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Movable Type Introduction

Movable Type(MT) is a single, unified blog software by Six Apart company written in CGI scripting. It's a perfect combination of personal blog and business website. Movable Type is outstanding for it's support of multi-user, commenting, skinning and plenty of plugins. it has been one of the most successful commercial blog system on the globe.

Unlike most blog softwares, Movable Type is programmed with Perl CGI scripting. Movable Type Enterprise also supports the Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server. The software is now only available by commercial purchase. The team also provides paid support based different terms and contract.

Best Movable Type Hosting Plan

In order to get movable type hosted, the hosting must have perl 5.8+ Mysql 5+ installed. Besides, the hosting server must meet the 99% uptime guarantee and provide 24 x 7 live support for moveable type. The best Movable Type hosting awards goes to by editorial reviews side by side such as platform support, hosting plan features, performance and customer support. Arvixe hosting server is fully MT compatible with more than enough features required to build a successful site.

Arvixe movable type hosting core features:

  • Unlimited Space / Data Transfer
  • Multiple domain names hosting
  • One FREE domain for life
  • 24/7 live tech support via chat, ticket and phone
  • Free Movable Type installation
  • 99.9% uptime and 60 day money back guarantee
  • PHP version 4.3+ and 5.2+, Perl 5.8+, MySQL 5+, Apache 2+…

Best Movable Type Hosting

Visit for movable type hosting details

More about Movable Type

Movable Type has been top lorch blog solution for it's great management for users & articles. It supports unlimited blogs and provides great Xhtml/CSS theme design. Especially for developers and system administrators, the setup is pretty straight by few commands. Being a commercial appliation, movable type provides unbeatable advantages such as the following:

  • Article management – MT generates static HTML files for each article by title names, while the common management keeps no change from admin side.
  • Security – Moveable Type is based on perl core language script with fully extendable functions. No matter you use it for content management or blog, it has put the security from the top.
  • Database support – Unlike other blog systems which is dedicated for one database, moveabletype is fully compatible with multiple database such as mysql, postgresql and SQL Server, this is the biggest spotlight of moveabletype and make it popular to either personal or large communities.
  • User friendly – MoveableType is pretty easy to start, installation just few clicks away and the skin & plugin installation is a simple click. The more advanced feature is you manage all these from a single admin dashboard.
  • Content Management – MoveableType is much a CMS system which includes user management, content management. MoveableType is one of the most flexible and scalable solution for accommodating high-traffic loads and large communities of readers.

Movable Type vs WordPress

When comes to blogging, the first impression might be how to use wordpress. Movable type is metioned very few from various communities. Being one of the very first blog platform, movable type had been considered the most secure and powerful blog system. But now it's fading away by it's powerful competitor.

Let's go ahead and compare the two softwares from their main features

  • Licensing: WordPress is provided under GPL license and 100% free. The WP founder is also fans of freeware and trying to make all wordpress add-ons for free. MT is available for both free and commercial editions for different requirements.
  • Scripting language: WordPress is coded via PHP while MT is coded by Perl. PHP actually makes wordpress much easier to install and maintain than PERL. Especially for new bloggers or people who's not familiar with perl, it's kind of risk to use the MT system. Instead, wordpress can be used by anyone who need a blog or website creation.
  • Support: WordPress is supported by a huge community and many people are actually living on wordpress further development in themes, plugins etc. Movable Type is mainly supported by it's official site and further support needs to be paid.

As we see from above comparison. Unless you have a special reason, wordpress is always primary consideration for better management and better support. Movable type is great if you want to learn about perl scripting for further programming skills.

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