Best Drupal Hosting Revealed

Best drupal hosting

Drupal Hosting Introduction

Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is mostly used for creation and management of diversity content such as news portals, FAQs, knowledge bases etc. Drupal is used as a back-end system by at least 1% by worldwide websites. It's quite important to select the best druapl hosting provider that be able to offer expert drupal hosting support.

Best Drupal Hosting Providers

Druapl requires very few from hosting server so it's not a problem for most hosting service to host drupal website. Just like all other CMS software, Drupal works much better when it's hosted with an optimized Drupal hosting server. After reviewed 50+ reputable web hosting providers, we award WebhostingHub and Arvixe as the best Drupal hosting based on their leading Drupal hosting support, server loading speed, uptime statistics, 100% Risk free hosting plans and more.

webhostinghub drupal hosting Just for $3.95/mo, Webhostinghub is 100% drupal comaptible hosting provider. Webhostinghub drupal hosting provides advanced PHP security with fast web server. Webhostinghub is followed by drupal technical requirements with side by side optimization. Up to 90 days money back guarantee and 100% satisfication guarantee!

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Arvixe drupal hosting Professional and developer friendly drupal hosting provider, offers unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited mysql database plus a free domain name. $4/mo with official 20% discount for yearly registration. With arvixe, customer get drupal development suggestion and side by side tutorials. Plus their 60 days full money back guarantee, the arvixe drupal hosting is 100% risk free!

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How do we rate the Best Drupal Hosting?

The best drupal hosting are rated strictly through our live experience and years' continous evaluation over 50+ drupal hosting providers. Besides the common web hosting prerequisite such as reliability and price, we focus on following extra check points.

Drupal Tech support – The best drupal hosting must be prepared with drupal auto installer in hosting control panel so people be able to setup the software by few clicks. Plus, their support team must be knowlegeable for drupal system and be able to offer fast trouble shooting over common problems. Webhostinghub and arvixe support people be able to provide development support as they're actually sponsering the project directly.

Web Server Performance – Drupal is a powerful by little complex cms for novice. You can't expect a drupal site will be running as fast as a simple php page. However, the speed can be improved greatly via a drupal optimized hosting server with guarantees CPU, memory and disk I/O resources for every user on every server with burstable abilities. Each customer account is isolated in the space with guaranteed resources & security.

Risk FREE – The best drupal hosting provider must offer at least 99% uptime guarantee plus some free trial periods or at least 30 days FULL money back guarantee. You can't bound to a service that will not give you money back even it's not working for you!

Best Drupal hosting environment

Drupal is compatible with both windows hosting and linux hosting, it can be successfully running on both Apache and IIS. Your server need php5.2+ and Mysql 4.1 or higher configured. So most hosting provider could be able to support drupal site. LAMP environment (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP. LAMP) is hihgly suggested for best drupal hosting choice. No matter for monetary or tecnical skills consideration, Linux hosting should always be the primary choice to get your website success.

Unlike early times when we have to setup everything by ftp uploading, drupal now can be installed in multiple ways via different installers. The popular simplescripts, softaculous etc are implemented by almost every hosting provider.

Drupal resources

Drupal Hosting Benefits

Drupal has More than 830,000 user accounts and more than 2000 developer accounts. over 20 national communities offering language-specific support. Using drupal you'll be able to take following advantages

  • Open source – Full access to source code and customizable for your needs
  • User friendly – Build internal and external-facing websites in a matter of hours, with no custom programming.
  • Content Management – Manage content with an easy-to-use web interface.
  • User Management – Drupal comes with great options for new user accounts and user permissions.
  • Extensible – With more than 6000 available modules, the vast majority of your site's requirements can be addressed with Drupal core and available add-on modules.

On hosting side, Druapl consumes very few system resources. With a decent drupal hosting service, the hosting server will be maintained professionally with zero downtime. Unlike other resource intensive software like wordpress, drupal is pretty friendly for most websites purpose with the least server requirements. Using a drupal hosting simply made your first website success!

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