Introduction and review of the popular softwares & Apps to support hosting service. This includes hosting control panel solutions, plugin & modules for different technical requirements

Best Sitepro Web Hosting

best sitepro web hosting

Need a professional website in quick time? Website builder is the best choice. Sitepro is one of the best sitebuilder solutions that allow users to customize site layouts from begin to end by drag & drop operation. In this article we provide indepth sitepro reviews and choice of the best sitepro web hosting provider. If you're looking for alternative choice of your current sitebuilder solution, this article will help.

Brief Introduction of SitePro is a cloud based website builder project by Profis Group. The company has ten years of internet market and operate offices in Lithuania, Russia and USA (Silicon Valley). Sitepro provides more than 100 excellent templates and 31 available languages support for different website purpose. The sitepro WYSIWYG editor come with all needed functions to create a professional web page. The most fantastic feature is we can create mobile version to be compatible for different mobile devices. Sitepro general features include

  • Free opportunity
  • Multi-language website
  • Unlimited storage
  • Park your domain
  • More than 170 templates
  • Responsive design
  • No advertisement

Sitepro provides full functional online demo to check the platform side by side, there's also free opportunity to publish a simple website on their server with limited functions. In this way, people can understand how the program works then decide if it's worth to go.

Sitepro online demo:

Best Sitepro Web Hosting

Most major web hosting providers use default options from cpanel and only RV builder available for old style choice. Arvixe is proudly to offer free enterprise version sitpro builder to each client. It's put the same place of rv site builder so every people can find it easily. Arvixe Sitepro builder is completely configured on the company server so no matter if you are creating pages or doing final publish, performance is highly guaranteed.

arvixe sitepro hosting

How to use sitepro builder with arvixe? Just login cpanel and navigate to "software & service", then click on your prefered domain name for website creation, browse the template categories and select your prefered template then customize the design. Lastly, click save and publish to make the desgin go live on domain name.

What's included for arvixe sitepro hosting?

Sitepro is a default support for all hosting plans. Means no matter which plan you're settled on you can use sitepro service with no problem. Especially when sitepro only requires php and mysql to work with, we can select the basic hosting service to start for budget choice. However, please keep in mind if you already have website setup on the domain, make sure to make a good backup to avoid any confliction with published files. Arvixe sitepro hosting includes

  • Full enterprise sitepro features
  • Free domain name for life
  • $2.8/mo for 36 months registration
  • SSD drive hosting server
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Live 24*7*365 tech support

Find more features on

More about Sitepro Builder

Sitepro provides two ways to integrate with hosting service – API or standalone package. For API solution, when user is building a website, everything on sitepro server. Contents will be automatically uploaded to Hosting company's server after publish. For standalone package, it's offered as Enterprise builder version. Hosting companies be able to install and configure the builder on their own servers, but automatic update is still available from sitepro official.

What if I need to migrate website to another company?

There're two ways to migrate from client side:

  1. Copy all files to any other hosting, but client will not be able to edit it any more with builder.
  2. Make backup from sitepro builder then restore it on other hosting. However, the new hosting company will need to have sitepro support too in order to restore to new server space.

Best elcomCMS Hosting

best elcomcms hosting

elcomCMS is the best choice of enterprise level commercial web content management solution. The best elcomCMS hosting service must be offered on up to date technologies, windows server platform and enterprise grade hardware specifications. In this article, we provide detailed guidance on how to choose the best elcomCMS hosting plan according to editorial experience and up to date user feedbacks.

Brief introduction of elcomCMS

elcomCMS is enterprise web content management system by elcom group. The software is developed and supported by elcom professionals and its global partner base. elcomCMS has been developed over the past 18 years to assist mid-enterprise organizations in meeting their growing technology and content management requirements. elcomCMS is now powering over 1,000 successful global site deployments such as Hyundai, KIA and VolksWagen etc. elcomCMS is well known for its comprehensive functionality, flexibility, modular design and ease of use. learn more on

Best elcomCMS Hosting – is proudly to offer the best enterprise grade elcomCMS hosting service. Unlike any other traditional hosting provider, only focus on CMS solutions including DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal and elcomCMS. The company is backend with a team of developers who actually play important roles on multiple famous CMS platforms. Instead of simple website hosting, provides code level support and enterprise class performance & security protection. hosting plan

Price with is high but they offer price match guarantee to make you confident about their service. Common tasks like software installation, upgrade, module/skin installation and even site migration etc can be all handled by support team. Either the shared, dedicated or cloud hosting plan is deeply optimized for production site on elcomCMS platform.

Best elcomCMS Hosting – Arvixe

Already a developer and just need a high performance hosting server? Arvixe is your best choice for developer friendly hosting. Not to mention the available advanced features, the arvixe friendly hosting plans already make the service worry free. Only $3.5/mo to start with and seamless upgrade opportunity to any upclass plans.

Arvixe windows server is built on up to date hardware and software configuration. Enterprise class DELL server with Windows server 2012 plus latest .net framework support, all such high level configuration only costs few bucks per month! Especially when every client will get a dedicated application pool for best isolation, no better choice than arvixe hosting.

Arvixe elcomCMS hosting plans include:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24*7*365 live tech support
  • SQL server 2012 database support
  • Ms SQL reporting service enabled
  • Free domain name for life
  • Free SSL certificate for life
  • DDOS attack protection
  • 15K RPM RAID 10 Disk Drives

Check out arvixe enterprise class plan details on
arvixe elcomcms hosting features

More about elcomCMS Software

Unlike any other cms platform, elcom is dedicated for enterprises for commercial use purpose. It's built up by newest .net framework and support to catch up with the modern technologies. The best point of elcom is its cross platform compatibility, the software will automatically detect and repurpose content on different devices for effective marketing. No additional configuration required! Either you need an intranet or WebCMS portal purpose, elcom be able to support your needs side by side.

elcomCMS also provides a list of modules for different web purpose such as mailing list, eshop and migration toolkit etc. Moreover, the software structure is already pre-optimized for search engine friendly, when do posting/writing, you get options to set friendly url, tags and description etc. If you would like to develop more on existing platform, there're also APIs to connect by visual studio. In case you already have an enterprise systems setup, elcom can be integrated with numorous platforms including Navision, NetSuite, Perfectus, Microsoft CRM, Oracle and more.

elcomCMS vs DotNetNuke

elcom and DNN are both great solutions to meet up with our web requirements. Which might be better for web creation? Let's take a quick look.

Popularity – While dnn is well recognized by both developers and users, elcom is not so popular by it's target limitation. DNN is powered by a large community and thousands of developers world wide while elcom is inhouse project.

Ease of use – They both are created by latest .net technologies but dnn is open sourced project while elcom is encrypted by pre-configuration. DNN is freely provided to everyone with all source codes, it means anyone be able to edit code behind. And, DNN has a huge module gallery and with almost daily updates. elcom is built by the developers experience by learning available platforms and user requirements. The biggest advantage is they have pre-configured the software for different web requirements, users don't really have to change a lot in order to use it.

Performance – DNN has very basic system requirements to work on. Because of this, it's deployed to many environments, users be able to get unlimited guidance on how to optimize the site and keep it under healthy state. For elcom, as its dedicated for enterprises, the company provides side by support directly to make sure each client get what they need.

Support – While DNN is widely supported on the web by a large community, elcom support is completely hold by the company itself as they write each code inhouse. The thing is we have to search answers and get help by asking in community for DNN while we can call hotline directly for elcom. Because we paid for the service, we get efficient support.

Actually, DNN now also provides a commercial release called "Evoq" that comes with dedicated support. Comparing to regular DNN releases, evoq provides more support with some more features for enterprise purpose. Both DNN and elcom provide us a choice on how to built our online presense. For which one to choose, it completely depends how we would like to build the site and how much we want to invest.

Apache GUI Management Solutions

apache gui software

Do you use apache web server? Are you trying to remember different commands for web server configuration? If you're worried to damage the configuration, we'll introduce a GUI tool for total apache management – ApacheConf & Apache GUI.

Apache is the most popular web server solution on the planet. It's installed by almost every IT groups. From Netcraft reports, apache is serving multi billion global websites and rated NO.1 for market share. A professional and safe management is crucial to keep the service running healthy.

ApacheConf Overview

ApacheConf is a shell program for configuring Apache web servers. ApacheConf represents all the information from httpd.conf, included, log, .htaccess, .htpasswd and .htgroup files in the structured view. All of the server's directives are properly categorized in tree view. Basically, you have full access to configure and view apache web server parameters in simple navigation.

Major features from ApacheConf

  1. Quick start/stop – Start/stop apache service remotely in few seconds
  2. Virtual Hosts – ApacheConf represents allinformation from httpd.conf, users be able to view, edit or add new virtual hosts easily in prefered way.
  3. Log analysis – Error log and custom logs are loaded on the fly, you can do quick search for needed logs.

How to Get?

ApacheConf provides two versions – ApacheConf PRO & Lite. Lite version is available for free downloads but you have to register on its official site in order to activate the program. For Pro version, it's provided in two licenses, one for personal user($75) and one for company purpose($290). Upgrade to new versions are free for one and half year from the date of purchase. After that, users can buy new license at a discounted price. See more price details on

ApacheConf screenshot

Apache GUI

If you don't want to pay but want to take full advantages of the features, Apache GUI is the best alternative choice. This project is used to provide a free java based open source Apache Http Server GUI. The solution is deployed as a web application that is accessible through a web browser. The solution is designed to be compatible with modern Windows and IX operating systems.

Apache GUI Core Features

  • Start, Stop and Restart Apache
  • Vew Runtime Information
  • Search, Download and tail logs
  • Edit your web documents right from your browser. Full inline editor for html, css, javascript, xml, json, php, perl, shell, properties and python.
  • Edit Configurations
  • Test the server configuration for errors
  • Search for keywords in the configuration files
  • View, install and remove apache modules
  • Record, Search and Graph detailed Apache Transactions.

Apache GUI

Download Apache GUI on Sourceforge site.

Best Free & Cheap SSL Certificate Plan Reviews

free & cheap ssl service

SSL certificate is crucial feature to secure online data transition. Customer will not register or submit orders if no ssl protection on product page. However, a reputable ssl service is not cheap and often cost more than web hosting services. We have done indepth research among various SSL providers and found the following free or super cheap certificates. They're perfect if you need basic protection on personal or small cart site.

StartSSL – Free and cheap ssl provider since 2004. Actually, startssl is the only place to apply free certificate without any restriction. Their class 1 ssl is 100% free and guaranteed compatibility with over 95% popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome etc. It's primary choice if you have very tight budget or just want to see how SSL works on your website.

How to apply? To get free ssl from startssl company is pretty easy and straight, just go to and select the free product to proceed. The first step is to verify ownership of the domain name we're going to apply SSL for, the system will send verification code to domain email. Then put the code to registration page and follow the instructions to complete certificate generation. The process is clear and fast, ssl certificate will be ready in few minutes.

Please be noted the free ssl is only valid for one year, we will need to renewal or apply a new one in the next year. And maybe because of frequent application on their website, we often get http 429 too many connections error on the page.

Startssl site:

Except for complete free service, some ssl groups provide low cost plans to work with our web requirements. There're top 3 in the list – GogetSSL, SSLPoint & Godaddy

GogetSSL – Single domain protection starts only $3.05/yr! Just fill out the order form then get your certificate in 3~4 minutes. The longer billing you choose, the better price will be generated. This certificate provides $10000 warranty service and 99.3% browser compatibility guaranteed. If you're worried about free product quality, try out this one and you'll not be disappointed.

Besides this super cheap certificate, other ssl plans are also affordable by either personal or enterprise choice. Their wildcard ssl only costs $68.83/yr. In order to ensure your worry free purchase, the company provides up to 90 days free trial service to make sure your website security is handled perfectly.

GogetSSL website:

SSLPoint – A HongKong based company with cheap ssl certificate plans. Comodo ssl starts at $8.95/yr with immidate issuance. Free static site seal and unlimited re-issurance supported! if you're not satisfied with the product, 15 days full refund guaranteed.

SSLpoint is similar to gogetssl. They might be subjected to different business clients but both are good choice for cheap solution.

SSLPoint website:

Godaddy – A giant company on the planet and probably everybody knows its name. Godaddy is famous about their domain service, but actually they're also doing good for ssl being one of the top issuer. The godaddy ssl is not cheap at all if we order directly, the word "cheap" only applies after we filled the proper coupon code.

For example, the single domain certificate starts at $69.99/yr and it's very expensive to many people. But after applied a good coupon code, it can be reduced to as cheap as $5.99/yr. Godaddy frequently send out such codes and it's available on many promo websites, just do your research for the right code untill you get a good price from check out.

After purchased certificate from godaddy, client will be assigned a free dedicated IP address for ssl installation. The IP is available from account center. On this point, godaddy is very good and cheap comparing to other providers.

SSL Knowledges

What's SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

How many kinds of SSL available?

There're two types SSL available: single domain ssl and wildcard SSL. While single domain ssl only works for the exact domain we entered for ssl registration(such as OR, wildcard ssl works for all sub domains under the main domain(such as & & etc)

What's the difference between 128 bit and 256 bit encryption?

128 bit encryption vs. 256 bit encryption depends on the the cipher suite that is negotiated for the specific connection. In the modern industry, 256 encryption means SSL certificates offer the highest possible levels of security for your customers and always primary choice by most people.

Why You Need Business Email Solution?

business email solution

Our modern business highly relies on email communication. While there're tons of free email service like yahoo, gmail and hotmail, there're also plenty of paid solutions and actually charge on high prices. So what's the difference between a free and paid email service? Following comparison gives us side by side understanding and show us how important it is to register a reliable email service.

Advantages of free email service

Free – Definitely the biggest spotlight. Everybody be able to register with a free email service with no restriction. For most free email like hotmail, yahoo etc, we can probably use it life time free. And the truth is most users are free service based.

Lots of storage – For today's tech development, storage space no longer a problem for most online service. Especially when everything go into cloud, we can easily get multi GBs free space. For people who like to store lots of files online with basic protection, free email service like gmail is good enough.

Social network integration – Those leading free email services are all linked to various social network services such as facebook, linkedin etc. Many websites can be authenticated directly via our social or email accounts. Especially the google email, a single email address has full access to various google services like analysis, google drive and more!

Weakness of free email

Privacy – Probably the most concern for business email communication. While we only have web access to email service, the server hardware and network are fully managed by service provider. Thus they have full access to all our data. Just two days before, google updated their terms of use( and claim to have access to incoming/outgoing messages to send accurate ads. It's definitely not good at all if there's sensitive information in our messages.

Not only for google, actually all free email providers are doing the same, there's just no announcement. Just think about the logic.

email securitySecurity – Since we don't have access to any equipment, we can't get a single piece of security configuration to trust with. Just think about the amount of users and what the result would be in case the server compromised. For example, the yahoo mail system got multiple hacking before and millions of email id/password were published online.

Advertisement – All free email services are advertisement based. Just login to your free email account and see how many ads there are. Some ads is placed exact the same place from top of incoming messages so you can't avoid to click. Obviously not good at all for prefessional business communication.

Advantages of Business email service

While there're so many weakness with free email, business mail service perfectly solves all problems. Normally, we have several options to configure the service, either signing up available email plans or install email server by ourselves. This is a completely clean system with professional management over multiple tasks including email, calendar and email filters etc.. We can configure the way how we want to send/receive emails. Also, it comes with a function that doesn't exist with free service – mailing list. We can easily send list email with no restriction. It's extremely helpful if we want to send announcement to subscribers.

Any disadvantage? The only disadvantage might be the price. Being enterprise choice, business mail service can be very expensive according to our exact requirement. Especially when we want to configure our own email platform, the cost is high.

As we see, the paid business email has unbeatable advantages for professional communication. Especially when you need to manage multiple online tasks together, a good email platform is the best choice.

TOP business Email solutions

The most popular business mail provider would be Microsoft Exchange who has been offering reliable and powerful services since early ages. Exchange server has been primary choice by most world TOP 500 companies. After more than 10 years development, exchange server got huge improvement and now is fully integrated into cloud. See more details on microsoft official page.

exchange server

Besides Exchange, there're also lots of reputable email solutions like smartermail, openexchange etc. Many business email plans are configured on such platform to meet our different requirements.

Popular Ecommerce Website Service Comparison

Ecommerce service comparison

There're millions websites on internet and about 40% are ecommerce websites. From the IT annual report, it shows personal store sites have increased a lot during the past few years. More and more people are selling their products/service online. Thus to get a reliable and user friendly ecommerce solution is crucial for business success.

There're many ways to setup your shopping cart site such as consulting to a web development group, using any existing ecomerce softwares or simply start with a step by step wizard. This article compares advantages/weakness using those different solutions and help find out what you should choose.

Web Development Consulting

The traditional and probably the most reliable solution. You just need to give your ideas and requirements to service provider and they can make fast design. The biggest advantages is such companies have sufficient experience in offering various website solutions. Sometimes they even understand better than ourselves about what we need exactly. From web UI to backend coding, what you see is all about profession. All functions are provided for necessarity with no more or less. Especially when it's the first time to put business online, consulting to web development service is quite important because you can meet in real person and discuss everything in details. Any problem can be solved efficiently.

The weakness? Definitely about its expensive costs. Because your cart site will be custom programmed based your exact requirements, there're also extra discussion involved. This requires time and man power. The project may take days or weeks to complete.

Suitable for: New or big groups who have special requirement on website.

Ecommerce CMS Softwares

To start a cart site is no longer a complicated job. Based the fast tech development, there're more and more powerful ecommerce softwares being provided. You just need to upload products and configure necessary product details to enable online purchasing. Some popular ecomerce solutions like magento, opencart and zencart etc can help with quick store launch in few minutes. Installation of those softwares can be handled via auto installer directly from hosting control panel. You no longer need to deal with the boring process manually.

CMS softwares are more and more popular choice by both companies and individuals for its eas of use and powerful functions. Most softwares are open sourced where you can make custom development to fulfill your needs. You can make full use of all available templates, modules and plugins for any kind custom need. From the development trends, CMS is becoming the leading choice for shopping cart sites.

What would be the weakness of CMS? Well, in order to use the cms software properly you must have some basic coding knowledges. Also, some non-official template or plugin services might have backdoor holes that might bring big security issue. You must find a trustable provider to keep your cart in safe place.

Suitable for: Individuals and groups who have necessary programming skills.

Ecommerce Website Wizard

Simple but come with all basic functions and will provide step by step guidance for entire website setup. There's no programming skills required because everything is provided from GUI. You just need to follow the wizard to complete the store setup. What you need to focus on is all about your products information. The wizard has simplified almost all functions

Ecommerce wizard is easy to work with but it's normally provided as addon service from hosting service. Means you can not purchase it seperately. Also, most ecommerce wizard will not provide your website files. The service provider put all stuff on central server. Users can only export products. That means you have to be linked to your hosting service in order to use the wizard and it's almost impossible to migrate the site to new server space. If you have built a perfect site but your hosting fails some day then you loose all hopes.

Suitable for: Website newbies and individuals who do not have enough website experience.

But you should note that there're not too many ecommerce wizard providers. As far as we can tell, the service is mainly provided by godaddy and endurance group. For fast view, you can check out this Product Tour from godaddy.

Open source is main stream of the current and future IT industry. Thus those open source softwares will definitely become leading choice by more and more users. It's not just about cost but the spirit and passion in building a perfect project. If you would like to start a shopping cart today, we highly recommend to check out opencart and magento which is designed for small and large size carts accordingly.