I firstly thank you for visiting our hosting review project website. We do hope our 4 years' experience in hosting industry will give you some guidance or suggestions when searching for the correct hosting provider.

Hosting support is my first job after graduation. Like everyone who entered a new field, I don't know too much about web hosting stuff but just earn my life. My daily work is to deal with customer complaints with various issues, actually what I do mostly is to submit a ticket with higher level tech guys since I'm not that technical at that times.

Our support is 24 x 7 and our work schedule rotates every 3 months. that means I need to bear with night work or middle night work every 3 months! You can't imagine what kind of pressure it is but I managed to pass over those hard times. What make me feel happier is our clients never forgot to submit good feedbacks to my work once after I got their issue fixed.

As time goes by, I was successfully promoted to supervisor to manage other staffs work. During that period, I started to know the story of web hosting business and learned what has made a hosting business go success and fail. During the communication with our customers and co-operation with other hosting companies I start to know who actually be able to offer real customer service and support. What I have to tell you is, the hosting industry is really in confusion. You can't judge if it's good from the fronted advertising and nice web design. There're many miss guiding on the internet.

So, back to the core idea of this website. I decide to put up this hosting review site to release the story of the best or average good hosting providers and will tell you more about some scam hosting companies in case you get fooled by their services.

You're welcome to contact us by email address park.gov@gmail.com and discuss hosting related issues or questions.

Please note, I or the hosting company I worked with before do have some kind of direct or indirect relationship with most providers I will mention in my next articles. The review from each articles are actually the rating from our previous customers and my personal experience in hosting business. Hope you like the reading on our website!