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best b2evolution hosting

B2evolution Introduction

B2evolution is PHP & MySQL blog system developed by B2evolution group. From the first release in 2001, B2evolution has been powering millions blog websites for both blog writers and IT professionals. Afer many years development, b2evolution is now more than a blog system but more like a CMS which is capable of any kind website development.

b2evolution provides all features from traditional blog tools and extended with evolved features such as file & photo management, skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions. B2evolution is available for free & open-source (GPL) with multiple languages support.

Best B2evolution Hosting

The best b2evolution hosting awards goes to Arvixe for both b2evolution server performance and reliability as well as customer satisfication! Arvixe hosting starts at $2.80/mo promotional price for two years upfront ordering.

Arvixe b2evolution hosting plan provides unlimited mysql database, unlimited data transfer and unlimited domain hosting support. It also provides a free b2evolution installer in control panel center. If you have failed to host b2evolution from anywhere else, arvixe people will help migrate over your website for free with zero downtime!

Arvixe is rated the best not only for it's super low cost service but also for it's leading speed web server and knowlegeable tech support to the software. Their support people are knowlegeable in problem fixing and the software development, thus whenever you run into problems, just pick up the helpdesk call for instant assistance and you'll never be disappointed! Their technical team prepared resourceful FAQ and tutorials on how to use the platform as well as trouble shooting.

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arvixe b2evolution hosting

How to select the best b2evolution hosting service?

Before doing research of looking for the best b2evolution hosting service, you should not onlylook at the system requirements of b2evolution. Since it only requires php and mysql database, most hosting providers be able to support this software. From editorial view, LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) is best choice from it's code structure and official announcements. For this concern, you should look for an excellent linux hosting provider to get your b2evolution blog hosted.

Beside this, server performance, hosting plan features, customer support and overall price value are what you should pay attention to seriously. It takes some time to determine if the web host is suitable for you but you will get the best thing by doing so. Arvixe is verified from side by side requirements based editorial true experience. Especially when you're web developer with different requirements to hosting server, arvixe be able to offer very friendly support.

More about B2evolution

  • Open source – B2evolution is developed via php mysql under GNU GPL license, it's free to everybody and you're welcome to modify the codes to meet your actual needs.
  • Multiple Blogs – With only one installation, you can setup as many blogs as you liked, each blog can be setup on the same domain or a new domain name and it's fully functional like an independent site.
  • Skinning – B2evolution comes with plenty of skins itself. most of the time you don't need to look at a third party website to find the suitable skin for your blog site.
  • Spam control – B2evolution introduced Effective combination of active and passive anti-spam measures — including a community shared blacklist — to block comment and referer spam.

B2evolution vs WordPress

Both b2evolution and wordpress are top blog software. To use b2evolution or wordpress is actually a hard determination most of the time. If you compare their functions side by side you would find they're mostly the same and both softwares can do the same works by different level bloggers. The only difference between b2evolution and wordpress are actually the software size and the possibility to customize by yourself. In some degrees, wordpress is actually more user friendly for it's simply code design and small size. If you're prefer to wordpress, you can read this wordpress hosting page for more details.

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