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BetterServers Review

betterservers review

BetterServers is one of the most popular projects leaded by Matt Heaton – the founder of bluehost and hostmonster. From its official announcement, betterservers is the next generation of technology to come from hosting industry experts with the mission to improve your IT experience. Since 2009, the company setup their own data center structures and powering lots of famous hosting brands with their modern equipments and technologies.

The history of betterservers

Betterservers project was born from bluehost company when Heaton is still CEO there. After years fast business growth, he found some weakness of their server and dc facilities. For example when there's heavy loading then their servers can not handle the traffic properly for guaranteed performance. Thus their team applied "CPU throtting" which is criticized by lots of people. The faster their business grows, the more problems being produced. In order to solve such problems, their management team two popular projects – Betterlinux & Betterservers. At the meanwhile, new data center construction is being prepared.

Products of Betterservers

Betterservers group is aimed at providing the best performance hosting servers. Their products/plans focus on the latest server and network technologies – Cloud. They provide cloud/hybrid servers as well as virtual data center service.

  • Cloud Servers. Fully customizable. CPU cores can be vary from 1 to 32 per instance, DDR3 RAM can be up to 128 GB. You have opportunity to use individual or blocks of IPv4/6 addresses. The biggest difference comparing to all existing server plans is its high speed haredware I/O and network. From live testing, its storage I/O speed is up to 4GB/s.
  • Virtual Data Center. You have opportunity to build your own virtual data centers other than limited by private cloud environment. You will get 8 networks per virtual datacenter with free security setup. VPN is included free so user access to your facilities can be well controlled. The smart dynamic balance design be able to handle any size load and ensures you have enough resource to work with and don't pay extra. There're sophisticated caching and mirroring technology and 10Gbps port speed which is dedicated to your network, means your server will not be slowed down.

Dedicated server and storage service are also being prepared as explained on their website. Generally speaking, their people use the best hardware configuration in their modern data centers to deliver the best performance.

Betterservers and Betterlinux

Relationship between the two names are exactly the same as bluehost and hostmonster. But they're offering different service. Betterservers provides server service directly to hosting groups and individuals while betterlinux is a server optmizer. From their official explanation, all betterservers platforms are optimized using betterlinux. The optimizer is provided as commercial service for $9.9/mon. Once configured, it will optimize your server based its hardware configuration. It's not just one time setup, it will work and monitor your system lively and apply necessary changes if needed. The mission of betterlinux is to ensure you get a secure and high performance server environment.

Their Clients

Till present, the betterservers service is used by multiple leading hosting brands of endurance group including bluehost, hostgator and justhost. It's also used by lots of IT companies who have high requirements to server performance and security.

Because you have opportunity to setup your own virtual data center, you get dedicated resources, security and scalability. The system simply works the same as a physical data center but you don't have to handle the setup & configuration. Everything is prepared by their tech teams, then you get full access to all service. What makes it outstanding is you get a web portal access to all products. You can start/suspend a server directly without logging into the actual server instance. All servers statistics such as CPU/RAM usage and traffic status are lively produced and well organized.

Web portal demo:

By checking the industry you will find there's not another IT group provides similar service as betterservers. It's mostly like they will be another industry standard in near future. Their successful experience from bluehost and hostmonster will help promote this new service to more and more people. Their products are currently powering some famous hosting services so it's just a matter of time for other companies to follow up.

Check out this video about their CEO introduction for betterservers

How does Office 365 Help Business Web solution?

office 365 website solutions

Office 365 is the newest and revolutional products from Microsoft group. It's cloud based app design and cross platform compatibility feature simply delivery their service to more users. Office 365 also provides great support for your online business. We have collected the newest updates from microsoft for its effort in helping online business solutions.

Email management

Microsoft office 365 includes all features from previous release and featured for its cloud management over all microsoft service. The most outstanding feature is its integration of Exchange server service. When you order office 365 you get multiple exchange mail accounts support where you can setup on your personal domain name. It's fully functional email service for enterprise business purpose. With exchange service, you can manage emails, global contacts, calendar and sync etc. You don't have to worry about email loss any more because all data is protected from cloud drive and you can acess it anywhere from any web connection.

Website management

Sharepoint service is built in support with multiple great website templates. It's simply a step by step sitebuilder wizard to help with quick website creation. If you just want to setup a simple product showcase site, you can complete the process in few minutes. If you have a developer aside for full functional coporate website creation, you simply get all available development resources to work with. The best of the best is you don't need to register hosting service anywhere else but to keep everything within your office account. The cloud server service performs much better than traditional hosting. You no longer need to worry about website failure as before because microsoft is leading in cloud data center setup. They're very active in various cloud technologies development and offer positive solutions to data center providers.

Domain management

You don't have to logon domain registration website for domain research. The godaddy domain service is just integrated into Office 365 where we can register new domain directly from account center. As long as the domain is available, you will be able to complete registration process by few steps. A simple wizard helps users purchase a domain name and set up Office 365 to use that domain name in a one seamless process. Once your domain is registered, godaddy will automatically configure DNS according to your office account details. Then you can use it for website and email setup right away.

office 365 and godaddy integration

Please note, your domain is still managed on godaddy site, the registration process will just auto configure all necessary DNS records to use office 365 service. Moreover, you also have choice to add your existing domain to it for web service setup. You just need to edit your DNS from existing domain registrar end. The setup process will show you guidance.

Why Office 365 is the best for business choice?

Office is the best selling products from microsoft group. It's globally used by both personal and enterprise groups for email, documents management. It's also the sole choice by over 90% people for accounting purpose. However, if you just want to use office 365 for personal website purpose, it's definitely not the perfect one because it's 100% microsoft technologies based and you have to be a windows user in order to make full use of the service.

On the other hand, almost every business group will need office solutions so office 365 is right here to simplify their web management process. At the meanwhile, if they seek for dedicated cloud solution from other service providers, the cost is definitely much higher than microsoft service. Based all above advantages from office 365, it's simply the best either for tech features and costs.

Asia Web Hosting Hub

asia web hosting hub

Asia has the largest population and the most active economy in the world. Because of this, it brings lots of business opportunities to companies. When you plan to promote your service in that area, website is an essential part to show off your advantages. But where to host your website? A quality local web hosting service is absolutely the best choice. Today we're going to introduce two asia web hosting hubs – Singapore and Hongkong.

To select the perfect web hosting in asia district, the following points must be primarily considered: Network and server facilities, Support availability and language. Network performance and tech support would be the most specs for every hosting service. But things are little different in this area if you're from western countries. Till present, the best network centers are located in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore. These districts operate the main routings to international lines, but they work in completely different ways.

With no doubt, Tokyo has the best internet connections in east asia based their leading IT facilities, it's also one of the 13 root DNS centers. Everything seems to be perfect in this area, however the big weakness is lack of English support. Most of their hosting services are supported via Japanese. If you call in in English or other languages, not so many people can support you better. If you're English speaking customer and in need of native support for server service, Japan is not the perfect place. Taiwan provides nice English support but their service is more focused to domestic clients and most their websites are designed via traditional Chinese language.

Hongkong and Singapore are different. They both use English for official language and multiple other languages are being used too. They both are famous international economy and network centers with leading performance. However, their service is definitely idea choice for different areas.

Hongkong, absolutely the best place if your targeted website users are from China and other Eastern asia clients. For example if your website users will mainly come from China, you get various restrictions to get your site alive in that area because of the Chinese ICP license application. Hongkong is recognized the best alternative place to avoid such restriction with no network latency. Actually, the Hongkong network facilities have no real difference comparing to US, either from hardware installation and government laws over business.

Singapore, the international cross center of business and internet from south asia. Unlike India or other south asia countries, Singapore is featured for its robust economy and powerful network abilities. English is official support language and multiple other languages are used too. Population structure of Singapore is very similar to USA where citizens are from everywhere on the planet. If your targeted website users are from south asia districts, singapore is the best place to go. There you can expect the least network latency and best customer support.

Generally speaking, you need to pay little more for asia web hosting than US service for various reasons. However, Hongkong and Singapore are definitely the most idea hubs for the highest price value.

Does Server Physical Location matters

does server physical location matters for web hosting?

Server location is always one of the most important factor when selecting web hosting service. Either for faster loading speed or better understanding of the data center structure. More people prefer to a more nearby server based traditional concepts of network configuration. However, does server distance really matters for nowadays computing development? Below is an indepth compaison between server distance and speed.

Server physical location did play an important role in the early days because network is not so powerful as today. The server hardwares are al old technologies based. The max network port ability was 100MB/ps. Slow port ability plus less quality network equipments result in slow server connections. Especially when there's long distance, it might go through a big amount of hops and you have to bear with long waiting for a single page loading. However, things improved a lot in the past 10 years because of the magic growth of internet business. The major improvements can be categorized in following

Fiber network
Fiber network is popularly deployed in most areas on the planet for TBs connection. For some hot districts like north American, Europe and Japan etc have widely configured fiber networks with leading performance. Each area can be connected via the most possible speed. Fiber network brings revolutioal improvement for internet communication.

Hardware development
Server hardwares are almost improved everyday nowadays. In computer world, new products will be put into production every 3 months. Because of this, data center providers be able to replace old equipments with new and more powerful hardwares via less investment but result in 10s or 100s performance improvement. The newest super computer already reached 100 billions speed. Administrators can easily configure a powerful and fast server using all available resources.

CDN(Content delivery network) is the most popular service nowadays. With this technology, your site contents will be sent to multiple network nodes on the earth, when there's request by end user, files will be downloaded from the most nearby network so as to ensure the fast connection. Because of this advantage, the server distance is no longer a real problem for fast global communication.

Cloud computing
Similar to CDN, cloud computer is completely network based service where your storage and all server services are created in the cloud. This cloud system can be scalable from any available network resource as long as you want to. Unlike traditional servers that work independently, cloud computing requires less central server system. Means there's no much difference if you request a service from United states or UK because you're from the same cloud system.

As we see, server distance is no longer a big concern for high performance internet access. But when do you have to consider it? The answer is your local internet facilities. From US, EU or AU such fiber network areas, you don't have worry about local networking because they're integrated perfectly to the country systems. But if you're located at a less quality network area like Africa, server distance does play an important role for internet business. Network and all related facilities might not so advanced like in US. For such case, a local server service will work much better than US server because the us server will have to take long time to connect.

Based above explanation, if you're running a local internet business but you don't have a good network connection to oversea servers, a local ISP is your best choice regardless how good the other service is. But if you manage global business, there's no such consideration needed at all. Because most people nowadays got pretty good internet facilities. Unless you refuse to go to international, you can always rely on local ISP, or else server distance should not be a concern because the internet is fast improving.

Lunarpages Named Back

lunarpages named back to

After about one year's development on domain, lunarpages finally named back to Any official address will be redirected to old domain name. So what's improved with their service and how will we benefit from the change? We have just got a communication with lunarpages support so would like to share the basic ideas for their hosting services. Learn more about the last change and update from lunarpages.

About lunarpages web hosting
Founded in 1998, lunarpages is one of the oldest hosting providers in USA. Lunarpages provides, shared, dedicated and cloud server plans plus a variety of IT solutions such as microsoft exchange, colocation, fax to email etc. Lunarpages is more functional as enterprise IT solutions provider other than traditional hosting company. There're currently 100+ staff members working in its headquater and data centers. Their high performance service is trusted by over 150,000 global clients with more than 100 new daily join ups.

In the end of 2012, lunarpages renamed their official site from to with no explanation. From webmasters' discussion, it's recognized as SEO practice for better ranking. But just few days back, their people changed back the domain.

Updated Lunarpages Hosting Features

Lunarpages currently mainly provides three types traditional hosting plans: shared linux/windows web hosting, business web hosting and reseller hosting. Dedicated and cloud servers are also available for enterprise solutions.

Starter linux hosting plan is the most affordable service from lunarpages($3.95/mo), it's designed purposely for simple website and personal blogs. You also get the opportunity to purchase extra service such as premium restore service and dedicated ip etc.

There's a single basic windows hosting plan which is considered as unlimited for everything such as number of databases, disk space and supported websites etc. Customer can also purchase extra service such as dedicated ip and premium restore etc. The windows hosting service is configured on windows server 2008 enterprise edition and all other services based this server system.

Reseller and other hosting plans are kept the same as before where you can fully customize the specifications based your requirements.

Lunarpages Spotlights

Other than a regular hosting provider, lunarpages provides full IT solutions including hosting, microsoft exchange, cloud computing, Web design and SEO services. Traditional hosting service doesn't seem to be their business focus by navigating through all their pages. They pay more attention to enterprise level hosting solutions thus configured their service on blading fast and powerful servers. All their server hardware/software are enterprise edition for best perfomance. This includes the following

  • Enterprise server OS. Lunarpages configured Enterprise edition windows server 2008 for windows platforms and enterprise redhat for all linux servers.
  • Enterprise Database. Lunarpages installed sql server 2008 enterprise edition for their database system and provide unlimited database opportunity to clients. It's absolutely by far the best offer among all other windows hosting providers.
  • Enterprise Email. Lunarpages provides enterprise edition smartermail for all clients. If you're linux users, you have choice of smartermail or cpanel webmail service. You can also upgrade to microsoft exchange if email is your solely requirement.

Unlike most hosting providers, lunarpages manage their own data centers from 3 states with multiple call centers throughout the United States. Their staff members are well trained to work 24×7 hours with friendly professionalism and award-winning efficiency.

Abviously, there're more to mention about because of their business focus. Lunarpages is actually pretty active in offline affairs. For example they give out helmets and trucks to winners in various competition. Just very similar to godaddy who build their reputation from multiple media channels. Because of the huge investment, very few hosting companies be interested in such affairs.

Lunarpages Drawbacks

If you plan to open hosting account with lunarpages, you might hesitate a bit because of the lousy design. They just tell you what they have but not telling you details. For example they provide multiple hosting plans but they write more about their advantages and forgot to mention the specific features such as the exact amount of domains/emails/database/disk storage etc. Unless you contact their support you will never know what you can get from their service.

More about Lunarpages Name change

All lunarpages service revert to their old domain site as we can see. However, there's no much change about their service details since the last update. We can't find any announcement about the change but it's absolutely good sign for most people because we have used to this brand for over 10 years. They might have wanted to rank higher from search engine but they found most people still linked back via old site and they can't ask everybody to edit their links. So, finally they decide to change back. Everything is kept the same but what a pity is the previous $50 off lunarpages coupon "HAPPY" no longer working as expected. We can only get 15% discount at the moment.

Visit lunarpages for hosting details

Inmotion Launch Assist Managed Hosting

inmotion hosting launch assist plan

What if your IT guy left your company and you're in need of urgent assistance to keep your online properties in safe hands? You probably never want to learn those technique stuff from scratch. Instead, you can seek for urgent help from a quanlity managed hosting service where you can get custom server configuration, migration and any kind technical  support. In this article we're going to check launch assist support from inmotion managed hosting plan and find out why you should subscribe.

Inmotion managed hosting introduction

Inmotion is leading business hosting provider and provides a managed hosting service called "Launch Assist" for new servers. It's also available for existing servers which is charged hourly. This plan covers any kind customization/configuration for your hosting server like webserver optimization, component installation and firewall configuration etc. You can subscribe to this service for any support request. It's extremely helpful especially when you have no IT department in your group but want to handle all your company properties in safe place. Just call for support when you need it and everything will be handled professionally and quickly. In this way, inmotion managed support group is simply your IT department but with less costs!

Inmotion Manged hosting core features include

  • Security Measurement. Just tell their people your requirement and concerns and their genius will lock up your server quickly to deal with various attacks. This includes CSF/LFD and other firewall setting up.
  • Platform Optimization. Your server always needs to be optimized upfront for live website hosting purpose. However, you might not have a clue where to start and how to deal with specific service. Inmotion support team will help with optimizing your LAMP environment with their 10+ years live experience.
  • Best-Fit Solutions. You may not sure what softwares to install on server for guaranteed performance. While default web server installation is apache, you might need other high performance solutions like litespeed or nginx. Inmotion support will help with installation/configuration by the best practice.
  • Fast and Accurate Response. Whenever you call in via phone, email or ticket, you will get answer quickly with accurate information. This will help with your final dicision efficiently for zero waiting.

Plan details and pricing:

Plan details level 1 level 2 level 3
Monthly Management Coverage 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Monthly Charge $40 $70 $100
Additional Hours $45 $40 $37.50
Minimum Commitment 3 months 3 months 6 months

Inmotion Hosting Launch Assist Plan

If you're going to purchase a new VPS or dedicated server plan from inmotion hosting site, they provide "launch assist" package to help with a bunch of assistance including site migration, reseller migration, security configuration etc. The fee is $99 per VPS account with minimum 2 hours included. If you signed up dedicated server plan, such service will be 100% free. Offer details include the following:

  • Advanced site migration with 100% success guarantee
  • Reseller hosting account migration
  • Configuration of email, Domains, FTP and more
  • Application installation, setup and optimization for max performance
  • Custom hardware configuration
  • Server cron automation

The big advantage of launch assist service is you no longer need an IT department for server management. Inmotion hosting group has sufficient experience and skills in setting up a healthy and high performance server for you with very good price. You no longer need to worry about server security and performance because it's all handled by professional setup with cron automation. Where else you can expect such support?

Who should use Inmotion Launch assist service?

Well, the service is absolutely great for everybody if you need professional and fast server support. But please keep in mind it only applies for vps and dedicated server plans. Shared hosting is not included since they keep everything managed by their own. When your business has to be powered by VPS server or up plans, you might not sure how to get it working in right direction, here the inmotion launch assist will help. Just pay them small fees and you'll get secure/high performance hosting server with full automation. Especially when you had a complex application to move over from existing service, you might find it hard to configure everything properly since it will server end modifications. For this case, the launch assist plan is your best worry free choice

Go to inmotion hosting site for launch assist plan details