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Welcome to Hosting Reviews base to find the best web host. We started different from any other review website since 2006 when we worked in hosting compan. During that period we dealt with lots of hosting problems & complaints. Since then, we strive to help our visitors find the best web hosting deals through our real work experience. We write independent and honest reviews for various web hosting service by personal testing and interviews to current customers.

We sign up and test with continous monitoring over 60+ web hosting brands. The top 5 best web hosts list below is calculated by company reputation, technology, performance, price and customer support services.

$2.80/mo $3.99/mo $3.49/mo $1.99/mo $3.96/mo
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited space
  • Linux /Windows
  • 60 day money back
  • Free transfer
  • Unlimited space
  • Fast web server
  • 90 day money back
  • Max Speed zone
  • 100% Satisfication
  • Business hosting
  • 90 day money back
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited space
  • $450 free credits
  • Any time back
  • Free migration
  • Unlimited space
  • Linux /Windows
  • 45 day money back
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Type of Web Hosting Service

There're many types of web hosting services for for different application purpose. No matter how they're provided for marketing purpose, they're generally configured as following:

Shared Hosting: the most popular hosting provided by lots of companies. Here, a single server is shared by lots of users with allocated space and bandwidth. Each user got unique credentials for control panel, ftp and email on the same server hard drive.

VPS Hosting: similar to shared service but provided with different technologies and shared but less customers on single server. Each user get full control over vps container but only have access to allocated space. VPS users can power on/off the server with root permission.

Dedicated Server Hosting: customer fully control over hardware equipments. It's fully isolated from other people. Dedicated server clients even have the ability to setup their own private networks.

Cloud Hosting: new and leading techology in IT industry. Unlike traditional server setup on single or few hard drives, cloud server is created from hundreds or even thousands of server equipments from different locations. It greatly reduced downtime and other outage events on single server setup.

Reseller Hosting: not a technology but just an ability to resell server space to people. Reseller operators normally do not have direct server access but mostly focus on marketing. The end service is managed by real hosting providers.

Web Hosting Tutorials

How to host your website?

It's easy to get your website online. The modern technology is so amazing to have simplified the whole process. Not sure how to get started? Just read following quick tips to get your site online in minutes:

  • Pickup your prefered domain name via domain registrar.
  • Register hosting service from a reputable hosting provider. You will receive account and server details with full guidance on how to use their service.
  • Edit your domain server records to point to your account server on domain registrar site and wait up to 48 hours for dns propagation.
  • Upload your local website files to hosting space via ftp. You can also make full use of one click installer for some popular website software installation like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. Most web hosts also provide a free sitebuilder wizard to create your website step by step.

What's included for web hosting service?

A modern web hosting plan comes with lots of great support features to help with your website success including: Free domain opportunity(optional), Free sql server or mysql database, Free email accounts, Free sitebuilder wizard, Free ftp accounts and more. Most hosting plans come with at least 30 days full refund guarantee.

How much should you pay?

Thanks for the fast improvements on both hardware and software, the costs are greatly reduced comparing to 3 or 5 years ago. At the moment while writing, most leading shared hosting cost is less than $10/month plusvarious discounts. So most of the time you can reduce the cost under $5/month. Vps and dedicated servers are also pretty affordable nowadays so you can upgrade without a big pain when website grows up.

When should you upgrade?

You must know about your hosting server capacity at the very beginning. The server limits vary a lot from different providers so you must contact presales support for a rough idea. Normally, when you get more than 5000 unique visits under a shared server, the CPU/RAM usage will go up a lot. You should upgrade for stable and reliable performance. However, you still need to confirm with your hosting provider as they have full access to server and be able to provide you more suggestions. We highly recommend to start with this web hosting FAQ and and tips page.

Still not sure how to pick up the right hosting plan? Don't hesitate to contact us today to help get a smart choice!