Review of different hosting companies & services side by side with our continous testing/monitoring over website performance, customer feed backs and overall industry reputation. We host sample website and do necessary testing on some crucial features to ensure our recommendation is perfect.

Codero Review

codero review

Among all hosting providers, a name called "Codero" is setup differently than most competitors. Other than trying to serve all people by super low costs, codero company targets on business clients with a series of hosting solutions. For people who has been trying to find dedicated business hosting partner, this article provides indepth reviews over codero hosting service with step by step guidance of your perfect choice.

Brief introduction of Codero

The company was created in 1992 with an immigrant's American dream to build a strong global IT group. From its initial setup, codero members treat themselves as home of quality dedicated, cloud, managed and on-demand hybrid services. No hidden story behind and their people are trying to be very clear on every side. Currently, codero provides dedicated, cloud, managed and hybrid hosting plans with price match guarantee.

Codero Hosting plans

Based codero service features, all their plans can be customized setup to fulfill your different requirements while they do offer standard server plans.

Dedicated server are provided 3 class plans: Baseline, E-commerce and High performance. Each class provides 3 standard configurations to choose from. For quick server setup, there's an option to select CPU series, number of cores and additional features like SSD. If not still not satisfied, click live chat option and a professional will help you collect setup details and let it go alive quickly. Baseline server starts from Core i3 Dual Core,3.4 GHz with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 1 TB SATA disk space. Only $30 for the first month

Codero cloud hosting plans are provided with both public and private cloud with following core features

  • On-demand Scaling
  • RAID10 Storage
  • Responsive Control Panel
  • Dual VLAN Enabled (Public & Private)
  • Choose of Operation System
  • 100% Power & Network Uptime Guarantee

For codero cloud servers, their people provide APIs for developers. All cloud portal functionality can be programmed into your own applications for convenient management. You can try out by $7/mon, probably the best price on the web.

codero managed hosting service

Managed hosting service is purposely offered to free up your IT efforts so people can focus on business. Every technical part is managed by codero professionals. This includes server maintenance, network monitoring, system upgrades, application infrastructures and each side of business application. Download this support list for full details.

Codero Networking specs

Codero is currently managing data centers through 3 locations – Dallas, Phoenix and Ashburn which are all internet hot spots. Those green data centers are all tier III compliant with state-of-the-art facility such as guaranteed power supply and advanced cooling infrastructures and enhanced access security protection etc. Not only inside technologies, all hardware constructions are aimed to deal with extreme disaster. For ex. it's built up via 8" thick reinforced concrete walls with structure designed to resist winds in excess of 90 mph and wind-borne debris. 3" poly-isocyanurate roof insulation for energy-efficiency. Want to know more about specs? check out this data center tour:

About Codero support

Currently, codero support is provided 24*7 on multiple platforms such as phone call, live chat, email and helpdesk. They're also very active in social networks such as google+, twitter, facebook and their own company blog. What really impressed us is about their live support for hosting package page. There're different professionals arranged on different pages. This implies they have dedicated teams for different services and the final result is clients get more responsible and professional supports. Their head team profiles are published on company details page. If you want to speak or even complain, they could be connected directly.

Codero promotional offer

Codero provides various promotion for their service. On dedicated server plans, initial 70% discount is provided for first month service then 15% off for rest periods. This offer is valid for all dedicated server setup.

For cloud hosting packages, there's 3 months free upon sign up and and 15% discount available by monthly deal. For each new client, a credit of $21 will be added to account upon sign-up. Credit provides you with a 512MB instance at no cost for up to three months of service.

How do we think?

Definitely, codero found their own way to win business success in this competitive industry. They do not compete on price which is normal case for many web hosting services. They are targeted for business class clients and guarantee their service matches what you pay. Maybe their name is not so resounding on the web, but definitely they find the correct way to do business.

Go to for business solutions

Bluehost Windows Hosting Reviews

bluehost windows hosting

After many years support for linux server, bluehost opened their first windows hosting plan! However, not for English users but only available to Asia district people. If you can not wait to see what's being offered there and if it's valuable to deal with, let's review side by side of the plan features, server specs, networking, support and every available offers.

Quick View of Bluehost Windows Hosting

Bluehost windows hosting plans are offered under website which is officially named "Bluehost China". There're total of 4 hosting plans – starter, basic, advanced and premium. Each plan provides different limits on crucial features like disk space, number of supported websites etc. Users also have choice of server locations with a little price difference.

Windows Hosting Plans

Currently, windows hosting service is offered via shared & reseller hosting plans, for level plans for each. Unlike the popular unlimited offer, every hosting plan is restricted with specific limitation. Because of this, users can select the proper plan with reasonable price. Hosting plan details are provided as following:

Plan Starter Basic Advanced Premium
Datacenter HK US HK US HK US HK US
Price ¥6.00 ¥6.00 ¥16.00 ¥9.00 ¥26.00 ¥12.00 ¥80.00 ¥36.00
Website 1 1 1 1 1  1 10  10
Disk/Traffic 500mb/2GB 900mb/9GB 2/10GB 20/200GB 5/20GB ∞/∞ 15/50GB ∞/∞


Server Details

Buehost windows servers are DELL production for Quad core xeon E5530 2.40GHz and 24GB RAM. 250GB RAID 1 mirror OS drive and 1TB RAID 1 data drive. Fire alarm and environment detection system is properly configured to ensure the best security. Server OS and software installation as following:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • IIS 7.0, 4.5, ASP, PHP 5.2x, PHP 5.3x, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt
  • MySQL 5, MSSQL
  • Zend Optimizer, Zend Engine, ionCube Loader

Windows server 2008 is main flow in Asia especially in China. Many people actually still use Asp applications for windows hosting thus this server platform is sufficient enough to support customer requirements. Especially when bluehost windows server is compatible with both .net & php technologies, clients get more selections among lots of oversold virtual servers.

Standard plesk control panel is provided for bluehost windows plans. All common functions like IP deny, domain parking, schedule task and stats analytics etc are offered for every client. Demo here.


Bluehost China provides two Datacenter options to clients – HK and US. For US data centers, they're all about Utah servers which is fully managed by the company itself. Also, since bluehost is one of EIG brand, it's connected to multiple other datacenters over the country for CDN service. If your targeted users from USA then their good price and service is powerful backend of your business.

For local users, HongKong is definitely the best choice comparing to various available options. Actually, the ICP license policy forces lots of users to host websites outside. Local hosting support like bluehost just perfectly solved the problem.


Bluehost China support is located in Xiamen, Fujian province. Live support via tencent QQ and hotline. helpdesk ticket is also standard offer as bluehost US. The difference is their Chinese live support is only available during business hours at the moment.

How do We Think?

Technically speaking, the bluehost windows hosting service is more clean comparing to many local chinese hosting providers. Bluehost got lots of advantages in server managing and networking. It will bring positive influence to the overall industry competition and improve its service quality. Actually, bluehost and its partner brand "Hostgator China" are both configured in this way. It's positive to see rapid growth for their business in this area and very likely they will launch windows plans for bluehost US site.

Is iPage WordPress Hosting Worth the Try?

ipage wordpress hosting

iPage launched their dedicated wordpress hosting plan for bloggers and wordpress fans. Their people announced to conquer all competitors by superb server features and support service. Is that true? How users talk about this service and how is compared to some reputable wordpress server plans?

iPage WordPress Hosting Overview

Aside from their traditional single shared hosting, iPage provided two extra plans dedicated for wordpress site purpose – starter & essential plan. Comparing to their old budget service, the wordpress hosting plans have everything configured for this software such as server setup, plan features and even hosting control panel. From official announcement, they configured SSD server to power expert wordpress sites with sitelock protection. To be more specific, the ipage wordpress plans come with following:

Dedicated for wordpress. No any other kind softwares hosted on this server, only wordpress acceptable so their people can apply any necessary maintenance efficiently. Especially when there is any problematic site on server, they can easily track down for urgent fix. Because there's only wordpress on server, the tech team can deeply optimize the environment without worring compatibility for other softwares. It's super point for those who wants blazing fast wordpress server at affordable cost.

Essential plugins pre-installation. iPage wordpress team has some essential wordpress plugins pre-configured when installing the software in control panel. Some reputable plugins like W3 total cache & Jetpack already included. Also, their people provide a list of some great themes to power your new site installation quickly.

WordPress control panel. Completely for wordpress! The team has completely revised the control panel for wordpress user. All we see is about wordpress management like installation, backup and database operation etc. Either wordpress professional and start user be able to familiar with it in short time.

Enhanced security. For essential plan users, account is created on SSD servers with sitelock protection. Except for daily vulnerabilities scanning every day, it will automatically removes any potential threat and admin will get notified. Not only potential security issues being scanned, some popular issues like comment spam and attack are also filtered by the firewall. What people get is a clean and safe site.

As we see, it's complete new service comparing to their all-in-one shared hosting plan. Regardless those advantages they announced, is it really so cool? Especially when comparing to some leading providers? Let's see


Actually, they have provided a comparison list to other providers like godaddy and even wpengine. Following is screenshot

ipage wordpress hosting comparison

They compared to multiple popular wordpress hosting using ipage essential plan. The result is ipage wins on almost each crucial points like price, disk space and number of visits etc. The only I can tell is there's no much proof their server can work better than those competitors. Because their wordpress service is pretty new while their competitors have collected plenty experience. What ipage really can do is to gain more users by competitive price and high quality service. Only in this way, they can receive lots of positive feedbacks then they can proudly show the comments to the world.

How to Choose?

iPage provides two plans for wordpress with big difference for initial registration. However, difference for renewal rate is pretty small according to their policy. Let's see following about the actual rate

Starter plan:

  • 36-month term: $8.99 a month (billed $323.64 for 3 years)
  • 24-month term: $9.99 a month (billed $239.76 for 2 years)
  • 12-month term: $10.99 a month (billed $131.88 for 1 year)

Essential plan:

  • 36-month term: $10.49 a month (billed $377.64 for 3 years)
  • 24-month term: $11.49 a month (billed $275.76 for 2 years)
  • 12-month terms: $12.49 a month (billed $149.88 for 12 months)

The answer is clear. If we want to use all ipage wordpress server advantages, essential plan is the best choice. While the starter plan is priced half for less features, the renewal price is very close to essential plan. So why should we select starter plan in the begining?

Check out ipage wordpress hosting plan details

ipage wordpress hosting plans

Reviews of Justhost New Shared Hosting Plans

justhost new shared plans

Justhost is no longer sticky to a single shared hosting solution! Very soon, there will be 3 shared hosting plans to choose from with different features. This article provides detailed explanation and guidance how we can use it properly. No matter if you're existing client or new to this company, it would be nice to know the ongoing changes with the service.

Background of New Plans

Justhost, since from the very start, it has been winning the business by single hosting solution with everything unlimited. It provides all needed technical features in configuring different websites. After supporting one milliong global sites, they find their limitations in serving higher web requirements. Their team provided VPS & Dedicated server choice in the last year at very competitive prices. However, not everyone would like to manage a server with several times more costs. What people really want is a plan between basic shared and full server choice.

Under such situation, justhost decides to have a try by multi-class shared plans. In case you need more resources, just upgrade it without dealing with a full server. The plans their people will launch are named Starter, Shared Plus and Business Pro. Unlike its current all-in-one plan, new plans are offered with different advantages. See following:


Entry-level package, perfect for beginners on a tight budget.

  • 1 Website
  • 100GB Storage
  • 1 Free Domain, 5 Parked domains, 25 Sub domains
  • 100 Email Accounts, 500MB per
  • Google Adwords Credit

Shared Plus

Formerly the standard shared plan, still unlimited with with additional features and benefiting from substantial investments in infrastructure. (Existing shared plans will automatically be reclassified as Plus.) 1 SpamExperts service added for shared plus.

Business Pro

Similar to the original PRO plan with some change in features, geared toward businesses and power users.

  • 5x Server Performance
  • 2 Spam Experts
  • 1 SSL
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1 Domain Privacy

How does it work?

As learnt above, all plans provide people some basic offers like disk space and monthly transfer. The real difference is about server crowd level besides the extra bonus service mentioned above. At the meanwhile, their sister site "Hostmonster" also announced the same change. There's no detailed explanation for how will it work exactly, but we can still find something from another EIG brand – Bluehost.

Bluehost was also featured for single shared plan and gradually revised for multiple hosting solutions provider. They're now offering multiple shared, VPS and dedicated server plans. Since bluehost is sister site of justhost and hostmonster, mostly they'll be configured the same way like their team did for vps/dedicated server service.

Check out bluehost shared hosting plans

How do we think about the change?

Basically, it's just because of the market needs and justhost is preparing to earn better business. Because we do not get the final plan design and price, it's hard to judge good or not. But it should serve clients better, at least we have more choice before upgrading to a full server. Just wait few days for its final design or if you want to catch up with the old plan, check below!

justhost shared hosting

IX Domain Club Service Secret Revealed

ixwebhosting domain club service

Ixwebhosting provides a service called "Domain Club" which costs us $9.95/mo. What's the use of this service and how it's working? We have done indepth research and contacted their support person directly for full understanding. Follow us to learn more if you're evaluating the domain club service too.

Recently, I got an email notice for authorized paypal transaction to IX account. Unfortunately, I'm not awared what it is for because the hosting account is not expiring yet. Then I logged into account management panel and saw there's one item called "domain club" in "My add-ons" category. The status showing it's activated on Jun-12-2014 with auto renew enabled. However I'm not awared of this service and it's actually not doing any good to my hosting account. See following screenshot:

ix domain club center

As we see, it says zero protected domains and zero SSL points. Means I'm paying money for nothing. So I contacted live support right away for how is going on. Following is our chat screen:

ix domain club service

The support says it should be selected during account ordering page. However my account was created 3 years before and I'm sure there's no "domain club" service option at that time. Then I did further research for this service on their website. It's actually announced in 2014 by their tech team. Here're basic details for domain club:

  • Free for first month then $9.95/mo
  • Free domain privacy for all domains under hosting account
  • Up to twelve free SSL points per year
  • One free SSL certificate
  • Discounts for domain renewal

See official domain club TOS on this page

Though I'm not sure how it's added to my account with auto renewal status, definitely I don't need it at all because I don't use those benefits for this hosting account. For all those advantages, people will save some money if you

  1. Registered domain names with ix company
  2. Use ecommerce site with ssl installation

Because I don't have any registered domain with ix and no ssl certificate, so I tried to disable the auto renewal. Now it prompts up this screen with full explanation:

ix domain club service

Editorial notes: The ix domain club service does some good for website security and money saving if you have purchased those service under hosting account. However, it's also a marketing tactic to encourage people to use more ix products. For all those benefits, discounted price is probably the mostly spotlight attracting users eye-ball. However, it's not advised to have everything managed under hosting account based all our old article explanation, expecially domain registration service.

There're some changes being applied to ix hosting plans such as their proud dedicated IP offer. Now only the first IP is free and additional ip will be $1/mo. It's suggested keep an eye to your hosting account and make sure you don't loose anything.

Best Hong Kong Web Hosting

hongkong hosting

Being one of the top economy centers, Hong Kong is well known for its prosperous business market. Web hosting is the hottest because of the leading geographic location. This article provides detailed guidance what makes up the best hong kong web hosting service and how to choose the best hosting plan.

Brief introduction of Hong kong hosting service

Hong Kong, the hot pot of asia economy, it's also the transition center of asia internet for multple countries. No business barrier, no language barrier on this pearl land. Because of this, lots of global hosting leaders put their asia hosting and support centers in Hong Kong. Till today, almost all mainland China hosting providers have Hong Kong servers to support their oversea business.

What Makes Up a Good Hong Kong Hosting?

Leading data center choice

Must be served by reputable IDC service. There're lots of providers and many of them are doing good for the leading geographic location. Those reputable names such as HKNET, NNT, HKCOLO, HKCIX and PCNT are highly recommended for primary consideration because they have long history experience in supporting IT industry. Actually, these IDC providers are sharing over half business market in HK.

Leading server configuration

Dell is still the main choice by most providers in HK, but they have wide selections on multiple leading providers including IBM, ASUS and LENOVO etc. Make sure to contact pre-sales for server information if you prefer to some specific server production. A little different from other areas, windows server is popularly supported for huge needs. In general, Hong Kong servers are setup by following top standards like US service.

Scalable payment solutions

Hong Kong is a crossing point of multiple currencies including Hong Kong dollar, RMB & USD etc. A good hosting provider should support all leading payment solutions in this area and have prepared multiple different gateways to deal with different clients. Alipay, Paypal and Credit card should be standard support. Lots of providers also support check and direct bank transfer.

24*7 support is a must

Not every hosting company provides 24*7 support based their business size and company policy. However, it's crucial to ensure our global business is always online. So before applying any service plan, make sure their support service is always available. Those popular supports like chat, phone, ticket and email channels must be running all the time.

Reliable policies

This does not only refer to good company plicies but also the local legal provisions and the general society trust level. Being one of the most developed area, Hong Kong has complete law system and trustable business environment. There's no difference comparing to any other top business center.

Best Hong Kong Web Hosting Provider

Actually, lots of hosting providers offer Hong Kong web hosting plans(either outside or inside this area). Especially for lots of China hosting providers, they have wide co-operation with Hong Kong data center service for the good business environment. If you need a high performance Hong Kong hosting plan, we highly suggest check out following two:

Webweb. 100% setup via Hong Kong data center service with support office in both Hong Kong and mainland China. Their name is generated from the old webhost4life which was a very popular and successful brand. Their old team is still working hard on under new brand. Currently they have both servers in Hong Kong and the old USA data center in Los Angeles. The only weakness is their English site is not published yet if you can not read Chinese.

Zhuji91. Also a new brand but with robust growth. They're highly rated by lots of users and communities. Their people contacted us several times for evaluation. Just search for zhuji91 review or Hong Kong hosting plan, they're rated very well on lots of sites. They provide competitive price plans and hosting features. Both Chinese and English plans are provided with easy navigation.

Of course, there're multiple or simply lots of good providers for Hong Kong hosting plans, just don't be limited by above choice, you should always evaluate the best and do your personal research. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance!