Bluehost FAQ

Bluehost FAQ

BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting providers with over 10 years industry experience, it is also recognized one of the best web hosting companies for high quality and affordable linux hosting services. With serving multi millions of global clients, bluehost as well as it’s founder Matt Heaton are both respected names in the business since 1996. If you are considering to take bluehost for website host, our following bluehost review will provide you detailed guide if and how you can go well with it.

BlueHost Review – Pros

BlueHost is actually one of the very first hosting company that have more than 20 years experience. Many service standards are created by their people from early ages, so being the rule maker, bluehost is trusted not only by their loyal clients but also followed by lots of coming hosting providers. Basically, bluehost is outstanding in following categories:

1- Industry standard hosting features

Bluehost plan features and platform choice is industry standard template which is created by themselves since 20 years before. BlueHost made these standards with ease of use control panel so customer can work well and professionally. BlueHost provides most available features from CentOS linux server for website hosting purpose such as basic LAMP environment with custom modules. cpanel system is offered from the very beginning for powerful account management.

BlueHost 3 class shared hosting plans quick view:

Basic Plus Prime
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Website space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Included domains 1 1 1
Email accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email storage 100 MB / account Unlimited Unlimited
Regular Price $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $14.99/mo
Discounted Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $5.95/mo

2- Fast server speed

Hosting server speed depends on many sides, such as optimization according to specific software, less loading and less services on same hardware source etc. For BlueHost, their fast loading speed completely based on their deeply optimization and policy control. Their people are simply server developers who works on kernel level. They break one and one kernel limits and integrate well with their services by 24*7 live monitroing system. All bluehost servers are optimized by “BetterLinux” service which is a project lead by Matt heaton. This optimizer is now commercially offered for any hosting server purpose.

And, bluehost developed their own data centers where have more than enough space and bandwith support. This mordern data center is setup purposely for hosting service with side by side optimization and newest technologies. Either from server cooling, energy saving or space optimization, this bluehost data center is recognized one of the best.

bluehost fast server
3- Data safety protection

Most bluehost services are SSL protected instead of plain text transfer. All bluehost customer account is configured for free ssl service by Let’s crypt. Just one click configuration from hosting control panel for all your domain names!

FTP is the most popular service for file transfer so security is crucial for first step protection. FTPs is currently the best choice since it will encrypt all your data between computer and server side transfer. FTPs is supported by default with bluehost while its not offered from many other hosts.

Furthermore, bluehost provides SSH access to hosting space. So if you prefer command line management, it’s very convenient for account management. SSH is also pretty secure comparing to other protocals.

4- Developer friendly

BlueHost started their business for small to medium size website hosting support. Thus they offered a bunch of nice features for development purpose. Besides most popular server side scripting support, bluehost also provides one click installer to more than 100 popular scripts.

Especially for wordpress developers, bluehost is primary recommendation by wordpress official.

BlueHost Review – Cons

A coin always has two sides. Regarding to bluehost cons, it mostly refers to their platform limitation. While many people are microsoft developers, bluehost can only provide linux server solutions. So their platoform limitation cuts off a lot of clients who prefer to windows server. Does bluehost completely refuse windows? definitely not, they currently offering windows service to Chinese clients. They operate an office from China mainland with complete Chinese support. See more details on this bluehost windows plan introduction.

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Want to know more about bluehost? See following bluehost FAQ for their service in details

When was bluehost founded and where located?

Bluehost is founded in 2003 and located at Orem, Utah, USA.

What kind of hosting services offered  by bluehost?

Bluehost offers shared linux web hosting service via a single hosting plan. However, you do have the option to sign up their “Pro package” for $19.95/mo where is shared by less clients and you get more system resources.

What kind of payment methods supported by bluehost?

Bluehost only accept credit card and paypal payments at the moment.

What if my website outgrowed the shared hosting?

Because bluehost offer only one shared hosting plan, if you need higher hosting solutions you have to change to other hosting providers who can offer VPS or dedicated hosting plans.

How many websites can I host with bluehost?

Bluehost support unlimited websites under a single hosting account.

Do I really get unlimited storage with bluehost service?

Bluehost does offer unmetered disk space and data transfer. But please keep in mind their shared feature and check this unlimited hosting article to learn more about the definition.

Does bluehost operate their own data center?

Yes, bluehost setup their own data center space that has over 12,000 squares space with nice cooling system and security protection. There’re lots of extra space and racks for renting.

What kind of support is offered by bluehost?

Bluehost offers hosting support via multiple connections including website chat, toll-free phone calls, e-mail, ticket and support forums etc. Their support staffs are working 24×7.

What kind of hosting control panel supported by bluehost?

Bluehost utilizes cPanel control panel for their hosting service. It’s configured with all standard features including simplescripts auto installer over 200 popular scripts such as wordpress, drupal and joomla etc.

What kind of backup policy is offered by bluehost?

Bluehost does not backup your data on daily basis, they operate weekly backup as default called “Courtesy Site Backups”. However, they do offer a paid backup service called “Site Backup Pro”, you can check this option from hosting order form. With this service you get almost any time backup where you can recover any account data via one click!

What kind of refund policy is supported by bluehost?

Bluehost offers 30 days full refund and any time pro-rated refund policy.

What is the PHP and MySQL version on bluehost server?

Bluehost currently configured PHP5.3 and Mysql5.1 on all hosting servers.

Does bluehost support mailing list feature?

Yes, Mailing list is supported by default in cpanel control panel via Mailman. The general sending limit per month is 2000.

Is bluehost adult content friendly?

No, adult materials are not supported by bluehost service. If you need adult website support, you need a decent adult web hosting plan.

Does bluehost support SSH Access?

Yes, SSH access is offered to all bluehost client. However you have to contact support to have it activated with additional materials submission (Such as copy of your driving license/passport/photo id for verification).

Is bluehost ecommerce website compatible?

Yes, however please remember they’re shared hosting provider that only compatible with small to medium size shopping cart website. For complicated ecommerce scripts that consume lots of server resource, you need higher hosting solutions.

Do we recommend bluehost hosting service?

Yes, bluehost is recommended for honest and reliable shared hosting choice. See most up to date bluehost plan details at

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