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best reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting Introduction

Reseller hosting is a special web hosting service, the hosting provider does not manage server end services directly and do not have server properties. Instead, they do reselling from the up level hosting company. Reseller hosting provides more scalable service to support different user requirements.

Two types of reseller hosting

Reseller from IDC – This kind reseller provides hosting service from the actual hosting company directly. The reseller is given the permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and other server resources to his own customers. Reseller can sell hosting service directly on uplevel providers' reseller plan or rent server directly and configure everything to manage the hosting service. This is the most popular type of reseller hosting and offered by lots of popular hosting providers.

Reseller from reseller – Also called alpha reseller. Under this business mode, people are doing reseller hosting from another reseller.Means both service provider and seller do not have physical server rights. This makes the management complex and can easily go wrong at small problem. Because of this, it's not popular available.

Best Reseller Hosting

Find a reliable reseller hosting is quite important in order to archive your business success and reduce potential issues. Going with a wrong reseller hosting is simply a nightmare for both the reseller and their customers. After reviewed 20+ popular reseller hosting providers, we compiled a list of the best reseller hosting for different features.

Best Linux Reseller Hosting – Hostgator

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Hostgator is by far the largest and most reliable reseller hosting provider on linux platform. Hostgator offers up to 5 class reseller hosting plans and provided all management tools and support to help launch your own hosting business.

Being the largest reseller hosting provider, hostgator be able to offer side by side tech support over every reseller account. You just need to focus on business marketing and earn more profits, extra work like server maintenance, security updates etc are all handled by hostgator group. From admin side you're able to manage your own hosting plans, disk limits and all hosting service configuration.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting

As we see, hostgator does not limit the number of hosted domains and mysql databases. You can also setup your own brand DNS servers.

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Best Windows Reseller Hosting – Arvixe

Arvixe Reseller HostingArvixe is awarded the best windows reseller hosting provider. Arvixe configured their windows reseller hosting via standard websitepanel and billing system. With the same price of hostgator reseller service, you have full access to arvixe windows reseller hosting where you can configure unlimited hosting accounts, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited emails/databases.

The advantage with arvixe windows reseller service is their support over windows server 2012 and sql server 2012 database. Their hosting servers are setup via latest hardware production and OS to generate the best performance. Means, you can offer all up to date technologies from your reseller website and attract more business.

Arvixe windows reseller hosting

The fact is reseller hosting from arvixe is pretty flexible. You can either sign up their standard reseller program or sign up their VPS/dedicated server to configure your hosting service. They have provided all necessary tools like control panel and billing software for client management. You can not find this offer from any other hosting company.

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Best Green Reseller Hosting – Greengeeks

Greengeeks Reseller HostingGreengeeks is awarded the best green reseller hosting provider. Unlike Hostgator or Arvixe, greengeeks offered disk space and bandwidth for unlimited. They only limit the number of hosted clients for different level reseller plans. In this way you can offer really unlimited service to people and don't have to worry about something is limited by the service. The greengeeks reseller hosting is completely linux based with following server specs

  • Intel Quad Core Nehalam Processors with 24 GB RAM
  • RAID-10 Hardware RAID Array
  • Multiple Gigabit Connectivity with BGP Routing
  • 24/7/365 Server, Network and Data Center Monitoring

Greengeeks reseller hosting

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Why Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is the best choice if you want to start web hosting business from scratch, you don't have to prepare everything by yourself in datacenter and no need to hire a server professional to monitor for 24X7, because it's all handled by TOP level providers. What we need to do is marketing and earn money! Reseller is so popular on the planet and occupied a big part of the hosting business. In order to be a profitable reseller, they always offered a lower price and introduced advanced support to get customers. Since the hosting business already so competitive, the hosting features from reseller are normally more attractive than many regular hosting providers. This is one of the main reasons for reseller hosting growing rapidly.

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