Unlimited Hosting Secret Revealed

Understand unlimited hosting service

Unlimited hosting is a popular offer from most hosting companies. While it brings lots of customers to service providers, it's been opposed by many professionals on hosting forums. Why? Because lots of people take the unlimit stuff seriously and post negative reviews after getting warned. If you're interested in unlimited hosting plans and hope to get well with it, let's read below.

Unlimited Hosting Features

If we pick up a hosting website like hostgator then navigate around we'll see most offers are unlimited like number of hosted domain names, database, email accounts and monthly traffic etc. More and more webhosts are offering further services including free website migration, free domain transfer to highlight their outstanding support in customer service. Especially for newly setup brands, the "unlimit" is almost a must standard to get business.

Unlimited Hosting Cons

See, there's so many great offers from unlimited hosting plans and should be the best choice in web hosting in theory, but why there're so many complaints from clients and being opposed by webmasters? Well, it can be learnt in two sides.

From hosting companies, they always just show up their "great offers" but hide the actual limits on website. Even we ask from pre-sales support they won't reply us directly but just trying to persuade us to sign up. Once we run into problems because of the unlimited stuff they will encourage the upgrade service. It's definitely unethical by doing that.

From Client side, there're many novice and don't have further understanding to hosting. If the hosting company gives out an attractive offer, people will follow up easily. We might not need that much but just feel it will be better choice.

Because of above factors, we can easily get into unlimited problems and finally we have to change service. If we can't learn something from the experience we might run into another problem service.

How can we use unlimited hosting correctly?

Just keep in mind nothing is unlimited, everything has a limit. The difference is just the amount we can get. Take the disk space for instance, 10GB would be the max limitation for shared hosting plan with most companies. The unlimited bandwidth is based on the server overall traffic usage. For example the server A is allocated 100GB bandwidth per day and there're 100 websites on same server. If 99 websites just use 1GB traffic, then our traffic limit is 99GB on the server. The vice versa, if the 99 websites used 99GB then only 1GB left to us and if we use more, it can be considered overloading. the overall resource is just shared by all websites.

Before we are ready to use something unlimit, we should evaluate how much we're going to pay with the service. if we pay $1/mon for 100GB space, how's that doable from hosting company? Always keep in mind the hosting company must be profitable first for any kind offer.

Unlimited vs Limited, which is better?

While everything has a limit, unlimited service is more popular on the market. Definitely, if the hosting provider can provide an actual limit on their website, it's more safe to users. In that way people will do carefully and reduce potential complaints. There're very few providers with clear usage limits on website. If we check around we'll find the limit is very strict. 1GB or 3GB is the popular limits, but we can get up to 10GB with unlimited hosting plans. On this point, the unlimited hosting has more advantages.

So basically, we can't say unlimited hosting is bad and limited hosting is 100% perfect. There's no fault with unlimited hosting itself, we just need to understand how much we need correctly and avoid over use the resource. If we need over 10GB disk space and more traffic, up level hosting plans are right choice. Instead of complaining to hosting provider, we might evaluate our actual needs and the basic logic of business.

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