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SEO Hosting Introduction

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It's a method of improving the visibility of a website on search engine using natural or unpaid search results. The primary purpose of SEO is to promote a website and introduce more visits and clicks, the final purpose is to promote a service or products on website and increase sales. The process is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

SEO Hosting is about the search engine benefit from a specific web host. The core part of seo hosting – hosting server is recognized the first bridge to all other works. So an seo hosting service is mainly about their stable servers and networking to ensure your website uptime and keep clean to search engines. For those hosting providers who concern about search engine friendly, they also provide some kind of seo packages like directory submission or website checker etc to make sure we're doing right.

Best SEO Hosting Providers

After reviewed multiple reputable seo hosting services. the best seo hosting goes to following two companies – Ixwebhosting and Siteground. They are featured in different ways and provide different support to be search engine friendly.

Ixwebhosting – Ixwebhosting is selected in TOP SEO Hosting provider because they can offer up to 15 FREE dedicated IPs under the same hosting account. Dedicated IP does not contribute to website SEO directly, it will actually reduce the potential negative issues on hosting server in case the shared IP is punished by search engine. Dedicated IP simply gives the website an isolated clean space and avoid bad neighbours. Also, since IPv4 address resource is so limited, why not take the advantage from IX?

IX hosting plans comes with following outstanding features

  • Unlimited disk space /bandwidth
  • Up to 3 free domain registration
  • Unlimited Mysql Databases
  • 99% uptime guranteed
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • 7 Days FREE trial!

If you need extra static IPs, it only cost you $1/mo. You can not find better place for such price.

Go to for hosting details

Siteground – Siteground is actually doing the best SEO on their own site. Their main site got PR 9 which is the highest one we see from hosting company. Most of their hosting related keywords are ranked first from SERP. Besides, there's no negative seo reports yet from siteground server. It strongly shows they have a good SEO team and their people knows how to make their server search engine friendly and avoid potential issues. Host with siteground means safe.

Siteground SEO Hosting features

  • Multiple datacenters in US, EU and Asia
  • Unlimited domain hosting support
  • Fully optimized server for popular scripts like wordpress, joomla
  • Very affordable service plans
  • 99% uptime and 30 days full money back guarantee!
  • Lots of choice over shared, VPS, dedicated and Cloud hosting

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More about SEO Hosting

As long as you launch the business on internet you would expect more visits to your store and promote your products to visitors. Right, so you need to understand SEO and the methods to keep your website search engine friendly. There're many books about how to do SEO and various services are offered. Here we will mainly focus on the web hosting side.

Server uptime – Server uptime is definitely the most important thing to keep your website visibility on search engine, if your site always gone down, the search engine would think your website is not important and drop the rank. Tips: find a hosting provide who really guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Server IP – Server IP is another important feature for SEO. You never know if your web server IP is punished by search engine. under a shared hosting, there're many other clients' website on same server, as long as one of them causing problem such as spamming then it will be banned by many service provider and your website is certainly affected. Tips: find a hosting provider who offers dedicated IPs or go with a VPS hosting.

Hosting website – Generally speaking, if the hosting is SEO friendly, their main website should have high rank on the main search engines such as google, yahoo.


SEO is a long term work with on site and off site efforts. Because search engines always update the algorithm frequently, what we can do is to keep our site clean with really quality contents targeted to the topic. Just stand on search engine side and think what kind of site you would like and how you will rank a page. Never try to cheat search engines for better ranking. If we have been doing good on website, some day when we wake up we will be surprised by the result.

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