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ZeroNet - No Take Down Website Creation

What's ZeroNet? ZeroNet is an open source network project based Python. Websites in this network are browsed through "ZeroNet URL" which is similar to localhost websites. ZeroNet is a platform using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network. The ZeroNet is fully supported by complete torrent via encrypted internet connection. User communication and file sharing is 100% safe comparing to traditional solutions.

15 Most Epically Bad Tech Product

In IT industry, there have been lots of excellent products such as iPhone smart mobile and Intel Centrino laptop. However, like each coin has two sides, there're also some lousy products which is recognized not recoverable failure. But they did leave their marks in history. For instance the Nokia game phone which was trying to compete with Sony & Nintendo

000WebHost Hacked & 13 Million User Info Leaked

Information on nearly 14 million users of 000webhost, a Lithuanian web hosting service, was spilled earlier this year when a hacker exploited an old version of the company’s website and gained access to the backend. 13.5 million customer usernames, plaintext passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and names were exposed as part of the breach, according to a Facebook post from

Apache GUI Management Solutions

Do you use apache web server? Are you trying to remember different commands for web server configuration? If you're worried to damage the configuration, we'll introduce a GUI tool for total apache management – ApacheConf & Apache GUI. Apache is the most popular web server solution on the planet. It's installed by almost every IT groups. From Netcraft reports, apache

Arvixe CEO Profiles

Arvixe – on of the most reputable names for its great price value service in web hosting. However, behind this great company is a guy under 30 year old – Arvand Sabetian, CEO of arvixe who just graduated as civil engineer in 2008. The success of arvixe business is legend. When the name arvixe was created, its time of junior

Arvixe Local language Service

As we know, a local web hosting provider is better for service management such as tech support, server speed and the most important – payment solution. During the past few years, arvixe is well recognized for their high performance USA hosting service but are you awared they have local language websites? They have more than 10 languages support to people