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best asp hosting

Asp Introduction & Hosting

Asp, also known as Active Server Page or Classic ASP. it's Microsoft's first server side script engine for dynamic website creation. Before Asp time, most of the websites on internet are static html and you have to be technical enough for CGI scripting in order to put up an online website. Asp completely changed the way of web developing.

Asp web hosting is supported by all major windows hosting providers. If you're going to host an ASP website, it's quite important to choose a reputable provider for high quality service. This includes server platform support, ASP components support and database support and the most important – technical support.

Best Asp Web Hosting Provider

Best Asp hosting awards locates at Arvixe & Winhost for side by side reviews of ASP compatibility, ease of use, server uptime and customer satisfication etc. We can easily deploy any ASP application via their hosting service with any available tool to build a successful website!

Arvixe Asp Web HostingArvixe is fully Asp compatible hosting provider with standard Asp control panel – websitepanel support. Most their tech guys are Ms certified developers with years' development experience. They have configured windows servers with all necessary asp components to make sure your asp website can be running properly.

All arvixe Asp hosting plans provide unlimited disk space /data transfer and one free domain name for life. Based the advantages over windows server 2012, your ASP pages are simply placed in most comfortable place! Arvixe Asp hosting advantages are followed by following unbeatable features:

  • Unlimited web storage /bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED database /emails /FTP accounts
  • ASP / v3.5, PHP5, FastCGI fully supported
  • ASP tech support by years experience tech team
  • 60 Days full money back guarantee!
  • 100% satisfication guarantee!

Go to for ASP hosting plans!

Winhost ASP web hosting planWinhost provides dedicated windows hosting solutions. Their people even programmed their own hosting control panel to make sure everything is under control and all hosting services are managed professionally.

Customers have two options to host asp website – windows server 2008 and 2012. The difference is we get sql server 2008 support for server 2008 platform and sql server 2012 support on server 2012 platform. Either server platform provides full configuration for asp hosting purpose.

  • Multiple SQL server databases
  • Mysql & MS Access support
  • Dedicated application pool
  • Easy plan upgrade/downgrade
  • Fully compatible
  • 30 days full money back guaranteed!

Unlike all other windows hosting providers, winhost only provides windows hosting service and the service is only setup for microsoft technologies. When referring to asp technology, it's just a simple support because the server is fully compatible with it and the features are more than enough to support a medium size asp website.

Visit for asp hosting details!

Why ASP?

Asp is an old ms technology that's gradually fading away. This is absolutely misconception by most people. You can actually use ASP to create all kinds of applications via light weight codes. Because of this, there're lots of asp developers in many countries. Being a matured script language, developers be able to take advantages over all existing programming skills like Vb, C#. Don't be misguided that asp is bad, ASP is pretty nice that's beyond your imagination.

Maybe Asp is not so popular like other programming languages such as or PHP for today's programmer, however since it's the first ms server side script language, asp is still widely used from many projects and websites. In some countries or district, asp is still the main programming language for the simple use and lot's of support resources. You can learn asp step by step from

How to select the best Asp hosting?

Asp comes with windows IIS with default support. To start your asp hosting search, you firstly should look for the excellent windows hosting providers. Asp scripts can be deployed to any versions IIS server, thus what you really look at is the server performance and reliabilities. A good Asp hosting should have the following prepared:

Ease of use – It doesn't mean the control panel must be dedicated for Asp but it must be full Asp compatible. The most popular control panel for Asp support come with Plesk and websitepanel.

Asp tech support – The hosting tech support need to be familiar with Asp technologies or at least familiar with the simple fix of Asp error.

Uptime guarantee – Both the web server and client websites must guarantee 99% uptime. Since Asp does not consume too much server resources and easy for trouble shooting, 99% uptime guarantee must be satisfied.

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