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lunarpages named back to

After about one year's development on domain, lunarpages finally named back to Any official address will be redirected to old domain name. So what's improved with their service and how will we benefit from the change? We have just got a communication with lunarpages support so would like to share the basic ideas for their hosting services. Learn more about the last change and update from lunarpages.

About lunarpages web hosting
Founded in 1998, lunarpages is one of the oldest hosting providers in USA. Lunarpages provides, shared, dedicated and cloud server plans plus a variety of IT solutions such as microsoft exchange, colocation, fax to email etc. Lunarpages is more functional as enterprise IT solutions provider other than traditional hosting company. There're currently 100+ staff members working in its headquater and data centers. Their high performance service is trusted by over 150,000 global clients with more than 100 new daily join ups.

In the end of 2012, lunarpages renamed their official site from to with no explanation. From webmasters' discussion, it's recognized as SEO practice for better ranking. But just few days back, their people changed back the domain.

Updated Lunarpages Hosting Features

Lunarpages currently mainly provides three types traditional hosting plans: shared linux/windows web hosting, business web hosting and reseller hosting. Dedicated and cloud servers are also available for enterprise solutions.

Starter linux hosting plan is the most affordable service from lunarpages($3.95/mo), it's designed purposely for simple website and personal blogs. You also get the opportunity to purchase extra service such as premium restore service and dedicated ip etc.

There's a single basic windows hosting plan which is considered as unlimited for everything such as number of databases, disk space and supported websites etc. Customer can also purchase extra service such as dedicated ip and premium restore etc. The windows hosting service is configured on windows server 2008 enterprise edition and all other services based this server system.

Reseller and other hosting plans are kept the same as before where you can fully customize the specifications based your requirements.

Lunarpages Spotlights

Other than a regular hosting provider, lunarpages provides full IT solutions including hosting, microsoft exchange, cloud computing, Web design and SEO services. Traditional hosting service doesn't seem to be their business focus by navigating through all their pages. They pay more attention to enterprise level hosting solutions thus configured their service on blading fast and powerful servers. All their server hardware/software are enterprise edition for best perfomance. This includes the following

  • Enterprise server OS. Lunarpages configured Enterprise edition windows server 2008 for windows platforms and enterprise redhat for all linux servers.
  • Enterprise Database. Lunarpages installed sql server 2008 enterprise edition for their database system and provide unlimited database opportunity to clients. It's absolutely by far the best offer among all other windows hosting providers.
  • Enterprise Email. Lunarpages provides enterprise edition smartermail for all clients. If you're linux users, you have choice of smartermail or cpanel webmail service. You can also upgrade to microsoft exchange if email is your solely requirement.

Unlike most hosting providers, lunarpages manage their own data centers from 3 states with multiple call centers throughout the United States. Their staff members are well trained to work 24×7 hours with friendly professionalism and award-winning efficiency.

Abviously, there're more to mention about because of their business focus. Lunarpages is actually pretty active in offline affairs. For example they give out helmets and trucks to winners in various competition. Just very similar to godaddy who build their reputation from multiple media channels. Because of the huge investment, very few hosting companies be interested in such affairs.

Lunarpages Drawbacks

If you plan to open hosting account with lunarpages, you might hesitate a bit because of the lousy design. They just tell you what they have but not telling you details. For example they provide multiple hosting plans but they write more about their advantages and forgot to mention the specific features such as the exact amount of domains/emails/database/disk storage etc. Unless you contact their support you will never know what you can get from their service.

More about Lunarpages Name change

All lunarpages service revert to their old domain site as we can see. However, there's no much change about their service details since the last update. We can't find any announcement about the change but it's absolutely good sign for most people because we have used to this brand for over 10 years. They might have wanted to rank higher from search engine but they found most people still linked back via old site and they can't ask everybody to edit their links. So, finally they decide to change back. Everything is kept the same but what a pity is the previous $50 off lunarpages coupon "HAPPY" no longer working as expected. We can only get 15% discount at the moment.

Visit lunarpages for hosting details

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