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CloudLinux Server
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There’re many types of web hosting services for for different application purpose such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated server and cloud hosting plans. Each type hosting service come with their own independant features and advantages. To select the most suitable service plan is crucial for website success. Before we run into a service too fast, following hosting faq and guide is helpful to make smart choice.

What's the detailed step to host your website online?

It’s easy to get your website online. The modern technology is so amazing that have maximum simplified the whole process. Not sure how to get started? Just read following quick tips to get your site online in minutes:

1. Pickup your prefered domain name via domain registrar.

2. Register hosting service from a reputable hosting provider. You will receive account and server details to upload your website files to hosting server space. You also receive DNS information to point your domain name.

3. Edit your domain name server records to point to your account server from domain registrar site and wait up to 48 hours for dns propagation.

NOTE: edit DNS name server will completely point your domain name to hosting service side, you can use all available services from hosting server once propagated. However if you only want to view website quickly and keep existing name server no change, just edit domain “A record” to your hosting server IP address.

4. Upload your local website files to hosting server space via ftp. You can also make full use of one click installer for some popular website software installation like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. Most web hosts also provide a free sitebuilder wizard to create your website step by step.

Once you have accomplished above, you can visit your website now with your registered domain name.

What's included for web hosting service?

Web hosting service is the root of every web service. A modern web hosting plan comes with lots of great features to support our website up to date requirements such as following:

1.Free domain opportunity(optional)
2.Free sql server or mysql database
3.Free email accounts
4.Free sitebuilder wizard
5.Free website app one click installer
6.Ease of use hosting control panel

All services can be managed directly under a hosting control panel by web interface. No professional server technologies required to use. Just in case you’re not satisfied with the current service, most hosting companies provide at least 30 days full money back guarantee policy.

How much should I pay for website hosting?

Thanks for the fast improvements on both hardware and software, the costs are greatly decreased comparing to 5 or 10 years ago. At the moment while writing, most popular shared hosting plan cost is less than $5/mon and come with various promotional offers. Most of the time you can keep the cost around $4/mon.

Vps and dedicated servers are also affordable choice nowadays based the virtualization technologies fast development. Upgrade to these platforms can be pretty straight when website grows up.

Which hosting plan is suitable for me?

Regular shared hosting plan is compatible with most website technical requirements. The only difference comparing to vps/dedicated server is the resource will be shared by many other websites on same server.

If you manage a medium to large size website like web forum or shopping cart site, VPS is probably better choice. We can help evaluating upon understanding your website requirements.

When should I upgrade?

You must know about your hosting server capacity at the very beginning. The server limits vary a lot from different providers so you must contact presales support for a rough idea. Normally, when you get more than 5000 unique visits concurrently under a shared server, the CPU/RAM usage will go up fastly. You should upgrade for stable and reliable performance.

However, you still need to confirm with your hosting provider as they have full access to server and be able to provide you more suggestions. We highly recommend to start with this web hosting faq and and tips page. Still not sure how to pick up the right hosting plan? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to help get a smart choice!

What are some of the best web hosting recommendation?

iPage is awarded the best cheap web hosting. Cheap is always not equal to quality. But iPage completely dropped this thought to history by its outstanding hosting features and low cost plans. For only $1.99/mo client get free domain registration, unlimited website hosting and mysql databases per single hosting account. There’re also various promo during holidays such as national day, thanksgiving and Christmas day etc. For developers with tight budget, ipage is simply the best place to have your project online with full management.

iPage is currently hosting more than 1 million global websites for small to medium size business. iPage server uptime is unbeatable 99.6% by certified monitoring service reports. iPage provides full hosting solutions including shared, vps and dedicated server on cloud platform. Unlike any other company based cpanel software, the vdeck hosting control panel is featured of all-in-one management. Clients be able to handle billing, website and email altogether, their developer even integrated the control panel center with google accounts for marketing purpose.

justhostJustHost provides enterprise class web hosting service for extremely high performance and availability. Not to mention their fruitful features and price, the company strict selling policy and network facilities are crucial base to power a successful business. Justhost is such provider who setup the newest DELL server by 24*7 live monitoring. What makes their hosting different is they never oversell their space. No matter if you’re just started with their company or due for renewal, you don’t see any performance difference.

Especially when you have been working with standard cpanel for linux server, justhost will give you extra surprise for server space management. Their customized cpanel provides all you need for web service configuration in professional way.

Bluehost – the most reputable hosting for leading linux hosting service and new technology development. The ex-founder Matt heaton is linux core developer. Instead using available solutions for their production server directly, their development team created lots of leading programs by themselves, the most popular project is BETTERLINUX which is an optimizer for linux server. It’s commercial available for anyone to get it. Their people also manage their own data centers in Utah. Based all those advantages, bluehost provides high performance server and rich feature plans. All their services are based cloud platform for zero service down time.

If you have been fan of cloud computing but don’t want to pay that much yet, bluehost is the best alternative for small to medium size websites. The same server/network configurations but you get more hosting features and much better price. For only $3.95/mo, client get all needed service to support a successful website.

hostgatorLooking for developer friendly support hosting? Hostgator will deeply satisfy your needs as much as your requirements. Hostgator provides multi class hosting plans from shared to dedicated cloud platforms. Each class hosting will meet your different tech requirements side by side with no waste of money for unused service. Hostgator is such provider to give client cutting edge server performance, usability and addon support. What you see is what you get.

Hostgator is one of the very few hosting providers who support both linux and windows by affordable price. Clients will get standard service and management.

One thing you have to know from hostgator is the company is by far the largest hosting provider that creates more than 1% internet traffic! Even after merged into Endurance group, there’s no sight showing any performance decreasing but increase of positive comments.

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We also conclude some BEST popular hosting for specific services. Especially when your website is developed on some specific platform, please check below instead of buying the generic ranking.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best Drupal Hosting
Best Joomla Hosting
Best Hosting
Our hosting reviews base started different from any other since 2006 when we worked for hosting company. We provided solutions to various hosting problems & complaints in the past years. We strive to help our visitors find the best web hosting service through our real work experience. We write independent and honest reviews by individual tests and interviews to existing clients. We have over 50+ web hosting companies being reviewed & examed. The sole purpose is to help our visitors make quick and worry free hosting choice by detailed evaluation such as company general performance, server platform and network structures, kinds of technologies being used, price value and support service.

Best web hosting 2016Best Web Hosting 2019

To find the best web hosting with worry free, we seriously review and select reputable providers from the industry based true user experience. We signed up, examined and reviewed all the web hosts by ourselves. After reviewed 50+ companies in the past 10 years, we had come out a list of top 5 shared web hosting choices.

Each hosting brand is seriously tested and verified by continous monitoring. Either from general hosting features to server uptime stats, or from customer satisfication, they received the highest rates.