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Dedicated server hosting means you have total control of the physical server in data center space. Because you're the administrator for this server, you can do any system level installation and security configuration and customize the server in the way you prefered. Dedicated server is the best choice if you like to have everything under control.

The cos of dedicated server varies based your desired amount of bandwidth, RAM, cpu specifications, number IP addresses etc. Server resource could be extended in case you need more in future.

Dedicated Server Hosting Advantages

  • Choice of OS – You can choose any available OS to be installed on your dedicated server as long as you're familiar with it. Generally speaking, the hosting provider has a varity of choice. you can also install your own after server setup.
  • Security – You have full control over system security. You decide what protocol to be banned and what protocol to be used. You can follow up your actual project requirements and setup the most secure rules.
  • Scalability – The dedicated server resources can be added/removed by actual requirement. It's fully scalable to meet your development requests.
  • Hosting solution – While it's quite more expensive than shared hosting or vps server. You can host all your websites on the same server with no additional costs.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

A top lorch dedicated server hosting is not only about a server hardware configuration or price, the backend datacenter service is crucial and actually the direct point to determine if you can have a success with server, Because of this, we highly suggest check out from the popular datacenter service providers such as softlayer, rackspace etc. Their datacenters are industry standards and they're recognized rule maker to others. Eiher from server security or internet support or the technologies being used are simply the best.

Based editorial reviews over 10+ popular dedicated server hosting providers, we highly recommend Hostgator and Bluehost for guaranteed service and performance.Either for hardware configuration or data center support or price value, hostgator and bluehost are leading side by side.

Hostgator – one of the best with affordable server plans. The hostgator servers actually use half place of softlayer company. Hostgator provides multiple dedicated server plans with both linux and windows support. The main point of hostgator dedicated server service is they offer almost all required management tools such as hosting control panel, sitebuilder wizard and email server. Further more, hostgator always offers special windows dedicated server for $100 off regular price!

Hostgator dedicated server

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Bluehost The only server provider who programmed everything by their own tech team for both data center and software platforms! Bluehost is powered by 3 world class data centers that're built up by the company itself to fulfill the next 10 years' IT requirements. The servers are completely cloud based for instant provisioning upon order verification. Once the server is ready, you will have full access to cloud management panel to view server details/status.

The art is you don't have to remote into hosting server for system level configuration. everything can be handled directly through management panel. You can view server usage and do analysis from web GUI by just few clicks away. You can also shutdown or power on server directly in management center. The best of the best is this management panel is mobile friendly, means you can get full control of the server any time at any place of the world with internet access.

bluehost dedicated hosting

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How do we rate the Best Dedicated server hosting?

The best dedicated server hosting are rated through server specifications, management platform, ease of use and the most important – datacenter specs.

  1. Server configuration – The dedicated servers can be custom setup by customer requirement, however it must be brand new purchase and the server must be installed in proper place with good cooling environment. It must provide UPS power backup and necessary safety protection.
  2. Management platform – It can be bare server, but there must be some kind of management tool so in case the server run into problem, we can still read the data in another way. Bluehost is doing the best on the way. Even the server is down, we still have access to server data from cloud panel and don't have to worry about data loss.
  3. Ease of use – It's not only referring to the server itself but also the support service from provider. A good quality service provider is always available to support you in many ways but not to piss off. This is the problem reported by lots of users. server is good, network is good, but problem is its hard to get a helpful support.
  4. Data center support – The core feature for a successful server service. Lots of cheap server hosting are not only for poor hardware setup but also host through bad data center service. We have to review different data center services carefully then choose from the best.

What kind of dedicated server hosting plans being offered?

Dedicated Server hosting plans come in two different types: Managed and Unmanaged.

Managed Dedicated Server hosting means you get all necessary tools for server management with extra costs. The benefit is, your server provider will do all of the security updates, os updates and any available updates for you. It's great solution if you are not quite familiar with server administration.

With an Unmanaged Dedicated Server, you will be responsible for all of the updates and software that you install, so you will need to be very tech savvy and understand how to configure your server correctly. Unmanaged Dedicated Servers leaves all server end tasks to yourself with less cost. Unless you're pretty skilled srever admin, the manaegd solution is always better choice.

When do you need dedicated server hosting service?

A Dedicated Hosting package is in need when you outgrowed a shared or VPS server or when you need better security over your application. Generally, a dedicated server is in place to serve heavy traffic website or for some specific application installation which is not applicable under shared environment. With either managed or unmanaged service, you get full access to server OS and be able to configure any service. It's a costly hosting solution but absolutely worth the paying if you business is relying on it.

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