PowerDNN & Managed.com Review

powerdnn & managed.com review

This PowerDNN & Managed.com review is based side by side evaluation of hosting features, ease of use, server performance and customer support quality etc. The sole purpose is to provide readers helpful guidance of perfect DotNetNuke and CMS web hosting choice among hundreds of different services.

PowerDNN & Managed.com Overview

The name powerdnn was setup the same year when DotNetNuke was born. It is a respected name in DNN community for its countless effort in powering any size DNN website. Start from a single server to multi class hosting plans, Powerdnn is serving thousands of successful DNN websites with high performance & security protection.

After DotnetNuke 7.3, powerdnn is renamed to managed.com with completely new hosting solutions including shared, cloud, dedicated and enterprise plans. Since then, it's no longer dedicated for dotnetnuke, the powerdnn team started to support the popular major CMS softwares including wordpress, drupal and nopcommerce.

Managed.com Plans

Currently there're total of 4 class plans offered under managed.com service – Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated server and Enterprise hosting. Unlike any other traditional web hosting service, all hosting plans under the company are setup for enterprise purpose with extremely high professional support.

Shared hosting – Total of 3 class shared plans provided vary from $99 – $299/mon. Difference is the amount of disk storage, number of supported websites, mail box and ftp users such crucial features.

Cloud hosting – a high end hosting solution from this company. Besides all advanced features from shared server, people get guaranteed cloud resources with instant scale up for any available feature.

Dedicated server – enterprise class hardware with 100% meet-your-need setups. Server environments are engineered and built to be scalable for your specific needs.

powerdnn hosting plans

Besides all above, Managed.com also provides a complete customization service for high end hosting requirement. Client can submit any web or server setup requirement and their people will quote you a reasonable price with guaranteed performance.

Managed.com Data center & server

The company operates through multiple data centers from Europe, USA and Australia. Especially their midwest data centers in USA, their construction and GEO location make it free from the natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and power shortages that plague other datacenters throughout the world. This reinforced structure was originally built by the Dept. of Defense to double as a nuclear fallout shelter for STRATCOM. Major data center specs include the following:

  • Fault-Tolerant Site Infrastructure
  • Multiple-Fiber Connectivity
  • N+1 Power and Water Detection
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Raised Floors Throughout
  • Biometric Security

Major internet providers include AT&T, MCI, Qwest, Global Crossing, Alltel, Sprint, Cox and Level 3. Multi cabling construction available for guaranteed access and performance. Their people proudly to offer 100% network uptime guarantee!

powerdnn data centers

The best data center space deserve the best server setup. Managed.com team use the best DELL server for fast and reliable data service. Hosting servers are made by high end hardware production for enterprise purpose. All hosting servers utilize redundant networks, redundant hard drives, redundant power to deal with any failure event. Besides, the company uses RAID1 to provide a 24/7 "instant mirror" backup to ensure 100% service uptime and data accuracy.

Managed.com Support

What really makes managed.com outstanding is their support service. The company guarantee 100% real people support and at most 15 seconds waiting on chat or 30 minutes in ticket support. Not just simple FAQs on how to use their service, the company provide developer level assistance including software setup, upgrade and customization. Because their people are all developers for CMS softwares, they understand most problems in operating the platform and created solutions for it. Customer simply get more than expected support in using the service

Furthermore, if you need development service, they have a special service at DeveloperMatch.com website. You can choose the specific developer by your specific requests and their people will follow up very well.

Customer Satisfication

Managed.com highlight their customer satisfication by NPS score which the company consistently maintains over 90s — in a field where the industry average is 40 as announced by their people. NPS is an indicator shows how likely someone is to recommend a company's product or service.

It's reasonable and not a surprise for managed.com to get such high score. All their clients are high end enterprise users who completely rely on their service or very professional in using the platform. Because of this, communication between the company and clients are pretty easy. Means, even there're some kind problems, they can get solution in short time. It's crucial for enterprise portal site that has extremely high requirements for uptime.

powerdnn support

More about Managed.com

Managed.com or Powerdnn was initially setup for DotNetNuke software with side by side hosting support and development support. Unlike any other traditional hosting service, the managed.com is dedicated for DNN software. Because of this, their people can setup high grade server to support any size dnn website. Plus, because there's only dotnetnuke service on server side, their tech team can apply high end security and optimize the environment in extremely high standards.

If we have to find a similar company from the industry, that would be WP-engine who is dedicated for wordpress software. They have similar plan structures and support service. And the most important point is they both do well and well recognized from hosting industry. You get what you pay, their price is pretty high comparing to any other provider but it returns you more than expected support. Especially for high end enterprise hosting requirement, you won't go wrong in coperating with the company.

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