5 Names Can Be Trusted Under EIG

Endurance international group

No matter how we do researches about web hosting suggestion, most people would say go away from EIG (endurance International Group). But if we do further research about this company, we can conclude that lots of popular hosting brands are actually managed by their people. Regardless of those names we're not familiar with, who to go if we have to choose from EIG? Following names are recommended via our continuous monitoring


The most reputable name for personal to medium size business over a decade. Although their founder sold the business, he's still supporting BH because the bluehost management system is different from any available ones. Their cloud platform is 100% created by their own based their more than 10 years' experience.

A new spotlight at bluehost is choice of server location. They have not announced any new data center plan from other points on the planet, but we do have opportunity to host in USA, Europe, India and China for the moment. Our analysis told us it should be a kind of resource sharing.. Since the endurance group purchased business from different continents, it's possible they share available resources together.

The most important reason of recommendation is there has been no real negative events happened so far, bluehost is still bluehost as it has been. No real change because of the owner transfer.


The biggest purchasing by EIG for now. Similar to bluehost but mostly featured for its industry standards reputation. For very a long time, hostgator has been recognized the standard of cpanel hosting service. Being the rule maker, hostgator did prove their capacity of high quality hosting offering. Either shared or VPS or Dedicated server plan, client always be able to find a suitable solution for their business.

With hostgator, we can sign up through three channels: Hostgator US, Hostgator India & Hostgator China. Each tunnel is supported by local team for easier and more professional communication.

No serious issues reported yet after business transfer, hostgator is still the industry leader no matter how people say.


To justhost, things are just better and better than before. While everything remains the simplity as before, improvements are never stopped. We got VPS and cloud server solutions at very good prices. They provides us the best price directly for shared hosting while we can only get it by special coupon code before. No secret link or any other tricks to play anymore!

Moreover, Justhost provides a revised cpanel control panel which only keeps useful items by default. Some frequently used options are well categorized on top so we don't need to find with any effort. Especially when we need to host a basic website and keep everything simple, justhost is absolutely the NO.1 choice!

justhost control panel demo


Make hosting service cheaper! If you have tired of dealing with problems from other cheap or free hosting service, try ipage and you will get fresh air. iPage was cheap and cheaper now, no coupon required, no special tricks to play with. We always enjoy the best price as it shows.

Comparing to any cheap hosting service plan, either for price or quality, hard to find a competitor. If we have experienced a lot of bad because of endurance migration issue, ipage is probably the only good thing from the company. Just one buck a month, we get everything needed to setup a full functional site with a bunch of promotion tools.


Our main hosting partner since 2010. Arvixe is in our top list as always, although we're doing complete new evaluation because of the business transfer. Arvixe is a hot word in lots of community forums at the moment. Regardless any backend affairs, the real front service is still on same level.

Personally, it's hurricane after we confirmed the truth of EIG purchasing over arvixe. We worked with a very good hosting company before and its reputation got destroyed because of EIG "platform transission", clients lost data and business because website is not working on new server. Fortunately, there's no such trouble from coming purchases over big companies like Hostgator. Some research says EIG is trying to keep cpanel services no change and manage them together. If it's true, that's probably how there's no issue because of business transission.

Despite who owns arvixe, the company is actually doing perfect for both linux and windows hosting. Their affordable and excellent service is powering more than one million domain names. There're individual plans for personal and business sites to support different business perfectly. That's how we're still with them instead migrating away.

How Do We Think About EIG Hosting Service?

Nowadays, big companies are eating up small competitors to become stronger. Companies like endurance will just become more and more huge no matter if we like it or not. They truth is they're now managing the biggest part hosting service on the planet and it's hard to escape their ecosphere for better solution. Instead to avoid, we need to evaluate our real hosting needs then pick up the suitable provider. Sometimes we don't really have to read people's bad experience, as long as we think it's good from overall evaluation then its good to go.

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