China Firewall and Web Hosting

china firewall and best web hosting

China Firewall Quick view

Firewall protects your network and computer health, that's good. But things are little different to Chinese people especially Chinese webmasters. There's a general national firewalll setup on their internet gateway that will block a certain outbound connections. In this article we'll discuss how it works and what should Chinese webmasters do in order to put up a healthy website.

How does China Firewall work?

China firewall or great firewall(short for GFW), it's a project supported by Chinese government over the entire Chinese internet gateway. The GFW's main work is to block websites which's considered to be "dangerous" or potential dangerous, it's generally referring to political, sexal and some illegal stuff. Till present, 3 of the world's most popular community sites are officially blocked by GFW – Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Why the firewall?

Although the internet business is growing rapidly in China, their internet quality is not as good as other countries such as Japan, Korea, US etc. Since the internet is open for every people on the globe and there're lots of news and discussion topics every day and let people know more about the outside world, it also brings issues to some parties and they always want to avoid some sensitive information in order to keep up their interests and control.

What's effect of GFW?

The biggest problem created by this firewall is it blocked a certain famous sites such as facebook, it blocked the communication between Chinese people and the outside world, this must be a historical backward. The worst of the worst to webmasters is they will have to take the risk their hosting server/website will be blocked some day.

Is there any good of this firewall?

Yes, it does have some contribution to internet people in china, at least the Chinese people won't be able to open some adult sites which is absolutely bad for children.

What should Chinese webmasters do?

Surely, since there's a firewall infront of every Chinese webmaster, they have to follow the rules to putup a live site. The first thing is not to mention politics and sex related topics on their websites. The second and most important is to find a good hosting service which is not GFW friendly.

Best Web Hosting service for China Friendly

Since we're talking about firewall in this article, we'll mainly focus on this point but not others such as pricing. After out search and research, we found ixwebhosting should be the best choice for Chinese webmasters. Why? Just look following

  • Inhouse managed datacenters
  • up to 15 free dedicated IPs
  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • Free domain registration
  • Multiple domain hosting

What we're really looking for? Definitely the up to 15 free dedicated IPs. why dedicated IP is so important in this topic? Because the firewall generally blocks a certain ips from some special websites, however if you have the option to change website IP then it's possible to avoid the block.

ixwebhosting for china

Dedicated IP is also wished by many other webmasters for SEO consideration, the search engine will assume that a website hosted on dedicated ip is working on dedicated server so there's no penalty to your website if some other websites are causing problems on the same hosting server.

Besides all above advantages, ixwebhosting also prepared Chinese support and local payment solutions to support Chinese webmasters well. It showed their efforts and confidence to earn business success in that district. Read more about Ixwbehosting China.

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