IX Domain Club Service Secret Revealed

ixwebhosting domain club service

Ixwebhosting provides a service called "Domain Club" which costs us $9.95/mo. What's the use of this service and how it's working? We have done indepth research and contacted their support person directly for full understanding. Follow us to learn more if you're evaluating the domain club service too.

Recently, I got an email notice for authorized paypal transaction to IX account. Unfortunately, I'm not awared what it is for because the hosting account is not expiring yet. Then I logged into account management panel and saw there's one item called "domain club" in "My add-ons" category. The status showing it's activated on Jun-12-2014 with auto renew enabled. However I'm not awared of this service and it's actually not doing any good to my hosting account. See following screenshot:

ix domain club center

As we see, it says zero protected domains and zero SSL points. Means I'm paying money for nothing. So I contacted live support right away for how is going on. Following is our chat screen:

ix domain club service

The support says it should be selected during account ordering page. However my account was created 3 years before and I'm sure there's no "domain club" service option at that time. Then I did further research for this service on their website. It's actually announced in 2014 by their tech team. Here're basic details for domain club:

  • Free for first month then $9.95/mo
  • Free domain privacy for all domains under hosting account
  • Up to twelve free SSL points per year
  • One free SSL certificate
  • Discounts for domain renewal

See official domain club TOS on this page https://www.ixwebhosting.com/terms-of-service#q22-2

Though I'm not sure how it's added to my account with auto renewal status, definitely I don't need it at all because I don't use those benefits for this hosting account. For all those advantages, people will save some money if you

  1. Registered domain names with ix company
  2. Use ecommerce site with ssl installation

Because I don't have any registered domain with ix and no ssl certificate, so I tried to disable the auto renewal. Now it prompts up this screen with full explanation:

ix domain club service

Editorial notes: The ix domain club service does some good for website security and money saving if you have purchased those service under hosting account. However, it's also a marketing tactic to encourage people to use more ix products. For all those benefits, discounted price is probably the mostly spotlight attracting users eye-ball. However, it's not advised to have everything managed under hosting account based all our old article explanation, expecially domain registration service.

There're some changes being applied to ix hosting plans such as their proud dedicated IP offer. Now only the first IP is free and additional ip will be $1/mo. It's suggested keep an eye to your hosting account and make sure you don't loose anything.

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