Why JustHost Blog Hosting is The Best?

why justhost blog hosting is the best

Blog is the fastest way to get online appearance. Depspite any free blog platform, have our own domain name with root control over site content is critial in case of any system failure. To make your blog experience simple and excellent, we highly recommend JustHost(www.justhost.com) based 3 years' editorial experience with it. To dig out more, we briefly introduce the justhost blog platform advantages in following categories

Simple but Powerful Hosting Plan

Justhost provides a simple shared hosting plan but provides all popular features such as CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL and software installer. Almost all crucial features are unlimited. Technically, you can use the justhost service for any linux web project because of its powerful setup.

What more is about its simplity. We can complete website setup automatically in control panel center. We have multiple options to setup blog site, either by sitebuilder wizard or scripts installer or upload our existing project, the process is pretty streight and hassle free. We also have option to use weebly service plan here. Means if we have been used to this platform, it's also available here with justhost. The thing is everything will be hosted under our hosting account for full management.

Worry about quick website growth? Justhost provides two upgrade options for shared plan and 4 cloud VPS server plans for instant provisioning! It's crucial feature as you don't have to wait for server setup when you need urgent migration.

install blog with justhost

No Trick Lowest Price

As low as $2.95 per month, we always enjoy this price or even less during holiday promotion. You don't need any coupon code or secret link like before, everything is clear as it is. If you have been looking for any promo code and found some, unfrtunately, none will work because the justhost team actually has deactivated all codes except the default one!

How to save money with justhost? Please be noted, the lowest price offer is only effective for 36 months registration and there will be different prices for 24 or 12 months. We highly recommend to go with 36 months directly for best price value. In case you don't really need that long time service, just submit cancellation request for money back of rest months and no reasons to be asked!

Clean Revised cpanel

Justhost provides revised control panel based cPanel technologies. Comparing to cpanel, the justhost control panel is more clean with better navigation. Those frequently used options are well categorized on top and could be customized with our needs. No matter if are novice or professional web master, this control panel be able to make your work more easy!

Check out justhost control panel demo @ http://www.justhost.com/cgi/demo

CloudFlare Plan

Cloudflare is mostly recognized cloud drive for website. The company provides multiple plans to support our individual needs. Other than register separately on cloudflare site, the integration is added to justhost control panel for central management.

Need more features? Sign up now and found more surprises! http://www.justhost.com

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