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Tutorials & Guidance of web hosting services. We seriously test all items from top companies then provide a quick manual for users to start with their service easily.

How to Choose Perfect Shared Hosting Plan

Money saving is probably the primary concern by most people for hosting plan choice. Hosting is a matured business nowadays and many companies be able to reduce price in order to get customer purcharse. Because of this, the price range is big from different providers. For most web hosting providers, there're multiple class hosting plans to choose from, such as

Guides on How to Avoid PHP Vulnerabilities

PHP is the most widely used server side script according to reports. However, multiple popular versions of PHP used in more than 85% of all PHP sites are unsupported by the PHP.net community. Thus, lots of php vulnaerabilities are not cared officially. Hackers can easily crack into those old technologies and you'll be victim in case your online properties are

Difference Between Xen PV & HVM

XEN is open sourced vertualization platform and management system, it's also the only available opensource type-1 program for the moment. Administrators be able to run multiple operation systems concurrently, thus it's used in lots of commercial or open source projects such as: Server virtualization, Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop virtualization, Security applications, Embedded and hardware appliances etc. Xen is powering

Ways of Website Attacking & Protection

Finally we have setup a website and made it online after hard working. We keep working hard to promote it to get more business opportunities. But one day, the website is suddenly down because of attacking. No need to mention how terrible it is because our daily work is all about it. Here we concluded following ways of attacking with

Guides on How to Build Unique Wordpress Layout

Once a new wordpress theme installed, there're always some sections we want to edit to fulfill our needs. Especially front page layouts, we always have to work with code behind or pay some professionals for assistance. But not anymore! In this article we introduce two great wordpress plugins to help design your wordpress page layout in few minutes, no coding

Guides of Different Hosting Server Choice

A good and stable server is crucial for web service. When we choose server space, there're multiple suggestions from hosting provider: VPS, Colocation, Dedicated or Cloud hosting server. Because of so many available choice, customers are not always so clear about different terms like colocation, dedicated bandwidth, virtual server and cloud etc. If we are crazy on quality and purchase