BetterServers Review

betterservers review

BetterServers is one of the most popular projects leaded by Matt Heaton – the founder of bluehost and hostmonster. From its official announcement, betterservers is the next generation of technology to come from hosting industry experts with the mission to improve your IT experience. Since 2009, the company setup their own data center structures and powering lots of famous hosting brands with their modern equipments and technologies.

The history of betterservers

Betterservers project was born from bluehost company when Heaton is still CEO there. After years fast business growth, he found some weakness of their server and dc facilities. For example when there's heavy loading then their servers can not handle the traffic properly for guaranteed performance. Thus their team applied "CPU throtting" which is criticized by lots of people. The faster their business grows, the more problems being produced. In order to solve such problems, their management team two popular projects – Betterlinux & Betterservers. At the meanwhile, new data center construction is being prepared.

Products of Betterservers

Betterservers group is aimed at providing the best performance hosting servers. Their products/plans focus on the latest server and network technologies – Cloud. They provide cloud/hybrid servers as well as virtual data center service.

  • Cloud Servers. Fully customizable. CPU cores can be vary from 1 to 32 per instance, DDR3 RAM can be up to 128 GB. You have opportunity to use individual or blocks of IPv4/6 addresses. The biggest difference comparing to all existing server plans is its high speed haredware I/O and network. From live testing, its storage I/O speed is up to 4GB/s.
  • Virtual Data Center. You have opportunity to build your own virtual data centers other than limited by private cloud environment. You will get 8 networks per virtual datacenter with free security setup. VPN is included free so user access to your facilities can be well controlled. The smart dynamic balance design be able to handle any size load and ensures you have enough resource to work with and don't pay extra. There're sophisticated caching and mirroring technology and 10Gbps port speed which is dedicated to your network, means your server will not be slowed down.

Dedicated server and storage service are also being prepared as explained on their website. Generally speaking, their people use the best hardware configuration in their modern data centers to deliver the best performance.

Betterservers and Betterlinux

Relationship between the two names are exactly the same as bluehost and hostmonster. But they're offering different service. Betterservers provides server service directly to hosting groups and individuals while betterlinux is a server optmizer. From their official explanation, all betterservers platforms are optimized using betterlinux. The optimizer is provided as commercial service for $9.9/mon. Once configured, it will optimize your server based its hardware configuration. It's not just one time setup, it will work and monitor your system lively and apply necessary changes if needed. The mission of betterlinux is to ensure you get a secure and high performance server environment.

Their Clients

Till present, the betterservers service is used by multiple leading hosting brands of endurance group including bluehost, hostgator and justhost. It's also used by lots of IT companies who have high requirements to server performance and security.

Because you have opportunity to setup your own virtual data center, you get dedicated resources, security and scalability. The system simply works the same as a physical data center but you don't have to handle the setup & configuration. Everything is prepared by their tech teams, then you get full access to all service. What makes it outstanding is you get a web portal access to all products. You can start/suspend a server directly without logging into the actual server instance. All servers statistics such as CPU/RAM usage and traffic status are lively produced and well organized.

Web portal demo:

By checking the industry you will find there's not another IT group provides similar service as betterservers. It's mostly like they will be another industry standard in near future. Their successful experience from bluehost and hostmonster will help promote this new service to more and more people. Their products are currently powering some famous hosting services so it's just a matter of time for other companies to follow up.

Check out this video about their CEO introduction for betterservers

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