Hawk Host FAQ

hawk host faq

Hawkhost is probably the most successful litespeed hosting company based their great hosting features and super affordable price. The company also actively launch different promotions with up to 50% recurring discounts. In order to know about hawkhost in better way, our hosting experts have collected a list of hawkhost FAQ so our readers can learn hawkhost service side by side.

Q: When was Hawkhost setup?
A: Hawkhost was founded in 2004 by Tony Baird in Canada.

Q: Where is hawkhost data center located?
A: Hawkhost provides total of 5 data center locations from Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, Amsterdam & Singapore. Clients can select desired location during order procedures.

Q: What kind of hosting server server used by hawkhost?
A: Hawkhost configured all hosting servers by DELL production with RAID 10 and Newest Generation Intel Processors. Every server is configured with minimum 64GB memory and standard 1Gbit network ports.

As about web server, hawkhost uses litespeed which is 9 times faster than apache but 100% compatible with apache configurations.

Q: How many hosting plans available from hawkhost?
A: Hawkhost provides shared, reseller, VPS and semi dedicated server hosting plans. Each class plan provides multiple choice with different specifications.

Q: What kind of payment terms available?
A: Hawkhost provides 30 day full money back guarantee for all hosting plans. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, they company will gladly refund your payment.

Q: What kind of hosting control panel used by hawkhost?
A: Hawkhost provides standard cpanel hosting control panel and a custom panel. Custom panel is seamlessly connected to cpanel options by APIs and clients be able to complete most tasks here without logging to cpanel center. It actually provides a simplified cpanel navigation with only the most important items such as domain management, database and email management etc. Customers can also login to cpanel directly without need a user name and password from custom panel.

hawkhost account panel

Q: Does hawkhost provide free domain name?
A: Unfortunately no. Hawkhost provides seperate domain registration service which costs for $10/yr.

Q: What's the available PHP & Mysql version?
A: Hawkhost provides multiple choice for php including PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0, MySQL server is configured as MariaDB for highest performance, current version is on 10.0.20-MariaDB-cll-lve.

Q: Does hawkhost provide CDN support?
A: Yes, hawkhost provides cloudflare as standard integration from control panel center. Actually the hawkhost official site is also powered by cloudflare.

Q: Does hawkhost provide SSL support?
A: Yes, hawkhost provides free shared certification for each account. Plus, hawkhost provides very affordable SSL. During hosting account order process, clients have option to add ssl directly for only $14/yr. You can also add it later in account center.

Q: How does hawkhost reduce email spam?
A: Hawkhost is partnered with SpamExperts for enterprise grade spam filtering solution. Clients be able to generate and manage DKIM/SPF records to ensure your email is delivered to all your recepients. With support by spamexperts, you can filter close to 99% of spam destined for your inbox. More features of spamexperts can be found on their official site.

Q: Does hawkhost provide live support?
A: Hawkhost provides support in many channels including web chat, email, ticket and phone calls. The company also have a blog where people can comment directly.

Q: Why do I get limited disk storage?
A: Hawkhost provides exact amount of disk space per hosting account with start of 10GB, in this way no overuse will happen to affect other accounts on same server. However, the amount of space is more than enough for most website requirements.

Q: Does hawkhost provide SSD server?
A: Yes, but not on all hosting servers, VPS and semi dedicated servers are all powered by SSD. But for shared servers, they're currently upgrading and not finished yet on all data centers. To make sure you're hosted on SSD server, just contact pre sales support.

Q: What's the backup policy from hawkhost?
A: Hawk Host will make a good faith effort to keep seven (7) days worth of backups through software accessible by client. However, Hawk Host makes no absolute guarantee that a backup can be provided. The customer is ultimately responsible for maintaining and storing their own backups. .

Q: Does hawkhost provide free website migration?
A: Yes, hawkhost actually provides free migration for all class hosting solutions.

Q: What really makes hawkhost outstanding?
A: Hawkhost is outstanding among all other hosts because of the following:

  1. Super fast: Hawkhost uses litespeed web server and mariadb for all hosting servers, clients can also select prefered data center location to ensure guaranteed connectivity.
  2. Advanced security: Hawkhost provides advanced security protection for customer accounts and websites. PHP suexec is standard configuration for all servers thus each account scripts will be running under different user rights to avoid any security cross.
  3. Rich feature service: Hawkhost provides all basic features to launch a successful website. Either server platform or software installations are unbeatable premium.

Q: What kind of promotion offered by hostmonster?
A: Hawkhost provides different promotions for different services. You can claim one time 50% discount by following this hawkhost coupon and they currently provides official 25% recurring discount for all server plans during holiday promotion.

Visit www.hawkhost.com

HostMonster FAQ

hostmonster faq

When we talk about the largest and oldest web hosting service, hostmonster is always in the list. Hostmonster had been recognized standard linux hosting choice over 10 years. From the company early times, hostmonster stands for industry standards of simple and professional personal linux provider. Time flies, how's the company doing for now? Our hostmonster FAQ base will give you answers from indepth review side by side.

Q: When was hostmonster company founded?
A: Hostmonster was initially created in 1996 by Matt Heaton in Utah, its the sister site of bluehost.com

Q: What's hostmonster data center specification?
A: Hostmonster Utah data centers are 3 of the best that're setup by modern technologies. The data center building itself is welll optimized to accept multi upstreams in concret walls. The environment is properly configured for well ventilation and humidity control. Smart fire/smoke detection device is working 24*7 for accurate positioning.

Q: What's the hostmonster server specification?
A: Hostmonster servers are all DELL production for enterprise grade hardware choice. Each server is scalable to deal with different web service requests. Each server is configured by following specifications:

  • Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xerox CPU
  • Minimum 24GB RAM
  • 250GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive
  • 1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) data cache drive
  • Centos linux with betterlinux optimization

Q: What kind of hosting service available from hostmonster?
A: Hostmonster had been famous for its single shared linux hosting solution. Now the company provides shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting plans.

Q: What kind of money back guarantee available?
A: Hostmonster provides 30 day no question asked full money back guarantee. All hosting plans are not contractual so you can always close service then get pro-rated refund.

Q: What kind of hosting control panel used by hostmonter?
A: Hostmonster provides deeply customized cpanel control panel. It includes all common functions in using a hosting account such as billing, domain name and hosting management. The team also re-organized the interface to improve its efficiency. Except the file manager, there's no much shadow of cpanel. See online control panel demo.

Q: What kind of website builder and scripts installer available?
A: Hostmonster integrated weebly website builder to control panel, if you already have a project on weebly site, you can publish to hostmonster account directly.

For scripts installer, hostmonster do not use traditional fantastic or softaculous. Instead, they use Mojomarketplace – a development platform for both paid and free scripts. Most available scripts from other installers can be located on this platform.

Q: What's the PHP & Mysql version on server?
A: For PHP, it's currently configured on 5.4.24, for MySQL, it's 5.5.42

Q: Does hostmonster provide CDN support?
A: Yes, hostmonster added cloudflare into hosting control panel. We can use free or paid subscription directly from control panel center.

Q: Does hostmonster provide mobile support?
A: Hostmonster provides "goMobi" mobile website builder. So if you want to develop mobile compatible website, you can start here. Please keep in mind it costs $2.99/mo per site.

Q: Does hostmonster provide secure SMTP/POP3 server?
A: Yes, either SMTP or POP3 or IMAP is secured by SSL. The webmail interface is also ssl enabled for secure communication.

Q: How can I contact hostmonster support?
A: Hostmonster is powered by a solid support team in many channels such as live chat, ticket and email. However, be sure to select the most suitable way to get support. More contact details for different departments are provided on this page.

Q: How much disk and bandwidth allocated to my account?
A: Hostmonster provides unlimited server space and traffic to each account. Unlimited means unmetered, they do not monitor the usage, but in case your account usage is too high comparing to "reasonable" rate for shared environment, your site will be suspended till problem fixed.

Q: Does hostmonster provide SSD server?
A: No, hostmonster does not offer SSD support for the moment. Instead, they implemented SAS with RAID configuration on all drives.

Q: What kind of backup policy available from hostmonster?
A: Hosmonster provides daily/weekly and monthly backup to download. You can also take advantage of Site Backup & Restore PRO to restore a few specific files. This service can be purchased at $11.99/yr per site from control panel center.

Q: Does hostmonster provide free website migration service?
A: Yes, they do offer migration service at $149.99. This price includes up to 5 websites transfer and up to 20 email accounts migration.

Q: What makes hostmonster service solid?
A: What really makes hostmonster outstanding is their solid and honest service. All products/service from the company is publicly offered, you can find specification and price directly on web page, no hidden fees at all. You can find cheap web hosting plans easily but you have to pay for any extra support. It's not the case at hostmonster because what you see is what you get.

Q: What kind of promotion offered by hostmonster?
A: Hostmonster currently provides 50% discount for vps & dedicated server plans for one month subscription. So if you want to try out their service for high end requirements, just refers to www.HostMonster.com and claim the promotion.

Greengeeks FAQ

greengeeks faq

Greengeeks is probably the most respected name for gree hosting technologies. The company has been doing each effort to reduce carbon footprint and electricity usage by extremely strict rules. Over 7 years growth and development, greengeeks has completed multiple crucial upgrades from a single shared hosting plan to multi class platforms. This greengeeks faq writing will guide you to learn more about the company side by side.

Q: When and where was greengeeks company founded?
A: Greengeeks was founded in 2008 by Trey gardner from Agoura Hills, CA, USA.

Q: Where's greengeeks data center located?
A: Greengeeks currently operates from three world class green data centers – Chicago, Phoenix and Toronto. They're also planning a new data center from Amsterdam. Every data center is SAS 70 Type 1 certified with Dual-city grid power feeds, Automatic temperature and climate control system. Data center professionals are monitoring 24*7 for urgent supports. Following IPs are provided for user testing purpose

  1. Chicago:
  2. Phoenix:
  3. Toronto:

Q: How many hosting plans available from greengeeks?
A: Greengeeks provides shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server plans. There's a single shared hosting with all technical support. But clients have multiple choice over VPS and dedicated servers.

Q: What makes greengeeks wordpress hosting different than others?
A: Greengeeks actually does not offer a dedicated plan for wordpress. Instead, it's supported together with shared hosting server, greengeeks just provides extra support to this software like real time scanning and brute froce & ddos protection. All other technical parts are same as regular accounts.

Q: What kind of hosting control panel used?
A: Greengeeks provides standard cpanel control panel. All techical functionss are offered and greengeeks inhouse developped Apps are also provided.

Q: Does greengeeks offer website builder?
A: Yes, rvsitebuilder is what being used from control panel. Control panel demo

Q: What's the available PHP & Mysql version?
A: Greengeeks provides up to date PHP 5.6 and Mysql 5.6. You can select PHP version from 5.2~5.6 in control panel center.

Q: Does greengeeks provide CDN support?
A: Yes, greengeeks added cloudflare free cdn service in control panel. Clients can add to website easily by following its step by step guides.

Q: Is greengeeks CMS scripts friendly?
A: Yes, greengeeks is standard linux hosting service and compatible with almost all available cms softwares such as wordpress, drupal. The scripts installer can find most available package for one click installation.

Q: What kind of webmail software provided by greengeeks?
A: Greengeeks provides default cpanel email installation, SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Horde. People can select according to actual experience.

Q: What kind of customer support available?
A: Greengeeks provides side by side support from following channels: WebChat(mostly for sales), Ticket, email, phone call and Video tutorial etc. If their people can not serve you properly, the boss Trey gardner can help directly based his 20+ years' hosting experience, he is very active in communicating to customers.

Q: How much disk and bandwidth allocated to my account?
A: Greengeeks officially does not any limitation to disk space and traffic per account. Each customer account is isolated each other thus no overuse problem will cause problem to other accounts.

Q: What's the server setup details?
A: All greengeeks server systems are powered by SSD RAID 10 drives and SAS for storage drives. Their people are trying the max available hardware resources to build the most powerful server platform.

  • Latest Generation Intel Xeon processors
  • Minimum 64 GB DDR3 ECC-Registered Memory
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to multiple Fiber GigE Tier 1 Backbones
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays for maximum performance & redundancy
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Acceleration
  • Name brand server parts

Q: How come greengeeks 300% green?
A: It's about greengeeks server optimization and electricity power usage. Greengeeks is the very first company who put green tag for web hosting service. In order to make full use of power and reduce power consumption, their people use up to date hardware production with less electricity usage. Either from server system optimization or physic computer construction, their people have done sufficient tests. They only purchase wind power electricity supply which has zero carbon foot print to atmosphere.

The most important thing is there real attitude. The greengeeks office is built up to make full use of sunshine and their staffs eat home cooking food thus no one time plastic wastes will be produced. From their internal calculation, they can reduce 615000+ kWh/year electricity.

Q: Does greengeeks provide SSD server hosting?
A: Yes, all greengeek hosting servers ultilize SSD RAID 10 for system drives.

Q: What's the greengeeks backup policy?
A: Greengeeks provides courtesy nightly backup for all server accounts. The task is scheduled to run automatically at midnight to guarantee the best performance.

Q: How does greengeeks free website migration work?
A: You need to sign up their hosting first then submit a ticket to migration team and tell them your old hosting details. The team will migrate over in real quick time while you're waiting.

Q: What kind of promotion available?
A: Greengeeks provides 20% discount for any period contract. However, the monthly prices for monthly, quarterly and yearly are different. The longer contract we select, a better price will be generated plus extra 20% discount!

WebHostingHub FAQ

webhostinghub faqWebHostingHub is reputable hosting provider for high performance and rich feature support. The company has been doing improvement in the past few years from a single hosting solution to multi class plans with side by side support. WebHostingHub is perfect choice when you just need a simple but reliable web hosting service. In this article we give a list of a to z FAQs about the company so people be able to understand their service in quick time.

Q: When was WebHostingHub created?
A: The company was setup in early 2010 in Virginia Beach, VA

Q: How many hosting plans offered by Webhostinghub?
A: Webhostinghub company initially provided a single standard cpanel hosting plan and upgraded to 3 class solutios since 2014 – Spark, Nitro and Dynamo. Different hosting plans come with different offers. All these plans/features are designed according to their ongoing experience for client requirements.

Q: How much disk space and traffic do I get per account?
A: There's no limitation on total amount you can use per account or per website. Webhostinghub provides unlimited disk/traffic support for each hosting account.

Q: How many websites can I host?
A: Depends the hosting plan you choose, you can host up to 5 websites under Spark plan and there's no limitation from Nitro and Dynamo plans.

Q: What's the money back guarantee plicy?
A: Webhostinghub provides 90 days no question asked full money back guarantee. Means if you're not satisfied within this period, you can get full amount back. If you need to close account after this period, you still get a pro rated refund.

Q: Where is Webhostinghub data center located?
A: Webhostinghub provides two data center choice from both Virginia and Los Angeles with green power supply.

Q: What's Max-speed zone?
A: It's a unique feature and only available from this company. Their data center technicians configured a special tunnel to connect their east and west data centers. No matter where your website visitor browse to your site, the data will be picked up from most nearby locations. It's extremely helpful if you're running a global famous website and need to serve people from different locations.

Q: What kind of server used by the company?
A: Webhostinghub uses DELL server production with cloudlinux installation. System drive is powered by Solid-state drives (SSD) and storage drive is RAID 10 SAS.

Q: What's the available PHP version support?
A: Webhostinghub only support PHP5 on all servers. To be more specific, it includes PHP5.2~5.6. You can select the suitable version from cpanel center.

Q: What kind of database support available?
A: Webhostinghub currently support MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases.

Q: Does Webhostinghub support secure POP/IMAP?
A: Yes. When you configure email client such as outlook, just tick the ssl option and change the port numbers to following:
SSL (POP3): 995
SSL (IMAP): 993

Q: Is Webhostinghub CMS friendly?
A: Absolutely yes. Webhosting not only supports all popular php cms softwares, they're actually sponsoring lots of events such as joomla and wordcamps.

Q: What're the add-on service from webhostinghub?
A: Webhostinghub provides two major add-on service: backup and McAfee protection service. Backup service costs $1/mo and you can schedule the hosting backup by your prefered frequency(24 hours at least). McAfee Email Protection utilizes cutting edge tools that keep your inbox and computer safe. From junk mail filters to reduce spam, to sender and message reputation filters to guard against unwanted emails from untrusted sources, McAfee takes a proactive approach to security. The protection service costs you $1.39/mo and can be added directly from control panel center.

Q: How does webhostinghub web design service work?
A: Web design service is totally handled by webhostinghub development team. You need to submit an online form to tell the detailed requirement. You can request to design on existing CMS platform or start from the scratch programming. The price varies by your final requirements. If you have selected a hosting plan, you can get 20% discount(for Nitro & Dynamo only)

Q: How can I get technical support?
A: There're just too many ways to get support from webhostinghub. The company support people not just work on their website but also very active on internet forums. They have web chat, toll free phone number, email and online support community system to share support experience directly.

Q: How does webhostinghub zero downtime transfer work?
A: If you're currently hosted from another service, webhostinghub migration team will schedule a best time to move over the site data including DNS change. Once the move is done, your site will be working on new server instantly.

Q: Do I get daily backup opportunity?
A: Yes, you can do backup in hosting control panel manually. If you need automatic backup support, you have to order this service seperately, the price is $1/mo.

Q: What actually makes webhostinghub outstanding?
A: The real advantage with webhostinghub is their protection over customer account and website. Webhostinghub isolate every client accounts on hosting server so a single account problem does not bring down its neighbours.

Another protection is on PHP configuration, unlike any tradtional hosting service setup, webhostinghub compiled their PHP via suPHP. Each account php codes will be running on their own system users with restricted permissions but not a single system level php user. Because of this, file permissions can be well organized to avoid potential weakness.

Q: Is there any ongoing promotion from the company?
A: Webhostinghub provides promotions on various festivals and or when there's some new feature/service launched by the company. Currently, they offer us $3.99/mo special by signing up through our website.

webhostinghub promo

FatCow Hosting FAQ

fatcow hosting faq

Fatcow is one of the most reputable web hosting providers with budget plan. During the past few years, fatcow has been improving step by step and now actually has completely revised their system. If you're looking for the newest suggestion or promotion for fatcow hosting, this article will give you side by side guidance to understand their service from editorial review.

When was Fatcow company founded?

Fatcow was born in 1998 and aimed to offer easier and simpler web hosting service with no confusion. Their people has been working hard to deliver the best value and customer service experience in web hosting to small business user.

Where's Fatcow data center?

Fatcow home office and data centers are located in Massachusetts. Powered by state-of-the-art Cisco PIX firewall & new gigabit network connection. Web and e-mail files are served through a farm of load-balanced Linux machines that utilize Apache Web server software. They also utilize NetApp storage clusters. See Data center photoes

What kind of Hosting control panel Fatcow provides?

Fatcow Provides Vdeck hosting control panel which allows client to manage all account service together such as billing, domain registration, database, web files and even google marketing.

What kind of database Fatcow supports?

Fatcow hosting is based on Debian linux and only mysql database is supported for the moment.

What's the available PHP version on Fatcow server?

Fatcow supports both PHP4 and PHP5, to be more exact, it's PHP4.4 and PHP5.3

fatcow php support

How many grades hosting plans supported by Fatcow?

Fatcow provides shared, VPS and dedicated server plans to meet any size business web hosting requirement.

Shared hosting – single plan offer with everything you needed to start a small to medium size website. It includes a free domain name, unlimited website support, unlimited database and email support.

VPS plancpanel based cloud vps server for instant provisioning.

Dedicated server – cloud based that can be 100% custom setup by requirement. Clients get mobile management app to access it anywhere.

Furthermore, Fatcow also provides dedicated support to wordpress software via starter & essential plans. WordPress sites are hosted on seperate hosting servers with wordpress service only.

How can I contact Fatcow support?

Fatcow currently provides customer support in multiple ways including web chat, toll free calls, email and helpdesk ticket. You get all these options from support console under hosting control panel.

What kind of promotion available?

Fatcow provides various promotional offers to help reduce the pay as much as possible. Besides the free domain option, the company also provides a restricted secret page for only $1.00/mon. Learn more on this page on how to claim the offer.

Does Fatcow support asp.net hosting?

No, Fatcow is linux based and not asp.net compatible.

Is there any reseller program available?

Yes, Fatcow provides a reseller plan called "WholesalePlus Reseller Program". Unlike any available reseller program, Fatcow provides a custom Vdeck hosting control panel for management. Resellers can brand that interface with their own colors, fonts and logos, providing your clients with a completely branded hosting experience.

Does Fatcow offer green hosting plan?

Yes, all Fatcow hosting plans are eco-friendly, their site and data center facilities are certified green with high efficient usage of electricity. Learn more on how Fatcow green hosting works https://www.fatcow.com/green/index.bml

Does Fatcow offer dedicated IP?

No, Fatcow does not offer dedicated IP seperately.

What kind of money back guaranteed offered by Fatcow?

Fatcow provides 30 days full money back guarantee and any time pro rated money back guarantee after 30 days.

What's the exact amount of disk space and bandwidth I can use?

Fatcow provides unmetered disk and bandwdith at reasonable usage. See more explanation on this page.

What kind of backup policy available?

Fatcow back up daily at midnight with up to 30 days in history.

What kind of webmail used by Fatcow?

Fatcow webmail is powered by open-xchange platform. Learn more about open-xchange

Will my account get deleted if I failed to renew?

No, your account will not be deleted and you can always login to hosting control panel. However, your data will be removed 30 days after expiration date.

fatcow one dollar special

Bluehost FAQ

Bluehost FAQ

BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting providers with over 10 years industry experience, it is also recognized one of the best web hosting companies for high quality and affordable linux hosting services. With serving multi millions of global clients, bluehost as well as it’s founder Matt Heaton are both respected names in the business since 1996. If you are considering to take bluehost for website host, our following bluehost review will provide you detailed guide if and how you can go well with it.

BlueHost Review – Pros

BlueHost is actually one of the very first hosting company that have more than 20 years experience. Many service standards are created by their people from early ages, so being the rule maker, bluehost is trusted not only by their loyal clients but also followed by lots of coming hosting providers. Basically, bluehost is outstanding in following categories:

1- Industry standard hosting features

Bluehost plan features and platform choice is industry standard template which is created by themselves since 20 years before. BlueHost made these standards with ease of use control panel so customer can work well and professionally. BlueHost provides most available features from CentOS linux server for website hosting purpose such as basic LAMP environment with custom modules. cpanel system is offered from the very beginning for powerful account management.

BlueHost 3 class shared hosting plans quick view:

Basic Plus Prime
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Website space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Included domains 1 1 1
Email accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email storage 100 MB / account Unlimited Unlimited
Regular Price $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $14.99/mo
Discounted Price $3.95/mo $5.95/mo $5.95/mo

2- Fast server speed

Hosting server speed depends on many sides, such as optimization according to specific software, less loading and less services on same hardware source etc. For BlueHost, their fast loading speed completely based on their deeply optimization and policy control. Their people are simply server developers who works on kernel level. They break one and one kernel limits and integrate well with their services by 24*7 live monitroing system. All bluehost servers are optimized by “BetterLinux” service which is a project lead by Matt heaton. This optimizer is now commercially offered for any hosting server purpose.

And, bluehost developed their own data centers where have more than enough space and bandwith support. This mordern data center is setup purposely for hosting service with side by side optimization and newest technologies. Either from server cooling, energy saving or space optimization, this bluehost data center is recognized one of the best.

bluehost fast server
3- Data safety protection

Most bluehost services are SSL protected instead of plain text transfer. All bluehost customer account is configured for free ssl service by Let’s crypt. Just one click configuration from hosting control panel for all your domain names!

FTP is the most popular service for file transfer so security is crucial for first step protection. FTPs is currently the best choice since it will encrypt all your data between computer and server side transfer. FTPs is supported by default with bluehost while its not offered from many other hosts.

Furthermore, bluehost provides SSH access to hosting space. So if you prefer command line management, it’s very convenient for account management. SSH is also pretty secure comparing to other protocals.

4- Developer friendly

BlueHost started their business for small to medium size website hosting support. Thus they offered a bunch of nice features for development purpose. Besides most popular server side scripting support, bluehost also provides one click installer to more than 100 popular scripts.

Especially for wordpress developers, bluehost is primary recommendation by wordpress official.

BlueHost Review – Cons

A coin always has two sides. Regarding to bluehost cons, it mostly refers to their platform limitation. While many people are microsoft developers, bluehost can only provide linux server solutions. So their platoform limitation cuts off a lot of clients who prefer to windows server. Does bluehost completely refuse windows? definitely not, they currently offering windows service to Chinese clients. They operate an office from China mainland with complete Chinese support. See more details on this bluehost windows plan introduction.

Click here for most recent Bluehost promo: http://www.bluehost.com

Want to know more about bluehost? See following bluehost FAQ for their service in details

When was bluehost founded and where located?

Bluehost is founded in 2003 and located at Orem, Utah, USA.

What kind of hosting services offered  by bluehost?

Bluehost offers shared linux web hosting service via a single hosting plan. However, you do have the option to sign up their “Pro package” for $19.95/mo where is shared by less clients and you get more system resources.

What kind of payment methods supported by bluehost?

Bluehost only accept credit card and paypal payments at the moment.

What if my website outgrowed the shared hosting?

Because bluehost offer only one shared hosting plan, if you need higher hosting solutions you have to change to other hosting providers who can offer VPS or dedicated hosting plans.

How many websites can I host with bluehost?

Bluehost support unlimited websites under a single hosting account.

Do I really get unlimited storage with bluehost service?

Bluehost does offer unmetered disk space and data transfer. But please keep in mind their shared feature and check this unlimited hosting article to learn more about the definition.

Does bluehost operate their own data center?

Yes, bluehost setup their own data center space that has over 12,000 squares space with nice cooling system and security protection. There’re lots of extra space and racks for renting.

What kind of support is offered by bluehost?

Bluehost offers hosting support via multiple connections including website chat, toll-free phone calls, e-mail, ticket and support forums etc. Their support staffs are working 24×7.

What kind of hosting control panel supported by bluehost?

Bluehost utilizes cPanel control panel for their hosting service. It’s configured with all standard features including simplescripts auto installer over 200 popular scripts such as wordpress, drupal and joomla etc.

What kind of backup policy is offered by bluehost?

Bluehost does not backup your data on daily basis, they operate weekly backup as default called “Courtesy Site Backups”. However, they do offer a paid backup service called “Site Backup Pro”, you can check this option from hosting order form. With this service you get almost any time backup where you can recover any account data via one click!

What kind of refund policy is supported by bluehost?

Bluehost offers 30 days full refund and any time pro-rated refund policy.

What is the PHP and MySQL version on bluehost server?

Bluehost currently configured PHP5.3 and Mysql5.1 on all hosting servers.

Does bluehost support mailing list feature?

Yes, Mailing list is supported by default in cpanel control panel via Mailman. The general sending limit per month is 2000.

Is bluehost adult content friendly?

No, adult materials are not supported by bluehost service. If you need adult website support, you need a decent adult web hosting plan.

Does bluehost support SSH Access?

Yes, SSH access is offered to all bluehost client. However you have to contact support to have it activated with additional materials submission (Such as copy of your driving license/passport/photo id for verification).

Is bluehost ecommerce website compatible?

Yes, however please remember they’re shared hosting provider that only compatible with small to medium size shopping cart website. For complicated ecommerce scripts that consume lots of server resource, you need higher hosting solutions.

Do we recommend bluehost hosting service?

Yes, bluehost is recommended for honest and reliable shared hosting choice. See most up to date bluehost plan details at http://www.bluehost.com