Review of different hosting companies & services side by side with our continous testing/monitoring over website performance, customer feed backs and overall industry reputation. We host sample website and do necessary testing on some crucial features to ensure our recommendation is perfect.

TMDHosting Review

TMDHosting review

TMDHosting Background

Founded in 2007 in The United States, TMDHosting is one of the fastest growing companies in the hosting business. The company specializes in the full range of web hosting services and is best known for its premium free customer service, competitive prices and innovative technologies. TMDHosting is a Better Business Bureau accredited company and have an impeccable rating of A+. The people behind TMD very well know how important the projects of their customers are and provide them with security and a stable environment to achieve the outstanding performance their websites depend on.

Web Hosting Plans

TMDHosting has developed several web hosting plans to fit into every website's needs – from shared through VPS to dedicated. Prices drop as low as $2.85.

All plans include:

  • Free Premium 24/7 experienced support
  • Solid-State drives (SSD) up to 20 times faster than traditional HDD;
  • Free upgrades + free installation of applications, plugins, templates;
  • SpamExperts, CloudFlare CDN, memcache for free and more.

To check all the details about the web hosting plans, please visit:


Every hosting package comes with template library access. TMDHosting's professional designers create unique third party templates for some of the most popular open source applications, such as Drupal, Joomla, Dolphin, PrestaShop, WordPress and others.

The best part is that you do not need to be a TMDHosting customer to use those themes for your website, as they are absolutely free to anyone.  This way the company demonstrates its passion for open source applications and contributes to the open source community. All themes have responsive design.

tmdhosting free cms templates

Customer Support

One of the things that distinguishes TMDHosting from the other web hosting companies is their outstanding customer support. The reason behind is that most of their Technical Support Team members have spent their entire careers, providing customer service and technical assistance in the webhosting industry. They do not just provide technical guidance and assistance but also advise potential clients on what is the best resolution for their cases in a long term perspective and educate them on basic or advanced topics. Moreover, the customer support is 24/7 and is free for all TMDHosting customers. Last but not least, a response is guaranteed within 15 minutes.

Data Centers

Back in 2007, TMDHosting has started with one data center facility only. Thanks to their significant growth over the years, they are now operating four data center in USA and one in The Netherlands. The readers of WebHostPark are the first to learn that the company has now expanded their infrastructure on a third continent – Asia. Their new data center in Singapore will become fully operational in the end of November 2015.


TMDHosting's treats with care not only its clients, but also its prospective customers. The company is making regular promotions with substantial discounts on the annual hosting plans (50% OFF, first six months FREE, etc). Apart from the common holidays like Christmas, Easter, and New Year's Eve, TMDHosting is also making unexpected promotions on some informal holidays. You can be pleasantly surprised when you visit their website and find out you can save up to 70% from your annual hosting expenses. Check TMDHosting's website now and it might turn out to be your lucky day.

tmdhosting promotion

Best Sitepro Web Hosting

best sitepro web hosting

Need a professional website in quick time? Website builder is the best choice. Sitepro is one of the best sitebuilder solutions that allow users to customize site layouts from begin to end by drag & drop operation. In this article we provide indepth sitepro reviews and choice of the best sitepro web hosting provider. If you're looking for alternative choice of your current sitebuilder solution, this article will help.

Brief Introduction of SitePro is a cloud based website builder project by Profis Group. The company has ten years of internet market and operate offices in Lithuania, Russia and USA (Silicon Valley). Sitepro provides more than 100 excellent templates and 31 available languages support for different website purpose. The sitepro WYSIWYG editor come with all needed functions to create a professional web page. The most fantastic feature is we can create mobile version to be compatible for different mobile devices. Sitepro general features include

  • Free opportunity
  • Multi-language website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Park your domain
  • More than 170 templates
  • Responsive design
  • No advertisement

Sitepro provides full functional online demo to check the platform side by side, there's also free opportunity to publish a simple website on their server with limited functions. In this way, people can understand how the program works then decide if it's worth to go.

Sitepro online demo:

Best Sitepro Web Hosting

Most major web hosting providers use default options from cpanel and only RV builder available for old style choice. Arvixe is proudly to offer free enterprise version sitpro builder to each client. It's put the same place of rv site builder so every people can find it easily. Arvixe Sitepro builder is completely configured on the company server so no matter if you are creating pages or doing final publish, performance is highly guaranteed.

arvixe sitepro hosting

How to use sitepro builder with arvixe? Just login cpanel and navigate to "software & service", then click on your prefered domain name for website creation, browse the template categories and select your prefered template then customize the design. Lastly, click save and publish to make the desgin go live on domain name.

What's included for arvixe sitepro hosting?

Sitepro is a default support for all hosting plans. Means no matter which plan you're settled on you can use sitepro service with no problem. Especially when sitepro only requires php and mysql to work with, we can select the basic hosting service to start for budget choice. However, please keep in mind if you already have website setup on the domain, make sure to make a good backup to avoid any confliction with published files. Arvixe sitepro hosting includes

  • Full enterprise sitepro features
  • Free domain name for life
  • $2.8/mo for 36 months registration
  • SSD drive hosting server
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Live 24*7*365 tech support

Find more features on

More about Sitepro Builder

Sitepro provides two ways to integrate with hosting service – API or standalone package. For API solution, when user is building a website, everything on sitepro server. Contents will be automatically uploaded to Hosting company's server after publish. For standalone package, it's offered as Enterprise builder version. Hosting companies be able to install and configure the builder on their own servers, but automatic update is still available from sitepro official.

What if I need to migrate website to another company?

There're two ways to migrate from client side:

  1. Copy all files to any other hosting, but client will not be able to edit it any more with builder.
  2. Make backup from sitepro builder then restore it on other hosting. However, the new hosting company will need to have sitepro support too in order to restore to new server space.

Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting Review

hostgator managed wordpress hosting

Over 25% websites are powered by wordpress on internet! A high quality wordpress hosting plan is crucial if you put business on this platform. Hostgator provides a dedicated hosting platform for wordpress only. If you are new to this newly launched platform, this article will help review side by side to find if it's perfect choice to host your business website.

Brief Introduction

Hostgator managed wordpress hosting plan is advanced hosting service on cloud server platform. This platform is specialized setup for wordpress service with side by side support. The system automates wordpress software installation, upgrade and security fixe and all crucial features from system end. Users just focus on business and enjoy all available wordpress features. In order to make management professional, hostgator even developed a new simplified control panel system for this service.

Wordpress Hosting Plans

Hostgator provides total of 3 managed wordpress hosting plans with different support features such as the number of available wordpress installation, monthly traffic and backup file size etc. Take a quick view of 3 plans comparison

Plans Available installation Backup Size Free migration Promotional Price
Starter 1 1 GB 1 site $7.46/mo
Standard 2 2 GB 2 sites $11.16/mo
Business 5 5 GB 5 sites $18.17/mo

Except for above difference, all other technical features are the same. If we purchase standard or business plan, their people will provide us with a personalized 30 minute beginner walkthrough of all the features of WordPress. If we need additional walkthrough, just contact them and schedule a suitable time with hostgator professionals.

hostgator managed wordpress hosting features

Wordpress Friendly Control Panel

What kind of hosting control panel used by hostgator for wordpress hosting plan? Not plesk or cpanel, hostgator programmed a simplified but powerful control panel system for wordpress site management. All available functions are dedicated to wordpress. Let's take a look at the interface:

hostgator wordpress control panel

From here you may click Manage WordPress to go directly to your WordPress dashboard, Cache Settings to manage your WordPress caching, Email Accounts to manage and access the email accounts for your blog's domain, CodeGuard to manage your backups, and SiteLock to manage your site's security. If you want to delete existing installation, just click Delete WordPress Install to proceed. By doing this, your current wordpress site files/database will be completely removed.

As we see, we get a very clean but powerful control panel to manage wordpress service. Even a new user will not find a problem in using it.

What Actually Makes the Service Outstanding?

  1. High performance – Hostgator isolated the managed wordpress hosting plans from their traditional servers. It's setup on cloud environment and there's only wordpress running. In this way, the hostgator professionals deeply optimized the system with robust functionality. Plus their global CDN and caching support, web page is guaranteed 2.5x faster.
  2. Simple management – System will automatically update wordpress core and all installed plugins, latest security patches and feature upgrades. The hostgator portal panel is seamlessly connected to your wordpress site so you get full access to all wordpress functions via a single control panel login.
  3. Security protection – System is configured for live malware detection and daily scan to remove any detected malware. Besides, it will automatically backup the entire site to offsite place so we always have a clean backup.

Besides all above, hostgator highlight this service for its dedicated wordpress support. The company has a team of wordpress experts who're ready to answer you any wordpress related questions and problem fixing.

Can Existing User Migrated to This Platform?

Yes, for existing clients who actually only have wordpress service in hosting account, they can upgrade directly from customer portal center. Upgrade means you will abandon cpanel and transfer to wordpress control panel. Because this service is for wordpress only, if you have other scripts in hosting account, you might consider to host it in different account.

Promotion of Managed WordPress Hosting

HostGator currently promote the managed wordpress hosting for up to 35% discount on business plan. We have options to sign up monthly, quarterly or yearly and different discount rate will be applied. Certainly, the longer contract we select, better price will be applied. Take starter plan for instance, if we take 36 months option, the price is $7.46/mo. But if we sign up monthly, price becomes $14.95/mo. There're total of 6 contract options over 6 plans.

hostgator managed wordpress hosting promotion

Best elcomCMS Hosting

best elcomcms hosting

elcomCMS is the best choice of enterprise level commercial web content management solution. The best elcomCMS hosting service must be offered on up to date technologies, windows server platform and enterprise grade hardware specifications. In this article, we provide detailed guidance on how to choose the best elcomCMS hosting plan according to editorial experience and up to date user feedbacks.

Brief introduction of elcomCMS

elcomCMS is enterprise web content management system by elcom group. The software is developed and supported by elcom professionals and its global partner base. elcomCMS has been developed over the past 18 years to assist mid-enterprise organizations in meeting their growing technology and content management requirements. elcomCMS is now powering over 1,000 successful global site deployments such as Hyundai, KIA and VolksWagen etc. elcomCMS is well known for its comprehensive functionality, flexibility, modular design and ease of use. learn more on

Best elcomCMS Hosting – is proudly to offer the best enterprise grade elcomCMS hosting service. Unlike any other traditional hosting provider, only focus on CMS solutions including DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal and elcomCMS. The company is backend with a team of developers who actually play important roles on multiple famous CMS platforms. Instead of simple website hosting, provides code level support and enterprise class performance & security protection. hosting plan

Price with is high but they offer price match guarantee to make you confident about their service. Common tasks like software installation, upgrade, module/skin installation and even site migration etc can be all handled by support team. Either the shared, dedicated or cloud hosting plan is deeply optimized for production site on elcomCMS platform.

Best elcomCMS Hosting – Arvixe

Already a developer and just need a high performance hosting server? Arvixe is your best choice for developer friendly hosting. Not to mention the available advanced features, the arvixe friendly hosting plans already make the service worry free. Only $3.5/mo to start with and seamless upgrade opportunity to any upclass plans.

Arvixe windows server is built on up to date hardware and software configuration. Enterprise class DELL server with Windows server 2012 plus latest .net framework support, all such high level configuration only costs few bucks per month! Especially when every client will get a dedicated application pool for best isolation, no better choice than arvixe hosting.

Arvixe elcomCMS hosting plans include:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24*7*365 live tech support
  • SQL server 2012 database support
  • Ms SQL reporting service enabled
  • Free domain name for life
  • Free SSL certificate for life
  • DDOS attack protection
  • 15K RPM RAID 10 Disk Drives

Check out arvixe enterprise class plan details on
arvixe elcomcms hosting features

More about elcomCMS Software

Unlike any other cms platform, elcom is dedicated for enterprises for commercial use purpose. It's built up by newest .net framework and support to catch up with the modern technologies. The best point of elcom is its cross platform compatibility, the software will automatically detect and repurpose content on different devices for effective marketing. No additional configuration required! Either you need an intranet or WebCMS portal purpose, elcom be able to support your needs side by side.

elcomCMS also provides a list of modules for different web purpose such as mailing list, eshop and migration toolkit etc. Moreover, the software structure is already pre-optimized for search engine friendly, when do posting/writing, you get options to set friendly url, tags and description etc. If you would like to develop more on existing platform, there're also APIs to connect by visual studio. In case you already have an enterprise systems setup, elcom can be integrated with numorous platforms including Navision, NetSuite, Perfectus, Microsoft CRM, Oracle and more.

elcomCMS vs DotNetNuke

elcom and DNN are both great solutions to meet up with our web requirements. Which might be better for web creation? Let's take a quick look.

Popularity – While dnn is well recognized by both developers and users, elcom is not so popular by it's target limitation. DNN is powered by a large community and thousands of developers world wide while elcom is inhouse project.

Ease of use – They both are created by latest .net technologies but dnn is open sourced project while elcom is encrypted by pre-configuration. DNN is freely provided to everyone with all source codes, it means anyone be able to edit code behind. And, DNN has a huge module gallery and with almost daily updates. elcom is built by the developers experience by learning available platforms and user requirements. The biggest advantage is they have pre-configured the software for different web requirements, users don't really have to change a lot in order to use it.

Performance – DNN has very basic system requirements to work on. Because of this, it's deployed to many environments, users be able to get unlimited guidance on how to optimize the site and keep it under healthy state. For elcom, as its dedicated for enterprises, the company provides side by support directly to make sure each client get what they need.

Support – While DNN is widely supported on the web by a large community, elcom support is completely hold by the company itself as they write each code inhouse. The thing is we have to search answers and get help by asking in community for DNN while we can call hotline directly for elcom. Because we paid for the service, we get efficient support.

Actually, DNN now also provides a commercial release called "Evoq" that comes with dedicated support. Comparing to regular DNN releases, evoq provides more support with some more features for enterprise purpose. Both DNN and elcom provide us a choice on how to built our online presense. For which one to choose, it completely depends how we would like to build the site and how much we want to invest.

WHDMS Hosting Review

whdms hosting review

Not sure if the hosting is reliable or not? Try one year for free then decide if to pay! WHDMS is proudly to offer such opportunity to people who need 100% confidence before any payment. In this article we'll provide side by side guides on WHDMS reviews and things to follow in using whdms hosting service.

WHDMS Overview

The company WHDMS is a newly setup web hosting provider(in 2014) with new technologies and theories for server management. Based in Atlanta, USA with multiple support centers, they deliver excellent hosting services to all over the world. From 24×7 customer support to affordable pricing, the company provides a wide hosting choice to support any size business online presence.

WHDMS Free Hosting Advantages

WHDMS provides one year free hosting with instant setup. Free hosting features include:

  • 1GB Disk space
  • 100GB monthly bandwidth
  • PHP/mysql support
  • Daily Backup
  • Unlimited website support
  • Webmail support
  • Only $9.99/yr after one year

Being free, clients don't need to submit credit card informaiton or any sensitive privacy. Working with a standard cpanel control panel, you just manage web services the same way of paid hosting except for limitation on some crucial features like scripts installer, remote database management and smtp service. However, just keep in mind such features are not available from any other free service, especially when most others come with forced advertisement while there's not from WHDMS.

One important thing you have to bear with is you have to be from USA or INDIA in order to register their free hosting. It's not opened yet to other countries yet thus if you need to take the free opportunity, you must be American or Indian. The only way to register outside the area is through US/IN VPN connection so the system will detect you're from allowed areas.

View whdms free hosting details at

WHDMS Premium Hosting Plans

Beside free option, WHDMS provides two premium plans – premium & business. Comparing to free plan, the two plans provide more advanced features and platform. Such as SSL and secure FTP, full SSH and cron jobs etc. Furthermore, the paid hosting servers are more powerful for live business. Quick view of free & paid hosting difference

Plans Server Uptime Network Speed Secure FTP SSH
Free Xeon E3-1230 RAID-1 on CentOS6.2 99% 10mbps no no
Premium Intel Xeon W3680 RAID-10 on CentLinux6.2 99.5% 100mbps yes yes
Business Intel Xeon W3680 RAID-10 on CentLinux6.2 99.9% 1000mbps yes yes

As we see, the different plans provides different configuration and even different platforms. If we're really concerned about performance and reliability, we should go paid solution. Free hosting gives us good opportunity to try out and learn for hosting management before we upgrade to production server.

whdms free hosting

More about WHDMS

WHDMS is division of HostDay group( which was founded in 2013. The company hostday provides full solutions including traditional shared, dedicated and cloud hosting at very affordable prices. In the behind, hostday has a team with over 70 professionals who work around the clock.

Company structure – The company has multiple branches in both USA and India, a big part sales support is handled from India offices directly while the US offices look after the physical server and data center performance. They provide 24*7 email, ticket and direct call support. But unfortunately, there's no chat option available.

Data center – The company manage 2 state-of-the-art data center services in Atlanta and Pennsylvania. The two data centers are certified green DC with 150 percent of the electricity it uses with renewable energy, in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Data centers are monitored over CCTV, all servers are behind multiple redundant lines of physical security. Climate control, fire suppression, redundant power batteries and diesel power are all standard.

Availability – From official announcement and analysis reports, the company currently serves thousands of clients in the world. Considerring their affordable plans, most sites are personal and small to medium size. Especially for hostday, the almost free service($0.99/mo) definitely get lots of focus in competition.

How do we Think?

With no doubt, either WHDMS or hostday is good option to start with your first online project. Especially when you have very tight budget and small requirements, the free or nearly free hosting plan simply makes it worry free. However, you get what you pay, as we illustrated above, their different classes hosting are offered on different platforms with different restrictions. If you need confident performance on business site, we don't recommend free option. On the other side, you should really have enterprise choice for high level website requirements.

Best 4 Europe Web Hosting

best europe web hosting

Why Europe Customer Should Not Host in US

As all we know, United States is center of internet with the most powerful resources, either for hardware or software platform. US web hosting is primary consideration for most people since from the very beginning. But, the European court just invalidated "US-EU Safe Harbor agreement" for more strict protection of European user privacy. Means if you store the PII(personally identifiable information) of European members on your site on servers based in the United States, you may be open to lawsuits from Europe!

Definitely, not every US web hosting company will sign the agreement because they're not supposed to spy each customer website. What should you do if you're from Europe but need high performance web hosting support? The answer is to find a European friendly web hosting plan and the best to have it located in Europe directly.

Best European Hosting

After gone through 10+ reputable EU based web hosting providers, we have concluded following upon server location, features, performance and general price value.

#1. (starts at £3.95/mo)

The best choice for either small or medium to large size web solutions. UK2 manages a large network and play as mother brand of lots of other web hosting services including midphase and anhosting etc. UK2 is actually serving more other than just Europe users, their data centers are located in multiple continents including EU, US, Asia and Australia.

Based their powerful data center networks, UK2 provides full hosting solutions including shared, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation and cloud hosting to meet any your website need. The company provides standard cpanel for every hosting account for easy management. Thus hosting with uk2 is pretty flexible and scalable. Hosting plan details as below

Read more about UK2 group

uk2 hosting plans

#2. (starts at $2.00/mo)

A sub brand from UK2 group but with super affordable and blade fast hosting server. Westhost provides all available features from UK2 site but with much better price. To support starter business, the company provides up to 50% discount for small business hosting plan. Based Europe but serves the entire web, westhost is perfect choice for people in need of high tech server setup but low cost service. All hosting plans include

  • 24/7 US Based Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • FREE nightly backups
  • FREE site transfer
  • 100% Satisfaction Promise
  • Up to 50% price off

More about westhost reviews and promo can be founded on this article

westhost shared plans

#3. (starts at $3.99/mo)

A solid hosting company with data centers on multiple continents. Hostcolor holds multiple support centers from US and EU and operates 24*7*365 branded, non-outsourced customer support center based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. When you call support lines, you are speaking with Europe support operators but not from somewhere else.

Hostcolor is one of the very few hosting company who provides numorous hosting plans to meet people's exact hosting requirements. For example they have blog hosting plan for blog sites only and ecommerce hosting plan for specific ecommerce sites only and so on. Because of this, there're different price for specific hosting service. And because of this, their people can provide competitive price offer and more stable service.

More about hostcolor company can be found on this hostcolor review

#4. (starts at $2.8/mo)

Yes, Arvixe provides European hosting service! Arvixe now is more than dedicated for US market but a real global group. Their people have configured multiple local language sites with local hosting supports. When ordering online, users have options to select which data center to host and Europe option is just on the top! Same hosting offer as Arvixe USA and same price value. If you need European web hosting support have liked arvixe for developer friendly environment, arvixe europe is perfect choice.

View arvixe hosting plans

Arvixe europe

More about European Web Hosting

Europe has probably the most strict law protection for business comparing to other parts on the planet. This not only refers to account properties but also user privacy. Besides technical efforts, the council has ruled many laws with heavy punishment to illegal use of user data. That's how the European court invalidated US-EU Safe Harbor agreement for better protection of european user privacy. Because internet business like web hosting has no physical border between countries and continents. It makes it hard for better protection of user data, especially for those companies outside EU. For this consideration, the best way is to use a europe based service directly to avoid any potential problem or lawsuit.