Codero Review

codero review

Among all hosting providers, a name called "Codero" is setup differently than most competitors. Other than trying to serve all people by super low costs, codero company targets on business clients with a series of hosting solutions. For people who has been trying to find dedicated business hosting partner, this article provides indepth reviews over codero hosting service with step by step guidance of your perfect choice.

Brief introduction of Codero

The company was created in 1992 with an immigrant's American dream to build a strong global IT group. From its initial setup, codero members treat themselves as home of quality dedicated, cloud, managed and on-demand hybrid services. No hidden story behind and their people are trying to be very clear on every side. Currently, codero provides dedicated, cloud, managed and hybrid hosting plans with price match guarantee.

Codero Hosting plans

Based codero service features, all their plans can be customized setup to fulfill your different requirements while they do offer standard server plans.

Dedicated server are provided 3 class plans: Baseline, E-commerce and High performance. Each class provides 3 standard configurations to choose from. For quick server setup, there's an option to select CPU series, number of cores and additional features like SSD. If not still not satisfied, click live chat option and a professional will help you collect setup details and let it go alive quickly. Baseline server starts from Core i3 Dual Core,3.4 GHz with 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 1 TB SATA disk space. Only $30 for the first month

Codero cloud hosting plans are provided with both public and private cloud with following core features

  • On-demand Scaling
  • RAID10 Storage
  • Responsive Control Panel
  • Dual VLAN Enabled (Public & Private)
  • Choose of Operation System
  • 100% Power & Network Uptime Guarantee

For codero cloud servers, their people provide APIs for developers. All cloud portal functionality can be programmed into your own applications for convenient management. You can try out by $7/mon, probably the best price on the web.

codero managed hosting service

Managed hosting service is purposely offered to free up your IT efforts so people can focus on business. Every technical part is managed by codero professionals. This includes server maintenance, network monitoring, system upgrades, application infrastructures and each side of business application. Download this support list for full details.

Codero Networking specs

Codero is currently managing data centers through 3 locations – Dallas, Phoenix and Ashburn which are all internet hot spots. Those green data centers are all tier III compliant with state-of-the-art facility such as guaranteed power supply and advanced cooling infrastructures and enhanced access security protection etc. Not only inside technologies, all hardware constructions are aimed to deal with extreme disaster. For ex. it's built up via 8" thick reinforced concrete walls with structure designed to resist winds in excess of 90 mph and wind-borne debris. 3" poly-isocyanurate roof insulation for energy-efficiency. Want to know more about specs? check out this data center tour:

About Codero support

Currently, codero support is provided 24*7 on multiple platforms such as phone call, live chat, email and helpdesk. They're also very active in social networks such as google+, twitter, facebook and their own company blog. What really impressed us is about their live support for hosting package page. There're different professionals arranged on different pages. This implies they have dedicated teams for different services and the final result is clients get more responsible and professional supports. Their head team profiles are published on company details page. If you want to speak or even complain, they could be connected directly.

Codero promotional offer

Codero provides various promotion for their service. On dedicated server plans, initial 70% discount is provided for first month service then 15% off for rest periods. This offer is valid for all dedicated server setup.

For cloud hosting packages, there's 3 months free upon sign up and and 15% discount available by monthly deal. For each new client, a credit of $21 will be added to account upon sign-up. Credit provides you with a 512MB instance at no cost for up to three months of service.

How do we think?

Definitely, codero found their own way to win business success in this competitive industry. They do not compete on price which is normal case for many web hosting services. They are targeted for business class clients and guarantee their service matches what you pay. Maybe their name is not so resounding on the web, but definitely they find the correct way to do business.

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