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inmotion hosting launch assist plan

What if your IT guy left your company and you're in need of urgent assistance to keep your online properties in safe hands? You probably never want to learn those technique stuff from scratch. Instead, you can seek for urgent help from a quanlity managed hosting service where you can get custom server configuration, migration and any kind technical  support. In this article we're going to check launch assist support from inmotion managed hosting plan and find out why you should subscribe.

Inmotion managed hosting introduction

Inmotion is leading business hosting provider and provides a managed hosting service called "Launch Assist" for new servers. It's also available for existing servers which is charged hourly. This plan covers any kind customization/configuration for your hosting server like webserver optimization, component installation and firewall configuration etc. You can subscribe to this service for any support request. It's extremely helpful especially when you have no IT department in your group but want to handle all your company properties in safe place. Just call for support when you need it and everything will be handled professionally and quickly. In this way, inmotion managed support group is simply your IT department but with less costs!

Inmotion Manged hosting core features include

  • Security Measurement. Just tell their people your requirement and concerns and their genius will lock up your server quickly to deal with various attacks. This includes CSF/LFD and other firewall setting up.
  • Platform Optimization. Your server always needs to be optimized upfront for live website hosting purpose. However, you might not have a clue where to start and how to deal with specific service. Inmotion support team will help with optimizing your LAMP environment with their 10+ years live experience.
  • Best-Fit Solutions. You may not sure what softwares to install on server for guaranteed performance. While default web server installation is apache, you might need other high performance solutions like litespeed or nginx. Inmotion support will help with installation/configuration by the best practice.
  • Fast and Accurate Response. Whenever you call in via phone, email or ticket, you will get answer quickly with accurate information. This will help with your final dicision efficiently for zero waiting.

Plan details and pricing:

Plan details level 1 level 2 level 3
Monthly Management Coverage 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours
Monthly Charge $40 $70 $100
Additional Hours $45 $40 $37.50
Minimum Commitment 3 months 3 months 6 months

Inmotion Hosting Launch Assist Plan

If you're going to purchase a new VPS or dedicated server plan from inmotion hosting site, they provide "launch assist" package to help with a bunch of assistance including site migration, reseller migration, security configuration etc. The fee is $99 per VPS account with minimum 2 hours included. If you signed up dedicated server plan, such service will be 100% free. Offer details include the following:

  • Advanced site migration with 100% success guarantee
  • Reseller hosting account migration
  • Configuration of email, Domains, FTP and more
  • Application installation, setup and optimization for max performance
  • Custom hardware configuration
  • Server cron automation

The big advantage of launch assist service is you no longer need an IT department for server management. Inmotion hosting group has sufficient experience and skills in setting up a healthy and high performance server for you with very good price. You no longer need to worry about server security and performance because it's all handled by professional setup with cron automation. Where else you can expect such support?

Who should use Inmotion Launch assist service?

Well, the service is absolutely great for everybody if you need professional and fast server support. But please keep in mind it only applies for vps and dedicated server plans. Shared hosting is not included since they keep everything managed by their own. When your business has to be powered by VPS server or up plans, you might not sure how to get it working in right direction, here the inmotion launch assist will help. Just pay them small fees and you'll get secure/high performance hosting server with full automation. Especially when you had a complex application to move over from existing service, you might find it hard to configure everything properly since it will server end modifications. For this case, the launch assist plan is your best worry free choice

Go to inmotion hosting site for launch assist plan details

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