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Asia has the largest population and the most active economy in the world. Because of this, it brings lots of business opportunities to companies. When you plan to promote your service in that area, website is an essential part to show off your advantages. But where to host your website? A quality local web hosting service is absolutely the best choice. Today we're going to introduce two asia web hosting hubs – Singapore and Hongkong.

To select the perfect web hosting in asia district, the following points must be primarily considered: Network and server facilities, Support availability and language. Network performance and tech support would be the most specs for every hosting service. But things are little different in this area if you're from western countries. Till present, the best network centers are located in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore. These districts operate the main routings to international lines, but they work in completely different ways.

With no doubt, Tokyo has the best internet connections in east asia based their leading IT facilities, it's also one of the 13 root DNS centers. Everything seems to be perfect in this area, however the big weakness is lack of English support. Most of their hosting services are supported via Japanese. If you call in in English or other languages, not so many people can support you better. If you're English speaking customer and in need of native support for server service, Japan is not the perfect place. Taiwan provides nice English support but their service is more focused to domestic clients and most their websites are designed via traditional Chinese language.

Hongkong and Singapore are different. They both use English for official language and multiple other languages are being used too. They both are famous international economy and network centers with leading performance. However, their service is definitely idea choice for different areas.

Hongkong, absolutely the best place if your targeted website users are from China and other Eastern asia clients. For example if your website users will mainly come from China, you get various restrictions to get your site alive in that area because of the Chinese ICP license application. Hongkong is recognized the best alternative place to avoid such restriction with no network latency. Actually, the Hongkong network facilities have no real difference comparing to US, either from hardware installation and government laws over business.

Singapore, the international cross center of business and internet from south asia. Unlike India or other south asia countries, Singapore is featured for its robust economy and powerful network abilities. English is official support language and multiple other languages are used too. Population structure of Singapore is very similar to USA where citizens are from everywhere on the planet. If your targeted website users are from south asia districts, singapore is the best place to go. There you can expect the least network latency and best customer support.

Generally speaking, you need to pay little more for asia web hosting than US service for various reasons. However, Hongkong and Singapore are definitely the most idea hubs for the highest price value.

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