirement. Client can submit any web or server setup requirement and their people will quote you a reasonable price with guaranteed performance. Data center & server

The company operates through multiple data centers from Europe, USA and Australia. Especially their midwest data centers in USA, their construction and GEO location make it free from the natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and power shortages that plague other datacenters throughout the world. This reinforced structure was originally built by the Dept. of Defense to double as a nuclear fallout shelter for STRATCOM. Major data center specs include the following:

  • Fault-Tolerant Site Infrastructure
  • Multiple-Fiber Connectivity
  • N+1 Power and Water Detection
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Raised Floors Throughout
  • Biometric Security

Major internet providers include AT&T, MCI, Qwest, Global Crossing, Alltel, Sprint, Cox and Level 3. Multi cabling construction available for guaranteed access and performance. Their people proudly to offer 100% network uptime guarantee!

powerdnn data centers

The best data center space deserve the best server setup. team use the best DELL server for fast and reliable data service. Hosting servers are made by high end hardware production for enterprise purpose. All hosting servers utilize redundant networks, redundant hard drives, redundant power to deal with any failure event. Besides, the company uses RAID1 to provide a 24/7 "instant mirror" backup to ensure 100% service uptime and data accuracy. Support

What really makes outstanding is their support service. The company guarantee 100% real people support and at most 15 seconds waiting on chat or 30 minutes in ticket support. Not just simple FAQs on how to use their service, the company provide developer level assistance including software setup, upgrade and customization. Because their people are all developers for CMS softwares, they understand most problems in operating the platform and created solutions for it. Customer simply get more than expected support in using the service

Furthermore, if you need development service, they have a special service at website. You can choose the specific developer by your specific requests and their people will follow up very well.

Customer Satisfication highlight their customer satisfication by NPS score which the company consistently maintains over 90s — in a field where the industry average is 40 as announced by their people. NPS is an indicator shows how likely someone is to recommend a company's product or service.

It's reasonable and not a surprise for to get such high score. All their clients are high end enterprise users who completely rely on their service or very professional in using the platform. Because of this, communication between the company and clients are pretty easy. Means, even there're some kind problems, they can get solution in short time. It's crucial for enterprise portal site that has extremely high requirements for uptime.

powerdnn support

More about or Powerdnn was initially setup for DotNetNuke software with side by side hosting support and development support. Unlike any other traditional hosting service, the is dedicated for DNN software. Because of this, their people can setup high grade server to support any size dnn website. Plus, because there's only dotnetnuke service on server side, their tech team can apply high end security and optimize the environment in extremely high standards.

If we have to find a similar company from the industry, that would be WP-engine who is dedicated for wordpress software. They have similar plan structures and support service. And the most important point is they both do well and well recognized from hosting industry. You get what you pay, their price is pretty high comparing to any other provider but it returns you more than expected support. Especially for high end enterprise hosting requirement, you won't go wrong in coperating with the company. Review review is one of the very few .net hosting providers who provides up to 60 days free trial service. If you have been looking for high quality .net web hosting service and need professional suggestion. This page will tell you more from background reviews. Our editorial experience will help review this company side by side and make sure you get additional information than anywhere else.

Brief Introduction of

The site is launched in 2012 by a group of windows hosting professionals in Los Angeles. The company is compose by a group of developers with more than 10 years development experience. focus on windows server platform and fully compatible with php mysql technologies. After several critical changes, the company completely revised their management system and server structures to meet up with modern IT requirements. To be more clear, they upgraded from ASP to and PHP platforms for better user friendly interface and faster response. Reivew – Hosting Plans provides multi class hosting plans for shared, semi dedicated, VPS and reseller hosting. Each class hosting provides multiple grade plans to work with different hosting requirements. What makes their service different is they provide a free trial plan for up to 60 days. No credit card or any sensitive privacy required but just a simple registration, then you get a full functional .net hosting account!

Shared Hosting – There're four grades of plans available – Free trial, Basic, Advance and Premium plans. While the basic plan provides the same features from free trial service, advance and premium plans provides more support to some critical service such as number of Ms Sql database, reporting service, mailing list and cron jobs etc. Each grade hosting plan provides different limitation on these services. All server system OS is powered by SSD drive for guaranteed response! shared hosting plan

Semi dedicated Hosting – It's a kind of enterprise choice for advanced shared hosting service. While the traditional shared hosting server resource is allocated to many customer accounts, semi dedicated server plan is shared by less than 10 people on single server. In this way, customer get more hardware resource support with much better performance guaranteed. It's extremely helpful to enterprise applications and big website before upgrading to VPS or dedicated server. The most important thing is you don't have to manage server by yourself but use it as regular web hosting. semi dedicated hosting

VPS Hosting – Other than offering low level server configuration and compete on price, provides enterprise class VPS solutions with lots of hardware resources. Based Virtuozzo and cloud technologies, the VPS server is scalable and flexible to meet up your business growth requirement with zero down time. The best of the best is customer be able to choose windows and linux OS with no extra costs. Each server is properly secured by firewall and anti-virus units with SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance. vps server

Reseller Plan – provides total of 4 class reseller plans with limitation only on allocated disk space. Resellers will get a full functional control panel system for billing and clients management. If you're developer, their reseller plan comes with a set of API for you to use. You can use it to manage/add/delete all of your hosting accounts. You can setup your prefered hosting plans as you like within allocated disk space. All available technical features are provided for each class reseller plans so can setup a full functinoal hosting service to your client. Reivew – Control Panel

Neither cpanel nor WebsitePanel, programmed their own control panel system with optimized management for hosting services. This control panel system is programmed via cloud technologies to have every service centrally and professionally managed. All services are properly categorized so you're not confused to navigate correctly. You can manage multiple hosting accounts under a single control panel login. In this way you don't have to use different credentials to manage different hosting accounts so everything is kept easy. Reivew – Networking is powered by total of 3 data centers from Los Angeles. Each Data Center features a redundant network of multiple fiber trunks from multiple sources, redundant power on the premises and diesel backup generators. Each Data Center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. is supported by some of the top quality bandwidth providers such as Level3, Global Crossing, AT&T and UUNET. Further more, the company provides free cloudflare integration in hosting control panel and their people are co-operated with multiple CDN providers on multi locations on the planet. Means be able to generate the best connectivity for your site. We have experienced the change by several projects testing and saw how their people are improving their speed. Reivew – Support

The company provides pretty standard and helpful hosting supports including Toll free phone call, Email, Ticket and 24*7 live chat channel. Their people are running around the clock to accept each of your request professionally. Either from basic pre-sale or after sale technical support, their people be able to answer your questions professionally and friendly.

Besides all about this, their people are pretty active in multiple webmaster forums and Q/A communities to answer questions directly. Not only the support team, their CEO is also responsive with helpful replies! If you're not satisfied with their technician, you can drop messages directly to him and he will support you seperately. Reivew – Price Value

Try with zero cost and sign up with only $2.95/mo, you will be able to enjoy all .net and sql server advantages. This price gives customer full control to website properties by professional management system. In case you need upgrade plan support, it can be done quickly from control panel center and no support contact required. The system will upgrade the properties automatically.

Unlike most web hosting providers who provides various coupon code to attract sign ups, provides 10~15% discount directly if you sign up 24 or 36 months. Just like a real shop promotion, if you buy more, discount will be applied. promo

Things You Should be Awared provides affordable hosting plans, but you must learn the following to understand their policies and make sure you will not violate the TOS.

File/Folder limitation – Each hosting plan provides different limitations for number of files/folders.

  • Basic plan – 10,000 files/folders
  • Advance plan – 50,000 files/folders
  • Premium plan – 100,000 files/folders
  • Semi Basic – 200,000 files/folders
  • Semi Advance – 300,000 files/folders
  • Semi Premium – 400,000 files/folders
  • Reseller plan – 1,000,000 files/folders

Further more, each individual hosting account shell not exceed the limit of 99 IIS Entries.

Remedy Action – In the event of Remedy Action against Spamming Activities or Internet Abuse, will charge the customer a $500.00 clean up fee.

Charge Back Penality – The Customer agrees not to issue chargebacks for any credit card payments. A chargeback of payment for services rendered will result in an additional charge of $150.

Learn more about their TOS at

More about

Before we tell anything of the background, we would like to know how many people still remember the name "WebHost4Life". Why? Because is next generation of webhost4life which is developped by the old team. After their old business accauired by endurance, they launched webhost4life China. But their people definitely would not like to loose the old market and had been preparing for new business. The domain was registered in 2012 and live hosting was offered quickly later in smaller scope. They're now earned big success again for new business and still growing up fast.

Their team is composed by windows professionals that's why no linux plan offered at the moment. Since they can support most linux applications at very affordable costs on windows hosting plans, they might not consider to offer linux again. Especially when they have seriously used in business domain name.

Find out more about this company on

Why JustHost Blog Hosting is The Best?

why justhost blog hosting is the best

Blog is the fastest way to get online appearance. Depspite any free blog platform, have our own domain name with root control over site content is critial in case of any system failure. To make your blog experience simple and excellent, we highly recommend JustHost( based 3 years' editorial experience with it. To dig out more, we briefly introduce the justhost blog platform advantages in following categories

Simple but Powerful Hosting Plan

Justhost provides a simple shared hosting plan but provides all popular features such as CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL and software installer. Almost all crucial features are unlimited. Technically, you can use the justhost service for any linux web project because of its powerful setup.

What more is about its simplity. We can complete website setup automatically in control panel center. We have multiple options to setup blog site, either by sitebuilder wizard or scripts installer or upload our existing project, the process is pretty streight and hassle free. We also have option to use weebly service plan here. Means if we have been used to this platform, it's also available here with justhost. The thing is everything will be hosted under our hosting account for full management.

Worry about quick website growth? Justhost provides two upgrade options for shared plan and 4 cloud VPS server plans for instant provisioning! It's crucial feature as you don't have to wait for server setup when you need urgent migration.

install blog with justhost

No Trick Lowest Price

As low as $2.95 per month, we always enjoy this price or even less during holiday promotion. You don't need any coupon code or secret link like before, everything is clear as it is. If you have been looking for any promo code and found some, unfrtunately, none will work because the justhost team actually has deactivated all codes except the default one!

How to save money with justhost? Please be noted, the lowest price offer is only effective for 36 months registration and there will be different prices for 24 or 12 months. We highly recommend to go with 36 months directly for best price value. In case you don't really need that long time service, just submit cancellation request for money back of rest months and no reasons to be asked!

Clean Revised cpanel

Justhost provides revised control panel based cPanel technologies. Comparing to cpanel, the justhost control panel is more clean with better navigation. Those frequently used options are well categorized on top and could be customized with our needs. No matter if are novice or professional web master, this control panel be able to make your work more easy!

Check out justhost control panel demo @

CloudFlare Plan

Cloudflare is mostly recognized cloud drive for website. The company provides multiple plans to support our individual needs. Other than register separately on cloudflare site, the integration is added to justhost control panel for central management.

Need more features? Sign up now and found more surprises!

5 Names Can Be Trusted Under EIG

Endurance international group

No matter how we do researches about web hosting suggestion, most people would say go away from EIG (endurance International Group). But if we do further research about this company, we can conclude that lots of popular hosting brands are actually managed by their people. Regardless of those names we're not familiar with, who to go if we have to choose from EIG? Following names are recommended via our continuous monitoring


The most reputable name for personal to medium size business over a decade. Although their founder sold the business, he's still supporting BH because the bluehost management system is different from any available ones. Their cloud platform is 100% created by their own based their more than 10 years' experience.

A new spotlight at bluehost is choice of server location. They have not announced any new data center plan from other points on the planet, but we do have opportunity to host in USA, Europe, India and China for the moment. Our analysis told us it should be a kind of resource sharing.. Since the endurance group purchased business from different continents, it's possible they share available resources together.

The most important reason of recommendation is there has been no real negative events happened so far, bluehost is still bluehost as it has been. No real change because of the owner transfer.


The biggest purchasing by EIG for now. Similar to bluehost but mostly featured for its industry standards reputation. For very a long time, hostgator has been recognized the standard of cpanel hosting service. Being the rule maker, hostgator did prove their capacity of high quality hosting offering. Either shared or VPS or Dedicated server plan, client always be able to find a suitable solution for their business.

With hostgator, we can sign up through three channels: Hostgator US, Hostgator India & Hostgator China. Each tunnel is supported by local team for easier and more professional communication.

No serious issues reported yet after business transfer, hostgator is still the industry leader no matter how people say.


To justhost, things are just better and better than before. While everything remains the simplity as before, improvements are never stopped. We got VPS and cloud server solutions at very good prices. They provides us the best price directly for shared hosting while we can only get it by special coupon code before. No secret link or any other tricks to play anymore!

Moreover, Justhost provides a revised cpanel control panel which only keeps useful items by default. Some frequently used options are well categorized on top so we don't need to find with any effort. Especially when we need to host a basic website and keep everything simple, justhost is absolutely the NO.1 choice!

justhost control panel demo


Make hosting service cheaper! If you have tired of dealing with problems from other cheap or free hosting service, try ipage and you will get fresh air. iPage was cheap and cheaper now, no coupon required, no special tricks to play with. We always enjoy the best price as it shows.

Comparing to any cheap hosting service plan, either for price or quality, hard to find a competitor. If we have experienced a lot of bad because of endurance migration issue, ipage is probably the only good thing from the company. Just one buck a month, we get everything needed to setup a full functional site with a bunch of promotion tools.


Our main hosting partner since 2010. Arvixe is in our top list as always, although we're doing complete new evaluation because of the business transfer. Arvixe is a hot word in lots of community forums at the moment. Regardless any backend affairs, the real front service is still on same level.

Personally, it's hurricane after we confirmed the truth of EIG purchasing over arvixe. We worked with a very good hosting company before and its reputation got destroyed because of EIG "platform transission", clients lost data and business because website is not working on new server. Fortunately, there's no such trouble from coming purchases over big companies like Hostgator. Some research says EIG is trying to keep cpanel services no change and manage them together. If it's true, that's probably how there's no issue because of business transission.

Despite who owns arvixe, the company is actually doing perfect for both linux and windows hosting. Their affordable and excellent service is powering more than one million domain names. There're individual plans for personal and business sites to support different business perfectly. That's how we're still with them instead migrating away.

How Do We Think About EIG Hosting Service?

Nowadays, big companies are eating up small competitors to become stronger. Companies like endurance will just become more and more huge no matter if we like it or not. They truth is they're now managing the biggest part hosting service on the planet and it's hard to escape their ecosphere for better solution. Instead to avoid, we need to evaluate our real hosting needs then pick up the suitable provider. Sometimes we don't really have to read people's bad experience, as long as we think it's good from overall evaluation then its good to go.

Host4ASP.NET Review review

In this Host4ASP.NET review, we mainly discuss this hosting company's web hosting solutions on the aspects of reputation, pricing, features, performance, and customer service. This review is written for some readers hearing a little about this web host, aiming to help them have a comprehensive understanding about this start-up and make a decision whether it is worth choosing.

As a newcomer of the hosting industry, Host4ASP.NET is no less excellent than the predecessors for its customer-oriented tenet. Since the first day this company stepped into this field, it has acquired a large customer base mainly including the webmasters who wish to develop their sites with a reliable ASP.NET hosting provider. Now, let's reveal the secret of this up-rising star.

Plans & Pricing – Cost-effectiveness

Since its establishment, Host4ASP.NET has positioned itself as an affordable web hosting service provider. There are three Asp.NET hosting solutions available in the market, including Basic, Advance and Business, regularly priced at $4.95/mo, $6.95/mo and $15.95/mo. However, to make the plans more cost-effective, this company offers a huge discount to cut the prices down to $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo respectively, which are much cheaper than packages from most other companies.

Host4ASP.NET's commitment is to forbid any hidden fees included in each hosting plan and to provide 30 days money back guarantee to allow people to get their money back when cancelling their accounts within the first 30 days. Besides, customers can pay for the service by using PayPal, which is one of the most convenient payment methods worldwide.

Features – All Needed ASP.NET Features Are Included

Each ASP.NET hosting plan is powered by the cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, including Classic ASP, ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, dedicated application pool, Full Trust level, Silverlight 4/5, etc. Besides, it provides customers with the maximum allocation of MSSQL 2012/2014, coming with SQL management studio access. Here, we list more feature information in the following table.

Features Basic Advance Business
Disk Space 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website 1 6 Unlimited
Domain Pointers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MS SQL 2012/2014 1 6 Unlimited
MySQL5 1 6 Unlimited
Price $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $9.95/mo

Host4ASP.NET utilizes the most user-friendly Windows –based WebSitePanel, which has rich features and an understandable user interface. This robust control panel gives customers the ability to take full control over their websites and install dozens applications with a few clicks, making people get relaxed on site building and management.

Network – High Performance

Host4ASP.NET makes use of a top-level US data center located in Chicago, delivering superior performance, reliability and security. This company has invested a large sum of money on the data center which covers an area of 55,000 square feet and configures high-performance infrastructures, like quality Dell servers, redundant UPS system, redundant cooling system, fire protection, etc.

For all facilities keeping running well, the hosted websites hardly suffer downtime. On average, this company is able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime based on our real-time monitoring in the past 30 days. In addition, the professional technicians ensure 24/7 monitoring to find out and solve any issue in time, ensuring customers can run websites rapidly and stably. Besides, people who want higher performance are able to choose Host4ASP.NET SSD Hosting.

Customer Service – Available in Day and Night

For any question about the hosting services, customers can contact the well-trained support team of Host4ASP.NET to get an effective solution. All support staffs have received professional training, and they are experienced enough to answer any request in the shortest time.

People are allowed to send an email to ask for help or contact the staffs via live chat. Both communication channels are available in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, this company sets a blog that includes many technical help articles to help people create their sites without taking too much effort.

Summary – Host4ASP.NET Is Worth Choosing

Host4ASP.NET devotes itself to offering high quality ASP.NET web hosting solutions at a competitive price. The excellent performance and high level of reliability guarantee a superior hosting environment. If readers are looking for a cost-effective ASP.NET hosting plan with considerate customer service, Host4ASP.NET is a solid option.