100% Uptime Guarantee Hosting

100% uptime guarantee hosting

Server uptime is crucial for any online service, thus 100% uptime hosting is perfect choice for any website. In this article we'll review out the best uptime guarantee hosting plan and find what actually affects uptime rate.

About Uptime Guarantee

Uptime refers to the total hours for machine running in one year comparing to server failure. For web hosting industry, uptime guarantee is not only referring to hosting server but also network. What clients see is combination for both.

Server uptime – The actual hosting server and OS status
Network uptime – The connection status between hosting server and datacenter outside.

Some hosting providers announce to offer 99.99% server uptime guarantee while some provides 99.99% network uptime guarantee. It's crucial to check what kind of guarantee it is if it's crucial for your business.

To be better understanding uptime rate, let's calculate based 99.9% and see how much down time will be generated:

Let's say 365 for one year and 24 hours per day, total hour per year is 8760. 99.9% uptime will result in 8760*99.9% = 8672.4 hours. Thus the total down time from calculation is 8760 – 8672.4 = 87.6(hours). After convert to day, the number is 87.6/24 = 3.65(day).

As we see, even based such high uptime rate, about 4 days downtime is expected in one year. And because of this we can't really blame hosting provider.

100% Uptime Guarantee – yes or not?

Can 100% uptime be guaranteed? It's definitely impossible for regular hosting service. Even from those biggest providers with millions of dollars for both server equipment and their own datacenters, etc., do not achieve 100% uptime. They can be very close to this guarantee though. The main point is, if you're patching your servers regularly you will need to reboot them at least once a month (for Windows) or whenever a kernel patch comes out for Linux.

If you're really trying to get such high values of availability, costs are also going to be high as you will need to implement very complex structure. Such as, use quality hardware, a quality network, etc.

Best Uptime Guarantee Hosting

For high rate uptime and high performance hosting service, look nowhere else other than bluehost. Bluehost group has total manage for server and data center setups. Powered by newest DELL servers with optimized linux kernel and cloud storage, bluehost provides instant account provisioning upon payment verification. Bluehost setup their own data centers by modern technologies with more than enough resources.

bluehost uptime guarantee hosting

As regarding to uptime guarantee, bluehost applied multi solutions to ensure the highest server uptime rate.

Powerful DELL server. when we say powerful, it refers to hardware specifications, life cycle and performance benchmark.

OS optimization, the use their own linux optimizer called "Betterlinux" which is optimization on kernel level based their years hosting experience.

Data center setup. They created 3 world class data centers in Utah that will fulfill the next 10 years IT requirements.

Because of such facilities, bluehost created their own cloud structure to serve all clients. On this platform, even if there's a single server failure, another server will take over the work and make sure your site is always online. In this way, some common tasks to make server offline such as patch is no longer a big concern.

Bluehost unbeatable hosting features include:

  • Free domain and domain manager
  • Enhanced cpanel for all in one hosting control
  • Scalability of seamless upgrade
  • Resource protection for guaranteed performance
  • 24*7 live tech support by chat, email and ticket
  • Daily backup with one click restoration

Find out full features on www.BlueHost.com website

bluehost uptime review

Website Uptime Reviews

When we look for the best uptime hosting service, there're more efforts to be done from client side. Website uptime is combination of many side works but not just hosting service. This includes

Optimized Script – If you programmed the website by yourself, you have to make necessary local testing before uploading to production server, some crucial features like CPU/RAM usage and response time etc have to be pre-tested. The more tests we do from local, the less problem we will deal with.

Website Usage – We have to evaluate how much server resource on hosting server other than focusing on those unlimited features. If our requirements are more than capacity from a shared server, we should never try with it.

Continous Monitoring – Monitor is a must to keep your web service online. We have to find if any outage being occured on site and do needful fix in time.

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