How does Office 365 Help Business Web solution?

office 365 website solutions

Office 365 is the newest and revolutional products from Microsoft group. It's cloud based app design and cross platform compatibility feature simply delivery their service to more users. Office 365 also provides great support for your online business. We have collected the newest updates from microsoft for its effort in helping online business solutions.

Email management

Microsoft office 365 includes all features from previous release and featured for its cloud management over all microsoft service. The most outstanding feature is its integration of Exchange server service. When you order office 365 you get multiple exchange mail accounts support where you can setup on your personal domain name. It's fully functional email service for enterprise business purpose. With exchange service, you can manage emails, global contacts, calendar and sync etc. You don't have to worry about email loss any more because all data is protected from cloud drive and you can acess it anywhere from any web connection.

Website management

Sharepoint service is built in support with multiple great website templates. It's simply a step by step sitebuilder wizard to help with quick website creation. If you just want to setup a simple product showcase site, you can complete the process in few minutes. If you have a developer aside for full functional coporate website creation, you simply get all available development resources to work with. The best of the best is you don't need to register hosting service anywhere else but to keep everything within your office account. The cloud server service performs much better than traditional hosting. You no longer need to worry about website failure as before because microsoft is leading in cloud data center setup. They're very active in various cloud technologies development and offer positive solutions to data center providers.

Domain management

You don't have to logon domain registration website for domain research. The godaddy domain service is just integrated into Office 365 where we can register new domain directly from account center. As long as the domain is available, you will be able to complete registration process by few steps. A simple wizard helps users purchase a domain name and set up Office 365 to use that domain name in a one seamless process. Once your domain is registered, godaddy will automatically configure DNS according to your office account details. Then you can use it for website and email setup right away.

office 365 and godaddy integration

Please note, your domain is still managed on godaddy site, the registration process will just auto configure all necessary DNS records to use office 365 service. Moreover, you also have choice to add your existing domain to it for web service setup. You just need to edit your DNS from existing domain registrar end. The setup process will show you guidance.

Why Office 365 is the best for business choice?

Office is the best selling products from microsoft group. It's globally used by both personal and enterprise groups for email, documents management. It's also the sole choice by over 90% people for accounting purpose. However, if you just want to use office 365 for personal website purpose, it's definitely not the perfect one because it's 100% microsoft technologies based and you have to be a windows user in order to make full use of the service.

On the other hand, almost every business group will need office solutions so office 365 is right here to simplify their web management process. At the meanwhile, if they seek for dedicated cloud solution from other service providers, the cost is definitely much higher than microsoft service. Based all above advantages from office 365, it's simply the best either for tech features and costs.

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