Comparison among different hosting services on all popular aspecs including hosting plan technical features, connection speed, customer support, security and price value etc. The purpose of the comparison is to help find the perfect plan to support your website requirements.

Arvixe vs Hostgator vs Winhost

arvixe vs hostgator vs winhost

Comaprison among arvixe and winhost and hostgator for windows hosting plan features, price, server performance and support service. The purpose is to select the best hosting plan for different requirements. It's probably hard to find another company who can provide such advanced windows hosting solutions, especially when you need support for both windows & linux technologies. This article provides side by side comparison and guidance in choosing the right plan.

Brief introduction of 3 hosts

Arvixe: A leading hosting provider since 2003. Arvixe provides support for both windows and linux with all up to date technologies on advanced server platform. Arvixe provides multiple class hosting solutions to meet your different needs from small to large size business websites. Being one of fortune 500 companies, arvixe is serving more than half million clients.

Hostgator: Absolutely the leader of hosting industry for their technology and huge business. Unlike most other companies, they're rule maker and be able to have everything under control. Hostgator is mostly leading in linux hosting service, their standard cpanel plans are followed by lots of coming competitors. In 2011, their people started to offer windows hosting solutions with standard plesk configuration.

Winhost: A solid hosting company focus on windows server solutions. They provide advanced and affordable enterprise class hosting plans. They also programmed their own hosting control panel to keep everything under management. Till present, the winhost server plans are fully compatible with .net and php technologies

Price comparison

All the three hosts provide competitive price for hosting plans. To have a quick view about their price details, the following table list is specially designed with up to date rates.

Provider Plans Price Notes
Arivxe Personal class $2.8/mo(linux) $3.5/mo(windows) Need to apply the most promotional coupon "Clue30"
Business class $15.4/mo(linux) $18.9/mo(windows)
Hostgator Personal plan 2.97/mo(linux) $3.57/mo(windows) Using coupon code "review25off"
Enterprise plan $7.77/mo(linux) $10.77/mo(windows)
Winhost Winhost basic $3.95/mo  
Winhost Max $7.95/mo

Please be noted you need to sign up 2 years service in order to claim the most promotional offer, the price may vary based your selected contract periods.

Hosting features

All the three hosts offer rich feature plans, but please keep in mind you get what you pay. Their lowest price has some kind restrictions on crucial features such as the number of sql server database, supported websites etc. Here's table view of main hosting features

Provider Arvixe Hostgator Winhost
Support domains 6~unlimited 1~5 1~unlimited
SQL/Mysql Unlimited Unlimited 1~unlimited
Space/Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 3GB~Unlimited
Free domain Yes No No
Latest .NET/PHP Yes Partial Yes
Sitebuilder Rvsitebuilder(linux) Plesk sitebuilder No
Control panel cPanel/Websitepanel cPanel/Plesk Inhouse panel

All the he three companies have their own advantages based their price and offer. For example hostgator is still reputable for their linux service but windows has been no updates since 2012, their platform is still on windows server 2008. Winhost is dedicated for windows server and Arvixe has been balanced well between both platforms.

Server Specs & Network uptime


  • DELL brand new server production
  • 15k RPM SCSI drives in raid 10
  • SSD raid arrays
  • Minimum of 92 gigabytes of ram, up to 256 gigabytes
  • Latest Intel Xeon E5620 processors

Above is standard configuration for all arvixe servers(shared/VPS), all servers are supported by softlayer data centers in Chicago, New Jersey and Dallas. They also have Amsterdam datacenter service configured for Europe clients, Singapore data center is being prepared and will be officially launched in 2014 Q2.


  • 32 Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 6376
  • 64GB / 32GB RAM
  • 4 Raid 1s

This is hostgator shared server configuration, all servers run on CentOS 6.4 Enterprise Linux x86 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Server connection speed is constant 100 mbps. Hostgator provides various server setups for different hosting service. endurance is now migrating all them to Utah datacenters for central management. Endurance group manages multiple world class DCs and multiple reputable hosting brands being served there.


  • DELL Dual Quad Core Servers
  • 32 GB RAM
  • RAID 10 Disk Array
  • Windows server 2008 & 2012

Winhost colo at a Teir 1 datacenter near office for easy and efficient management. They does not specify the datacenter name but this implies they rely on single data center service, no serious problem till present though.

Customer support

They all announced 24*7*365 support but there's some difference. Arvixe and hostgator provide support via Live chat, Toll free calls, ticket and email system. There're also multiple channels for different support requests. However, that doesn't mean arvixe and hostgator are the same, hostgator support is now mainly powered by endurance and endurance purchased outsourced support(mainly from India). We're not sure what's the percentage for their outsourced rate but that's absolutely not professionl for such reputable company. Arvixe support is completely managed by their own and their staff is all over the country.

Winhost is mainly supported by email/ticket and almost no live channel available. It's not good for sales and urgent problem fix. Regardless such concern, they're actually doing good service and no serious complaint on the web. That's how they can get such rapid growth. Probably they will add more support in near future.


All the three are good web hosts for either price value or support. But based their difference and advantages you should select wisely. For example, winhost is your best choice if you want to make full use of windows programming skills. Hostgator is primary choice if you need leading linux solutions. Arvixe stands between the two but comes with more features like free domain, better price and support. Especially when you're looking for affordable and reliable hosting service, there's no better choice than arvixe.

Arvixe vs A2Hosting

arvixe vs a2hosting

SSD server is our primary consideration for modern hosting choice. Of course we also need to cut off the price as much as possible for less investment. A2 and arvixe are offering the most reputable SSD web hosting plans with affordable price. Comparison of arvixe and a2hosting provides side by side analysis betweent the two webhosts. This includes server specification, hosting plan offers, price and pre/after sales support etc. Sole purpose of this comparison is to provide our readers an indepth guidance in choosing the right SSD hosting service.

Arvixe Quick view

Arvixe( provides leading hosting solutions since 2003. With a range of different hosting plans, arvixe can meet the requirements of small to large websites by seamless tech support. Being a fortune 500 company, arvixe business has grown up 10 times more in the last 3 years. In 2013, their team got Europe data center ready and upgraded all server systems by SSD drives. At the meanwhile, all available features and price remain unchanged.

A2hosting overview

The company A2( announces to provide the most advanced SSD hosting service by cutting edge technologies. A2hosting provides shared, vps, dedicated and cloud hosting solutions via very competitive prices. A2 is well rated by lots of professional webmasters in the community.

Price comparison

Arvixe provides better price and price value for almost all hosting plans comparing to A2. First let's take a look at their most popular selling service – shared hosting plan.

  • A2Hosting: original $5.99/mo with official 17% off promo – $4.97
  • Arvixe: original $4.0/mo with lots of coupon codes vary from 10-30%, final price – $2.80

At the meanwhile, arvixe provides a free domain name for life and it's charged for $12.95/yr at A2 company. This offer simply reduces another one buck off and final arvixe hosting cost is as cheap as $1.80/mo! Absolutely the leading price among all other budget hosting services.

arvixe 30% off deal

Server specifications

In terms of server specification, arvixe has configured all hosting servers by DELL product with SSDs storage. To be more specific, 15k RPM SCSI drives in raid 10. Each server is configured with a minimum of 92GBs RAM and up to 256GBs, processor is latest Intel Xeon E5620.

On A2Hosting end, there's no clear explanation for server details. It only mentioned 8 Core with 24 GB RAM with cloudlinux installation. Although they're well known for SSD hosting provider, not all servers have SSD configured. For example their basic prime hosting is configured on traditional HDD. Only Prime+SSD plan got SSD support which costs us $7.46/mo.

Hosting features

Arvixe definitely provides better features than A2 in detailed comparison. Not to mention the SSD support for all shared hosting accounts, their across platform support and add-on services are much more. This includes

  • Windows & Linux server support
  • and PHP script support
  • Free domain name for life
  • Tomcat server optional support

Especially when you provide web development service for clients and there're both linux and windows platform required to work with, arvixe is simply unbeatable comparing to any other enterprise hosting providers.

Now, back to A2Hosting, they provide similar features for linux server plans but with much higher price. Especially when referring to VPS servers, arvixe provides full managed server service including all necessary management tools and billing tools for worry free service. Furthermore, arvixe choose the industry leading virtualization platform "Hyper-v" for vps creation. All vps users get free domain, free cpanel, free whmcs software. This not only helps with website hosting but also helps create your own hosting business!


network speedBoth win. Arvixe currently operates from 3 world class data centers in Huston, Dallas and Amsterdam. The first two are managed by Softlayer group which is the largest datacenter provider in USA. Their Amsterdam DC is the most well known offshore data center, it's primary choice by multiple hosting companies for security and performance. Hosts like hawkhost, hostpapa etc put their EU datacenter choice here. Arvixe is also active in preparing their Asia datacenter in Singapore. This place has the best environment for internet connection and market. It's the main datacenter location for southeast Asia area.

As about A2Hosting, they manage datacenters in Miami and Reykjavik in Iceland. The later one is 100% powered by geotherm with probably the best natual cooling environment. The both datacenters are ISO certified with leading security protection and UPS backup.


hosting supportI have to say arvixe is much better in terms of support. A2Hosting announces to offer 24*7 live support, however their live support(especially live chat support) only available during business hours. We tried to check support status at night/morning, sales and billing support are both offline. Means only ticket and email options left for all users if we have to fix problems after business hours.

Arvixe is operating in different ways as we discussed in arvixe support page. They provide multiple tunnels to handle different inquiries efficiently. The most important thing is they're really 24*7 online! Not too many hosting companies managed doing so.

Conclusion: Arvixe is better choice no matter if you're looking for advanced ssd hosting provider with good price or looking for hosting with best support. Especially their support for both windows and linux server plans on leading platforms, their service is simply unbeatable by comparing to any other host.

Go arvixe and claim the best web hosting deal

iPage vs WebhostingPad

ipage vs webhostingpad

This comparison is between two of the most famous cheap web hosting brands ipage and webhostingpad. Based editorial experience and side by side comparison, ipage is better than webhostingpad. If you have been evaluating the two web hosts because of the price, we highly recommend to proceed with ipage solution for better service. Following ipage vs webhostingpad categories compare them from price, useability, server performance and customer support.

Quick view of ipage

As everybody already knows, iPage( is a world wide web hosting leader for it's rich feature plan and great price. Since 1998, iPage has been renowned web hosting company with more than 1.5 million hosted domains by 1 million+ clients. iPage currently provides shared, VPS and dedicated server plans at very competitive prices.

Briefly introduction of webhostingpad

Webhostingpad was setup in 2005 by a group of IT genius. Unlike most their competitors, the company provides most features unlimited via a cheap shared hosting plan. From their official announcement, total domains on server is over 200,000 at the moment. The webhostingpad service is followed by industry standards on cpanel and cloudlinux.


iPage provides better price structure at a lower rate. iPage provides 2 different prices for different contract periods. $3.5/mo for initial start then $1.89/mo for 24 and 36 months. That means if we register 2 years and above then we can take advantage of their most promotional offer. With this price, we get full access to all hosting advantages. Price list is provided during check out as following

ipage hosting price structure

Webhostingpad is advertised as cheap as $1.99/mo, however this promotional price is only available for 3 to 5 year pre-paid plan. 12 months contract is billed at $3.99/mo and 24 months contract is billed at $2.99/mo. Means if we would like to pay with the lowest rate, we must register 36 months at least which is not acceptable for most users.

Hosting Plan Features

Both groups provide very similar features like unlimited storage, email accounts, mysql databases and hosted domain names. The only difference is about control panel software. While webhostingpad is completely cpanel linux hosting, ipage utilizes endurance inhouse developed Vdeck control panel. From our personal experience, this control panel system is reinforced version cpanel since it has centralized the management over billing, hosting and domain registration. It's also compatible for both linux and windows OS.

Server performance

iPage server shows us better availability and stability during the past 8 months. iPage servers are created from cloud environment as we know of. All servers connect to a central cloud disk by NAS technologies thus a single server be able to serve a large amount websites together. This also reduces efforts of maintenance and problem fixing efficiency. That's why ipage does not have a big support team for their huge business. Their Massachusetts data center is recognized one of the most advanced DC for security and network support. Check this server response monitory report between ipage and webhostingpad during the past 60 days, we can easily find ipage responses much faster from any checking point.

ipage server performance

Webhostingpad has been frequently complained for slowness and down time. Although they have co-operated with lots of famous hosting communities for positive promotion, they don't seem to have applied necessary improvement to accept the business growth. They recently upgraded from traditional Centos to cloudlinux, this might have help a bit for server availability.


iPage provides better upgrade solutions. Currently they provide both VPS and dedicated server plans that're generated from bluehost data center directly. They're 100% cloud based cpanel service with instant provision guarantee. It's extremely helpful for urgent and seamless account migration. At the meanwhile, their price is pretty competitive comparing to most existing server plans.

Webhostingpad does not offer direct upgrade but partnered with vpsdepot site. There're total of 3 vps plans for different resource limits. But from our investigation, their servers seem to be virtualized from traditional dedicated server but not the cloud technology which is supported from ipage service.

Customer Support

Both win, the both hosting offer 24*7 live support via hotline calls, ticket and web chat system. They both have prepared resourceful FAQ and knowledge base portal to answe pre-sales and basic technical questions. For novice, there're also step by step guidance and video tutorials in using their service. Webhostingpad even provides skype support which is not available from most other companies.


iPage win the comparison for either cutting edge server features or rock-bottom prices. No matter if you're running a small personal site or promoting a big website, they have perfect upgrade plans to deal with your growth. Especially when you have tight budge in supporting multiple websites, ipage is no better choice than any other hosting brand.

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HostGator vs IX Web Hosting

hostgator vs ix web hosting

This hostgator and ixwebhosting comparison is generated through our real user experience and point of editorial reviews. In order to provide unique and unbiased comparison, we signed up hosting accounts independantly and do testing by ourselves. This includes account performance, ease of use, suppport and technology of the company.

As we know, the both hosting companies have long history and serve a big amount global clients. They even have very similar hosting plans and offers thus it always let us hard to choose between. Either service has its own spotlight thus it's hard to tell directly which is better. However, you should get more clear idea after reading this article.

Briefly introduction of hostgator

Born in classmate bedroom, even its founder oxley did not expect their current leadership of the industry. With 10 years fast growing up, hostgator is now serving multi million clients from each corner of the world. Hostgator provides multiple hosting plans vary from shared to dedicated servers with both linux and windows technologies support. Till present, hostgator is still recognized the industry standard for server features and customer support regardless its ownership change.

Ixwebhosting Bio

One of the oldest web host providers since 1999, ix web hosting is division of Ecommerce Inc who manages their own data centers in Columbus Ohio. For very a long time, the company is most popular for its super affordable service and rich offer on dedicated ip address. From windwos server 2003 times, ix web hosting is standard choice by many .net developers. The company currently provides shared, VPS and cloud hosting solutions and web development service.

Price Comparison – Hostgator wins

By comparing their most popular plans "baby plan" and "unlimited pro", hostgator wins on price. Here's the price structure for different contract periods

  • 3 years – $6.36/mo
  • 2 years – $7.16/mo
  • 1 year – $7.96/mo
  • 6 months – $7.96/mo
  • Monthly – $7.96/mo

At the meanwhile, you have opportunity to get up to 25% discount using our special hostgator coupon "review25off" for any length contract. Also, if you just want to try out for the first month, you just need to pay 1 cent! Just out our hostgator coupon page for detailed explanation.

With ixwebhosting service, their promotional price $7.95/mo is also only available for 3 years upfront registration and vary a lot for different length contracts as showing below

  • 36 months price – $7.95/mo
  • 24 months price -$7.95/mo
  • 12 months price – $8.95/mo
  • 3 months price – $11.95/mo + $30 setup
  • 1 month price – $16.95/mo + $30 setup

As we see, their monthly option simply prohibits anybody to register. People have no choice other than yearly service. Ixwebhosting also provides a promotional code "SCENE" for 15% discount but it's definitely not better than hostgator offers.

Server performance – Hostgator wins

Hostgator configured standard DELL server production with standard CentOS & cpanel control panel. Their windows servers are also standard windows server 2008 R2 with plesk support. Everything from hostgator represents standard since from their very begin. Although hostgator does not have their own data center space, it's the biggest customer of Theplanet even after merged to softlayer group. Because of this, the hostgator tech team has full access to datacenter configuration just like their own space.

Hostgator server uptime is unbeatable 99.7% from online monitoring reports and connectivity is 279ms in average. Such leading records are simply besed their N+1 data center configuration and advanced server setup. All HG servers are based Intel i7 with minimum 32GB RAM. Server system is fully optimized by betterlinux optimizer with up to date security updates.

There's no detailed description of IX servers. We only know they're debian linux and windows server 2003 for windows hosting service. We have personally hosted 3 small sites on their server and partially satisfied for the performance. When I say partial, because we're glad about the great offers but we can't bear with frequent warnings from google webmaster account for site not responding. Their server average connectivity is 345ms from the last 3 months continous monitoring.

ix web hosting features

Hosting feature comparison – Hostgator wins

There's no much difference on description. The real difference is about the offer quality. For example, all hostgator services are created on up to date hardware and software installation with well optimization. Ix is some kind outdated when comparing to most leading providers. Their windows server is still on old 2003 system which is not supported by microsoft now. Because of such limitation, ix company has configured most backward services to serve their clients. I can't say everybody prefer to the newest one but it's absolutely not good sign for a reputable hosting provider because they promise to offer the most competitive packages to people.

What really nice as mentioned by people is their up to 15 free dedicated IP addresses. The real importance is probably in old times when google assigns higher weight to dedicated ip websites. But for now, such advantage does not exist anymore because google treats all sites the same no matter if its hosted on shared or dedicated ip.

Ease of Use – Both win

I bet nobody would find a problem in using hostgator based their standalized configuration. You just need to be familiar with cpanel or plesk in order to use their service. Because most linux services are cpanel based, there're many stuff in common. Means we can always search the web easily for cpanel related issues/documentation.

IX is very unique comparing to most providers, their h-sphere control panel is probably the most simple one. But if you look down upon it because of its simplity, you're completely wrong. H-sphere is very powerful control panel solution. Especially when you're migrating from other hosting service, you can easily do "wget" to download backup directly from old server space. There're multiple options to support different transition protocols. Just in earlier 2013, the ix tech team released their new client management panel for easy and professional management over customer accounts.


Hostgator wins comparison to ix web hosting for most essential features. If you're looking for affordable hosting service and considering they two, we highly recommend hostgator for higher quality, especially when you need support for technologies.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub

bluehost vs webhostinghub

We compare bluehost and webhostinghub based hosting plan features, server performance, scalability, price and customer support. The both companies have been very hot in hosting industry because they're rated top in lots of webmaster forums and community websites. In order to get a detailed understanding of their pros & cons, we have personally signed up accounts, host test web service and do monitoring from different periods of the day. It should help you determine the proper hosting plan when comparing they two.

Brief introduction of bluehost

Started in 2002, bluehost( has done great success based their leading technologies and trustable customer support. Their founder Matt Heaton is a core developer of linux kernel. For over 10 years, bluehost is featured with a single shared hosting plan with everything unlimited and support for SSH access. They're actually the very first company who can proudly offer such facilities. In 2011, the company was merged into endurance but everything kept the same and even better because all hardware equipments are served in their own state-of-the-art data centers.

Quick understanding of webhostinghub

A sister brand of InMotionHosting, webhostinghub( is a kind of new to many people. Although they had began to offer hosting service since 2004, there's no much popularity received. Their burst growth was started in 2008 when their team leaders put heavy marketing tactics. Webhostinghub is now recognized the standard choice for affordable and high performance shared hosting plan. For very a long time, their site only provides a single hosting solution, since the end of 2013, their team had offered Nitro upgrade and other two upgrade solutions. Everything should be ready in few months later.

Features comparison – Both win

The both companies are well known for their single shared hosting plans with everything unlimited. People get unlimited for disk space, number of hosted domains, email accounts and mysql databases. Clients also get a free domain name registration for the first year. The only difference is about the management portal. Webhostinghub provides standard cpanel support while bluehost provides deeply customized cpanel service that simplified the process in managing billing, website and support. Actually this cpanel system is applied to all EIG cpanel hosting brands like justhost.

Server scalability – Bluehost wins

Webhostinghub currently provides shared hosting only no matter what the upgrade option is. Their Nitro and future Dynamo plans are still under shared environment. The difference is they will allocated more resources to your hosting account. You can't really tell how different it is comparing to their default plan.

Bluehost is different. Since 20013, bluehost provided cloud VPS and dedicated server plans at very competitive price. Except for their multiple upgrade options, they're also provide instant provision for your server. Means your server is ready once payment is confirmed because everything is scheduled from their cloud system, they don't have to involve manual action. The leading advantage with bluehost is they have their own data center space which is configured by modern technologies. Their data center is also supporting most other EIG cpanel servers.

Server performance – Webhostinghub wins

From the last 3 months uptime and response time monitoring, webhostinghub is much faster and stable than bluehost. That might be because of the mass migration in bluehost datacenters. Especially when migration started for hostgator servers, it brought serious downtime for the entire network. Just from the end of 2013, another outage occured again and brought down a large scale websites.

On the other hand, servers on webhostinghub are pretty stable and responding fast. During the last 5 years, their group leaders have tried to co-operate with many data center and CDN providers to reduce slowness. Their people also configured Max speed zone among different data centers so website will be connected by most nearby networks. Such advantage is not available from any other company.

Customer Support – Both win

They both provide 24*7*365 live person support in multiple channels and even for different support departments. Based our monitoring and testing at different periods of the day, all their support departments are set online. What most important is they indeed provide helpful assistance. For issues that don't take long time fix, their support will try to help out as much as they can. This is what impressed us mostly.

Price – Webhostinghub wins

The both sites shows up pretty affordable price. But please note, the promotional price is only for 3 years prepaying. But no matter if you choose to register one year or three years in advance, webhostinghub provides much better deal. Currently, they're promoting the best offer for $1.95/mo for the first 3 months.

webhostinghub special price

Hawkhost vs Bluehost

Hawkhost vs bluehost

This article is about bluehost and hawkhost comparison based their hosting advantages, performance, price value and support. The both companies are very popular choice by people but always make users hard to choose when comparing them together. Hence, we carry out this in-depth comparison to help our readers make the right choice when there's need of either hosting service.

A reputable web hosting provider since 2006. It's some part new comparing to lots of famous hosting groups but their team members are all from computing majors and worked in IT industry for more than 3 years. Thus they setup every hosting servers using leading hardware production and software solutions. They applied cloudlinux and litespeed web server for max performance. Till present, hawkhost is still recognized the standard choice of litespeed hosting.

One of the most respected names in hosting industry. Since 2001, bluehost has been offering unlimited hosting solutions with competitive price. Every feature from bluehost site is industry standard that followed by lots of new companies. Till present, bluehost is serving multi millions global clients and this makes the company to one of the largest hosting providers.

Hosting Features Comparison – both win

Both hawkhost and bluehost provide rich feature hosting plans that be able to support various websites. All popular features are provided from both service and actually is more than what we will need. Here's a brief list of their leading server features

  • High performance server. They both use Dual Quad Core Xeon DELL server production with 24GB minimum RAM and RAID 10 disk storage. Web server is optimized cloudlinux or similar system.
  • Multiple versions PHP. Servers are installed multiple versions PHP to meet with your development requirements. People also have the opportunity to customize php.ini in hosting control panel.
  • SSH Access support. SSH opportunity is available for every customer if you prefer to command line operation. Just follow their activiattion process to have it enabled.

The only difference from their server feature is bluehost provides unlimited disk space while it's limited by hawkhost. However, the minimum 3000MB space is good enough for most websites. There's no other technical difference with their service.

Server connectivity – both win

Besides their leading server configuration. They both are supported by multiple mordern data center service. Bluehost build up their own data centers in Utah. The actual data center resources are more than enough to support their existing business from its official report. The hostgator and justhost servers are even being migrated there.

Hawkhost does not have their own data centers, but they coperate with lots of ISP to deliver the best performance. They have USA and oversea data center service from multiple locations such as Singapore and Amsterdam. It's extremely helpful who want to use an US service from local data center provider

Price Comparison – Hawkhost wins

Hawkhost provides much better price for shared hosting plans. Also, hawkhost accepts monthly, quarterly payments with the lest price difference. Means no matter if you pay annually or monthly, the final amount won't differ a lot. It's a good selling point because many cheap hosting companies provide very attractive price for 2 or 3 years subscription. If you want to try out by monthly, you pay several times more plus set up fee.

Hawkhost also provides promo codes on official site. Their current discount rate is 25% for shared/vps service. But that's definitely not we expected. Just claim this hawkhost 50% off coupon for half price hosting!

Support Comparison – both win

Hawkhost and bluehost both provide resourceful support in multiple channels. Their knowledge base is updated frequently with new support tutorials and FAQs. There're also hotlines and chat/ticket support systems to meet your different support inquiries. From our continuous monitoring to both service, their support is pretty responsive from either live or email communication.

Who do we recommend?

Both are good choice as we see above. But they come with small difference too. They provide different web server solutions and plan structures. If you prefer to cloudlinux and litespeed web server, hawkhost is the best comparing to all existing providers. You also get very affordable upgrade options. Service from bluehost is more about standards so you can get used to the service quickly. To use hawkhost or bluehost is simply based your personal preference.

Visit bluehost for hosting plans