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ZeroNet – No Take Down Website Creation

zeronetWhat’s ZeroNet?

ZeroNet is an open source network project based Python. Websites in this network are browsed through “ZeroNet URL” which is similar to localhost websites.

ZeroNet is a platform using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network. The ZeroNet is fully supported by complete torrent via encrypted internet connection. User communication and file sharing is 100% safe comparing to traditional solutions. By ZeroNet, users be able to create website on their own computers and its still working even after computer is powered off!

Because of localhost IP address, it’s almost impossible to find where a website is hosted exactly. Any visitor could be website hoster, thus its perfect choice for cross platform and “No Take down” website creation.

Unbeatable advantages

  1. No server side technical skills required for website creation
  2. P2P technology based platform. Your website will always be online once someone visited, NO website take down!
  3. Localhost compatible, you can view site without WAN internet connection
  4. Bitcoin based account protection, you’re completely hiden behind
  5. No domain name required, anybody can visit through address
  6. Available anywhere in the world!

Project official address: https://github.com/hellozeronet/zeronet

Challenge to Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting service is based either single or cloud server platforms which requires special and professional maintenance. On user end, we have to pay both hosting service and domain registration. If we’re lack of maintenance skills or forgot to renew the service, all website properties might be flushed.

ZeroNet completely revised the way and make it very simple to everybody. Based its fast development and widely support in the world, it’s very possible to rewrite the web hosting service. If web hosting companies want to survive they must improve both service and platform as much as possible.

15 Most Epically Bad Tech Product

In IT industry, there have been lots of excellent products such as iPhone smart mobile and Intel Centrino laptop. However, like each coin has two sides, there're also some lousy products which is recognized not recoverable failure. But they did leave their marks in history. For instance the Nokia game phone which was trying to compete with Sony & Nintendo in game industry but finally failed. Such failure told us we must fix user problems and fulfill their requirements other than just any advanced concepts. Following are the most epically bad tech product rated by ZNET.

SimCity (2013)


SimCity 5 is probably the most unsuccessful game. Gamers weren't even able to log in half the time. Those who were part of the lucky few could barely do anything when in game-play mode. In some cases, large amounts of their created cities were lost, according to user reports. Maxis team even have to aplogize to gamers.

The Apple Newton MessagePad (1983)

Newton MessagePad

The first PDA, this landmark technology flopped because it was TOO ahead of its time. Add in a $700 price tag,  a less-than-perfect handwriting feature that got lampooned in a Doonesbury cartoon, and you got, as Wired wrote, "a prophetic failure."

Sony Betamax Player (1975)

Sony Betamax

Launched a year after JVC released the revolutionary VHS player, the Betamax was technically superior. However, it lost to VHS because it a) cost more, and b) had tapes that lasted only one hour, as opposed to the 3 hours of VHS.

HTC First "Facebook Phone" (2013)

Facebook Phone

Blasted even before its launch as a failure, users decidedly disliked the "Facebook phone." The facebook home user experience is bad, and the most important thing is you can also install Facebook Home from other Android phone. When AT&T did a price reduction "sale" from $99 to $0.99, still not many people willing to buy.

Hewlett Packard TouchPad (2011)


HP's attempt to compete with the iPad failed soon after it launched. The result for the company was a huge revenue loss. Time reported that Hewlett Packard, "wrote off $885 million in assets and incurred an additional $755 million in costs to wind down its webOS operations."

Laserdisc (1978)


High-capacity storage discs, these disco-colored dinner plates were a) enormous, b) easy to break and c) very expensive. So, Laserdisc went the way of history, marked, as ZDNET  commented in an earlier article, as a flop.

Microsoft Bob for Windows (1995)

Microsoft bob

It was supposed to be a user-friendly interface for Windows. What it ended up being was a major failure for Microsoft, scrapped a mere year after launching. Why? As Bill Gates wrote, "Unfortunately, the software demanded more performance than typical computer hardware could deliver at the time, and there wasn't an adequately large market. Bob died."

Windows Vista (2007)

windows vista

The replacement for Windows XP was launched in January of 2007, and immediately triggered an avalanche of complaints about bugs. A mere four months later, Microsoft scrapped the system.

Toshiba's HD DVD (2006)


No doubt about it: The DVD war was definitely won by Sony's Blu-ray disc. Reputedly, Toshiba's investment in the losing product cost it over $1 billion.

Twitter #Music App (2013)

Twitter music App

The #Music app had reached top list in App Store. Why did this music discovery app fail? The main point is Twitter strategy fault and has no clear development plan. Development leader also left after the app put on store. Twitter finally dropped this App.

The original Xbox 360 and the red ring of death

Xbox 360

Microsoft released Xbox 360 at the end of 2005 and it came out endless problems with up to 68% repairing rate. This problem in the original Xbox 360 caused Microsoft to extend the warranty to three years, and also cost more than $1 billion to fix.

Mobile ESPN (2006)

Mobile ESPN

A phone that carried exclusive ESPN content and video, it was, according to Business Insider, "one of the biggest flame-outs of mobile virtual network operators."

The product launched in January only to be shut down eight months later as its $400 price tag proved too steep for even the most obsessive sports fanatic.

Healthcare.gov launch (2013)


The rollout of the Obamacare website was, in short, a disaster. The site was announced to be invested over 800 million USD with over 0.5 billion codes. No one was able to use the site in the initial launch, and its massive failure resulted in Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius's resignation. Eventually, the government called in tech giants such as Google to help fix its disaster of a website.

Samsung smartwatches in 2014

Sumsung smartwatch

Well, no one bought them. That, plus lackluster mobile sales combined to drive Samsung's profits down a whopping 60 percent in 2014.

Amazon's Fire phone

Amazon Firephone

Remember last year, when Amazon tried to launch a phone? Remember how it totally crashed and burned?

Just how bad of a failure was it? Business Insider reported Amazon had to take a $170 million charge on all those phones people didn't buy.

Originally post available on this Znet page by Lisa Bernier.

000WebHost Hacked & 13 Million User Info Leaked

000webhost hacked

Information on nearly 14 million users of 000webhost, a Lithuanian web hosting service, was spilled earlier this year when a hacker exploited an old version of the company’s website and gained access to the backend.

13.5 million customer usernames, plaintext passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and names were exposed as part of the breach, according to a Facebook post from the company Thursday morning.

000webhost first disclosed the breach Wednesday morning in a preceding Facebook post but was hazy with details, claiming that at some point a hacker leveraged an exploit on an old PHP version of the company’s site and uploaded some files.

“Although the whole database has been compromised, we are mostly concerned about the leaked client information,” the company wrote, adding that since it discovered the issue, its reset user passwords, and is cautioning any users who used the same password on another service to change it.

The company claims its launched an investigation into the breach, but fails to give a timeline, or mention whether its involved law enforcement.

Paradoxically, 000webhost claims its customers’ sites will stay online during the ensuing investigation, but also says that it has temporarily disabled most of its systems while it sorts through issues.

“In an effort to protect our users we have temporarily blocked all access to systems affected by this security flaw. We will re-enable access to affected systems after an investigation and once all security issues have been resolved,” the post reads.

The company is stressing that sister companies Hosting24 and Hostinger, both which appear to be based in Cyprus, are not affected by the breach.

Troy Hunt, Microsoft’s MVP for Developer Security, who also runs the site Have I Been Pwned? learned of the breach late last week after a reader messaged him, and decided to do some research of his own into the hack.

After poking around the site a bit, Hunt discovered the site was storing users’ passwords in plaintext and by looking at the leaked database was also able to verify the email addresses and corresponding information was legitimate.

While 000webhost says it discovered the issue on Tuesday, Hunt claims he tried to contact the company about the breach a week ago, on October 22. One person even contacted him and told him the database was likely dumped back in March, nearly seven months ago.

Comments from 000webhost CEO Arnas Stuopelis

Our user's sites will stay online and will be fully functional during this investigation. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities. At the same time our internal investigation has been started. We advise our customers to change their passwords and use different passwords for other services.
Our other services such as Hosting24 and Hostinger are not affected by this security flaw and are fully secure and operational.

Originally posted by Chris Brook on https://threatpost.com/web-hosting-service-000webhost-hacked-information-of-13-million-leaked/115200/

Apache GUI Management Solutions

apache gui software

Do you use apache web server? Are you trying to remember different commands for web server configuration? If you're worried to damage the configuration, we'll introduce a GUI tool for total apache management – ApacheConf & Apache GUI.

Apache is the most popular web server solution on the planet. It's installed by almost every IT groups. From Netcraft reports, apache is serving multi billion global websites and rated NO.1 for market share. A professional and safe management is crucial to keep the service running healthy.

ApacheConf Overview

ApacheConf is a shell program for configuring Apache web servers. ApacheConf represents all the information from httpd.conf, included, log, .htaccess, .htpasswd and .htgroup files in the structured view. All of the server's directives are properly categorized in tree view. Basically, you have full access to configure and view apache web server parameters in simple navigation.

Major features from ApacheConf

  1. Quick start/stop – Start/stop apache service remotely in few seconds
  2. Virtual Hosts – ApacheConf represents allinformation from httpd.conf, users be able to view, edit or add new virtual hosts easily in prefered way.
  3. Log analysis – Error log and custom logs are loaded on the fly, you can do quick search for needed logs.

How to Get?

ApacheConf provides two versions – ApacheConf PRO & Lite. Lite version is available for free downloads but you have to register on its official site in order to activate the program. For Pro version, it's provided in two licenses, one for personal user($75) and one for company purpose($290). Upgrade to new versions are free for one and half year from the date of purchase. After that, users can buy new license at a discounted price. See more price details on http://www.apache-gui.com/purchase.html

ApacheConf screenshot

Apache GUI

If you don't want to pay but want to take full advantages of the features, Apache GUI is the best alternative choice. This project is used to provide a free java based open source Apache Http Server GUI. The solution is deployed as a web application that is accessible through a web browser. The solution is designed to be compatible with modern Windows and IX operating systems.

Apache GUI Core Features

  • Start, Stop and Restart Apache
  • Vew Runtime Information
  • Search, Download and tail logs
  • Edit your web documents right from your browser. Full inline editor for html, css, javascript, xml, json, php, perl, shell, properties and python.
  • Edit Configurations
  • Test the server configuration for errors
  • Search for keywords in the configuration files
  • View, install and remove apache modules
  • Record, Search and Graph detailed Apache Transactions.

Apache GUI

Download Apache GUI on Sourceforge site.

Arvixe CEO Profiles

arvixe ceo - Arvand sabetian

Arvixe – on of the most reputable names for its great price value service in web hosting. However, behind this great company is a guy under 30 year old – Arvand Sabetian, CEO of arvixe who just graduated as civil engineer in 2008.

The success of arvixe business is legend. When the name arvixe was created, its time of junior year in high school of Arvand. Basically, it's just a try to earn some pocket money. But since he focused a lot on this business, the revenue is already $150,000 when he finished college life. The profit is good enough for Arvand so he didn't have to get a job anywhere else, instead he's totally focused on arvixe business promotion with 10 employees.

In 2002, the total revenue of arvixe reached $8 million and approximate $12 million in 2013. Because of its fast growth, arvixe was landed on Inc. 500 for the two years.

Arvand setup no office since from the very beginning. No matter when its 10 employee time or present with more than 80, there's no office for all these people. Arvand uses software and a virtual system to keep everyone in contact and see how everybody performs. It's a truely 100% virtual and absolutely efficient as advised by their people. He knows each people should have his/her own life style and a physical office will ruin this which is not what he expected.

In arvixe, it's quite common to see a support working on different places, the person might be on the train or homeschool or any possible situation in daily life. Because of this, their support people are everywhere in the country and be able to provide real 24*7 support service.

A big part of arvixe business is drived by referrals. That's why arvand is so friendly to their partners. Of course, quality is everything. No matter what effort the company puts, if they can not deliver high quality service to customer, nothing is worthy of talking about. Arvixe people are developers from different IT fields. There're hardware engineers, software engineers, programmers and network engineers. Their people are connected to lots of popular IT solutions and data center service to produce out the best hosting service.

See this video about Arvand interview

Arvixe Local language Service

Arvixe local language service

As we know, a local web hosting provider is better for service management such as tech support, server speed and the most important – payment solution. During the past few years, arvixe is well recognized for their high performance USA hosting service but are you awared they have local language websites? They have more than 10 languages support to people from those major service area. Let's find out how its offered and how you can benefit from this.


Arvixe manages total of 13 sites targeted to different countries like USA, UK, Russia, Mexico, China and Germany etc. Each site is registered through local top registra with local language translation. From sevice description or support materials. They have localized everything to support local country clients. Seriously, it's not automatic translation by any tool as it followed by local habits.

Programmers are good at technical but not always good at English, if there's an excellent international hosting provider and provide local language support, then problem fixed because a programmer knows exactly what kind of service he will need and not waste a penny.


The biggest advantage with arvixe local sites. While their people translated everything to different languages, they even added local payment gateways to their service. For example they support webmoney payment for Russia clients and Alipay for Chinese customers. People can easily pick up the most prefered way to submit payment but not worrying about no credit card or any local restriction. Many people do not have or use credit card though its very popular solution in USA or UK. In some degrees, the CC payment blocks lots of potential customers because they don't have one.

The Spotlights

The biggest spotlight is arvixe provides total of three sites to Chinese users – Simplified /Traditional Chinese support to people from China mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan. This shows the arvixe concern to this active market

Arvixe International Hosting FAQs

What're the available local language sites from arvixe?
There're total of 13 websites under arvixe, they're translated to local languages properly such as French, Russian, Chinese etc. For more information, visit these sites at

  • www.arvixe.com
  • www.arvixe.co.uk
  • www.arvixe.mx
  • www.arvixe.ru
  • www.arvixe.ca
  • www.arvixe.de
  • www.arvixe.fr
  • www.arvixe.com.tr
  • www.arvixe.ae
  • www.arvixe.cn
  • www.arvixe.hk
  • www.arvixe.in
  • www.arvixe.tw

Do I get local support?
Unfortunately, it's still supported by people from USA, but you can speak local languages and their people can support you properly.

Do I get local server hosting?
No, the server is also from USA data centers. Though it's from USA, the company optimized their connections and co-operate with lots of global internet providers to delivery their service in quick time.

Is it charged different than arvixe US service?
Customer will be billed by local currency and the price is the same of USD by exchange rate. The payment is processed by local gateways to make sure you can submit smoothly.

What's the difference between the local sites & main site?
The only difference is about languages. While their main site is in English, there're different languages for local sites.

Should I sign up local site or main site?
If you prefer to deal with everything in English, the main site would be excellent choice because all their people can support you properly. If you can understand the service better via local language, then just follow their local site and you have more payment options.