WebHost4Life Review

webhost4life review

Webhost4Life Introduction

Since 1999, webhost4life is known as excellent windows hosting provider with more than 200,000 websites hosted. Powered by 3 of world class datacenters, webhost4life is capable of offering fantastic hosting solutions with full support for Asp, asp.net, SQL server and PHP Mysql at $9.95 rate! They managed 3 support centers in US, China mainland & Hongkong for real 24*7 support.

Webhost4Life Review – Hosting Features

Webhost4life provides 3 grades windows hosting plans, one MS power hosting and one linux hosting solution. Since from the very beginning to 2008, webhost4life had been focusing on windows solutions with rich feature hosting plan. Their "advanced plan" is most popular offer for ms developers for it's affordable and powerful configuration. Whenever any new release from microsoft, webhost4life be able to test quickly then apply to production server.

For very a long time, this plan is standard choice for multiple .net project such as dotnetnuke, nopcommerce and asp.net starterkits applications. Webhost4life have installer for all of these popular app from control panel center.

There's an outstanding feature of webhost4life service – plesk sitebuilder wizard. With hundreds built-in templates and friendly GUI interface, we can create a professional site easily by following its guidance. It's a free add-on service for every hosting accounts.

At the meanwhile, they don't provide everything unlimited like many competitors. Instead, they have exact limits on different plans such as number of supported websites, storage and database etc.

webhost4life plan features

Webhost4life also provides a super low cost linux hosting plan since 2008. With only $1.99/mo we get unlimited support for account services. Although this price is in history, their new plan offer keeps no change of technical features.

Webhost4life Review – Control panel

We put this in review because it's the first hosting control panel that we worked beyond plesk or cpanel control panel. The webhost4life people programmed everything for this panel for easy and professional management over website services. Although they migrated to Vdeck, the old system is still accessable on http://controlpanel.mysite4now.com/wcp/. If you had been webhost4life fans, try if your old account is still kept there.

webhost4life old page webhost4life old cp

Webhost4Life Review – Performance

Because the company had been dedicated to provide windows hosting service and their support staff are most microsoft developers, the webhost4life windows hosting is super nice with high performance. They provide windows server 2008 with standard DELL production. They setup SAN and RAID 10 disk for fast transfer. Their Los Angeles data centers are simply the best on west coast.

Their new servers are based in Huston data center for central management. Because of the geography difference, people from west coast line might see some slowness in connecting to website. But in general comparison, the minor difference is nothing because of their powerful data center technologies and advanced server structures.

Webhost4Life Review – Support

Webhost4life is supported by 3 support centers as mentioned from beginning introduction. They're well trained to handle different requests. Either level 1 or level 3 staff, there're always people online for direct communication. Especially when you need urgent assistance, their live chat people is extremely helpful. When we say helpful, not only because they response professionally, they try to fix problems directly but not to forward to higher level person directly.

For new support team, they're located in US & India. Live support are mainly from India and US tech team are quiet in background such as ticket. For most tech problems, we have to seek help from ticket support because their live person is more about sales now.

Webhost4Life Hosting transition

endurance, the new owner of webhost4life. The transition to new platform is not so smooth though. Because the old webhost4life have cross platform support with different technologies. When moving to new server, everything has to be re-configured. Especially during migration, the websites are looking for data on both systems and caused confusion. For those ecommerce based applications, the migration brought some unrecoverable problems. However, everything seems to be normal after migration done.

Webhost4Life New team summary

Honestly speaking, the new team has advanced technologies in hosting field. They have secured client data with new layer support than old server. There's high rate automation from new platform, everything is central managed for less human error. What bad is there's no news update of their windows support like before, thus we can not find new great features even it's actually applied on server level. What make us feel happier is their linux hosting solution, much more stable and faster than the old server.

How do we think of Webhost4Life?

Webhost4life is one of our very first hosting partner for web development. We have worked with their service since 2006. For very a long time, it's our sole hosting provider for windows hosting because they served us well from side to side. It's great pleasure to work with their support guys. Although the old team disappeared, we still keep good memories of them and looking for future partnership if possible. From editorial point of view, the new platform is just kept the same as before but they're no longer that active in offering new features.

Find out WH4L features on www.Webhost4Life.com

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