Alpha Reseller Hosting Review

alpha reseller hosting review

What's Alpha reseller hosting?

Have you ever heard of "alpha reseller hosting"? Unlike the standard reseller hosting in the industry, people got the authority to create sub level reseller hosting accounts via Alpha reseller hosting plan. So basically alpha reseller hosting is a sub level reseller hosting plan which is created from standard reseller hosting.

Should you deal with alpha reseller hosting?

Definitely no. Why? Just take a look at the service structure: Datacentre > Server Owner > Reseller > Alpha reseller > End User. How will it ensure the service quality after so many levels? It's quite hard for web hosting novice to learn all about this because they're not sure how's going with the industry. For people who would like to sign up web hosting service, make sure to do a research before you submit your payment information.

You might have noticed there're tons of super low cost hosting plans on internet. However, most of those brands are either newly created or being complained hard for bad performance and support. Those service are either alpha reseller based or configured on heavy overselling hosting server. The bottleneck of alpha reseller hosting is you can't guarantee the server resource because it's managed by multiple support levels.

How to Judge an Alpha Reseller Hosting?

Unfortunately there's no effective method to judge if the hosting is alpha reseller based because a reseller website might have nice web design or even their domain whois information is hided perfectly to avoid further examination. However you can still ask following questions to support to find if they are independant hosting company or alpha reseller.

A. Where is your company located, can you provide the full address? (A company should have detailed physical address)
B. Is there a direct Tel number I can call for instant support? (you can check where the number actually located)

There might be more questions asked to confirm you're dealing with a quality hosting company, just try as you can. All the efforts is to make sure we're not going wrong.

Except for the direct question to support representative, you can also check the server details if you have signed up their service. The best tool we recommend is phpsysinfo which will show up great details of your hosting server such as disk space space and using rate, network speed and cpu/ram usage etc. It's great system monitoring software that doesn't require administrator permission. If you found just several GBs or unreasonable disk amount on hosting server, you're probably dealing with a bad hosting service.

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How to choose the right web hosting company?

As you see, the web hosting industry is more and more complex with various hosting brands there. You can go wrong easily if you don't follow the industry news everyday. However, by dealing with some industry leaders should reduce the risk, that's why we always recommend our clients to sign up from the TOP list after side by side comparison.

You can always follow this web hosting tips article when choosing a web hosting company and feel free to contact us for suggestions, we follow up the industry every minute to make sure the information on our website is acurate.

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