Hosting App

Introduction and review of the popular softwares & Apps to support hosting service. This includes hosting control panel solutions, plugin & modules for different technical requirements

Best Sitepro Web Hosting

Need a professional website in quick time? Website builder is the best choice. Sitepro is one of the best sitebuilder solutions that allow users to customize site layouts from begin to end by drag & drop operation. In this article we provide indepth sitepro reviews and choice of the best sitepro web hosting provider. If you're looking for alternative choice

Best elcomCMS Hosting

elcomCMS is the best choice of enterprise level commercial web content management solution. The best elcomCMS hosting service must be offered on up to date technologies, windows server platform and enterprise grade hardware specifications. In this article, we provide detailed guidance on how to choose the best elcomCMS hosting plan according to editorial experience and up to date user

Apache GUI Management Solutions

Do you use apache web server? Are you trying to remember different commands for web server configuration? If you're worried to damage the configuration, we'll introduce a GUI tool for total apache management – ApacheConf & Apache GUI. Apache is the most popular web server solution on the planet. It's installed by almost every IT groups. From Netcraft reports, apache

Best Free & Cheap SSL Certificate Plan Reviews

SSL certificate is crucial feature to secure online data transition. Customer will not register or submit orders if no ssl protection on product page. However, a reputable ssl service is not cheap and often cost more than web hosting services. We have done indepth research among various SSL providers and found the following free or super cheap certificates. They're perfect

Why You Need Business Email Solution?

Our modern business highly relies on email communication. While there're tons of free email service like yahoo, gmail and hotmail, there're also plenty of paid solutions and actually charge on high prices. So what's the difference between a free and paid email service? Following comparison gives us side by side understanding and show us how important it is to register

Popular Ecommerce Website Service Comparison

There're millions websites on internet and about 40% are ecommerce websites. From the IT annual report, it shows personal store sites have increased a lot during the past few years. More and more people are selling their products/service online. Thus to get a reliable and user friendly ecommerce solution is crucial for business success. There're many ways to setup your