WPEngine Review, is it worth the pay?

WP engine review

So our topic turns to wordpress again in this article. We have introduced multiple popular wordpress hosting providers from older posts and received positive feedback from visitors. However, what will happen when you go over shared hosting environment and not ready to use a dedicated server yet? In this article let's check out another popular name – WPengine, a hosting service that's dedicated for wordpress support.

Unlike every other hosting company who offers various hosting solutions, the wpengine is only prepared for wordpress hosting with a professional team behind. What does that mean? Means as long as you like to use wordpress to setup your website, you can have almost every wp related problem fixed with their leading support. Common issue like wordpress plugin, theme or further wp development are all included with their support TOS.

Wp Engine Overview

WP engine was founded in July 2010 by a group of wordpress smart technicians. WP Engine is solely focused on providing WordPress hosting. You get fully and side by side support for any wordpress related issue. WP engine support center is located in Texas, USA

WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine offers total of four wordPress hosting plans. They limit each hosting plans via different storage and number of monthly visits. Details can be found below

  • A single wordPress installation with up to 25,000 visits per month for personal plan.
  • 10 wordpress installations and up to 100,000 visits per month for professional plan.
  • 25 installations with up to 400,000 visits per month for business plan.

What's exactly good of WP Engine hosting?

Just like their website domain says, the engine of wordpress. Based on the rule "you get what you pay", the spotlights of wpengine are available in following terms

  • Powerful server — Because they're providing dedicated wordpress hosting support and wordpress is pretty server resource consuming, the wpengine support team configured hosting server with the fastest bare-metal hardware with leading network backbones. Once your wordpress is setup with their service, it's actually running on a cluster of servers for best performance.
  • Quality support — It would be great news for wp developers who require instant and professional wordpress technical support. The wpengine support is all of experts, either from live communication or ticket system, we will get what we expected in good manner.
  • Honest service — They don't offer us everything unlimited like most hosting companies. They just offer what we actually need, for example personal, business and premium plans all come with different features for different level service requirements. Not sure if they will satisify you? No worry, just sign up and try 15 days for FREE! They won't charge you during the 15 days period, they only charge until you'r satisified!

Check out wpengine full features from http://www.wpengine.com

wpengine advantages

What Would be WP Engine Weakness?

Price is definitely the weakness with wpengine services. The personal wordpress hosting plan comes with $29/mo and the business plan is configured for $249/mo which is almost dedicated server price. Unless people really have to go with wordpress and need that kind reliability, their service is not affordable for a regular personal website. But what to say, there're thousands of heavy traffic wordpress sites and if you have such website on more expensive dedicated server hosting, the wpengine is absolutely good to go for money saving.

So basically, who should use WP engin hosting service? If you're looking for budget and affordable wordpress hosting service, WP engine is never recommended based their price. However, if you're operating a large wordpress site that receives very heavy traffic and expect super security on the wordpress site, WP Engine is probably the best choice. If you don't mind the budget and wish the best site performance, you won't find a better solution other than WP Engine.

How do we think about WP Engine?

WPengine is pretty new comparing to many hosting services (started in 2010), but they definitely have a good start and easy to to get business success based on their honesty and profession. Only after 12 months growing up, the WP Engine is already a million dollar group with fast growth rate. Their professionality and reliability have been supporting hundreds of large wordpress platforms. If you have a heavy traffic wordpress site and don't want to deal with lots of technical stuff, wp engine is highly recommended service if you can afford the service fee.

Good & Affordable wordpress hosting choice?

Yes, if you're not ready to pay such amount yet for wordpress hosting and looking for high reliable service plan, Inmotion would be the best alternative solution. With only $5.95/mo you enjoy up to 90 days money back guarantee and quality wordpress tech support! Based on the inmotion advantages, you simply placed your wordpress site in safe place.

Check out Inmotion hosting wordpress plans http://www.inmotionhosting.com

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