Introduction and review of the popular softwares & Apps to support hosting service. This includes hosting control panel solutions, plugin & modules for different technical requirements

Best Enterprise Email Solutions

best enterprise email solution

Email is considered key feature of online business. Especially for those big groups with heavy daily email traffic, a reliable enterprise email solution is highly required. But what email platform to work with? We have carried out a list of leading email services to help people determine the best choice based their coperate needs.

Coperate email requirement is quite different from personal service. It's not just for simple email sending/receiving, coperate email always involve business that bring profits to the company as well as better management over company affairs such as group meeting, calendar, reliable security protection etc. Such features are not available from most common email service. For modern technologies development, most business communication is handled through mobile device. Thus mobile compatibility is an essential requirement to coperate email. Today we'll introduce two leading enterprise email solutions – Microsoft exchange and Smartermail.

Microsoft Exchange

Also known as exchange server, is one of the most popular enterprise software solutions by microsoft. Basically, it has side by side support for all email features. Till present, there's not another product could replace it completely for reliable and powerful email solutions. The microsoft exchange is more than email service but a great platform for many other services development like workflow, content management, web system and other messaging systems. It's an all in one intranet workstation.

Microsoft exchange server support all email protocols besides the common smtp/pop, these include IMAP4, LDAP and NNTP protocols. Exchange server is fully web access compatible from both computer and mobile devices.

The only disadvantage of exchange is the high price. There're several thousands dollars included in purchasing the software. That's how it being used by enterprise groups only. However, the latest exchange server is released in two ways where people can choose to install a full version exchange server or purchase the service directly along with office 365. We can puchase amount of user accounts based our needs, additional user accounts can be also purchased in case there's requirement in future.

email hosting


SmarterMail( delivers Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost. It's just a light weight windows installer with very low hardware requirements. Regardless its small size, smartermail provides superior stability and powerful features. It is recognized the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and hosting companies. Being an enterprise email solution, smartermail provides following unbeatable features:

  • Anywhere Access. Smartermail service can be accessed anywhere by standard web browser and outlook. Your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats can be always connected online. That means you will never loose a single email incase there's any.
  • Collaboration and synchronization. All your smartermail data will be synchronized to ensure you can get complete data view no matter when and how you logged into your email account.
  • Instant communication. The most leading feature from smartermail is you can send instant message to co-workers as web chat. You can also start group meeting by this chat feature.
  • comprehensive API. Smartermail provides very powerful web management APIs so you can customize the way in using the product such as user creation, bandwidth monitoring etc. Basically you can program to each feature of the product.
  • Leading antispam and antivirus protection. SmarterMail includes a variety of intrusion detection methods to prevent the mail server from being compromised. 97% spam protection upon setup and installation.
  • Easy migration. You can migrate to smartermail system from any service/platform. The system provides a powerful and friendly migration tool to complete the task in quick time.

Exchange or Smartermail?

Gnerally speaking, the microsoft exchange server is more professional but more complex for setup comparing to smartermail. You might need an IT professional to maintain the server frequently. Smartermail is light weight but already very similar to exchange and could just perform the same. The most important is it will help reduce the investment a lot. You can try out the product for free and pay with your real needs.

Based all the smartermail advantages, more and more hosting groups and enterprises have migrated their email service to this platform. You can easily pick up a smartermail hosting provider or simply install the software on your company server directly to launch the service

6Scan Reviews

6scan reviews

Website security is top concern by business groups. And because of the fast tech development, hackers are more and more active to find out vulnerabilities on our websites. It's not rare to hear about various hacking events thus it forces webmasters to tighten their website security by any solution they can found. Today let's check out one of the leading website protection solutions – 6Scan.

6Scan Introduction

6Scan( is a team of ex-military security experts who have implemented traditional expensive and complicated website security solutions. 6scan is also one of the very earliest solutions for website protection. The mission of 6scan is to provide an affordable and reliable website protection to both enterprise and personal webmasters. Till present, 6scan is partnered with lots of reputable IT groups and securing more than 10 millions websites.

6Scan provides total of 3 service plans – Basic, professional and enterprise with different features such as scanning depth and frequency etc. The basic plan is configured for daily frequency with up to 100 pages while it's hourly with unlimited pages for enterprise plan.

What's actually good of 6scan?

To learn the advantages, let's first check how it works and what kind of tasks can be done with it. The 6scan is simply a light weight scanner on your website after installed. It will communicate with host server for up to date vulnerabilities collection then scan your configured website. Once the security guard is turnned on, it will auto complete the following essential tasks:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • CSRF
  • Directory traversal
  • Remote file inclusion
  • Several DoS conditions

Once vulnerabilities found, it will send SMS or email notification then apply auto fix if possible. As we see, it's more than a simple scanner but a problem fixing engine with 100% automation. Very few security products have managed doing so. You have option to receive scanning reports by SMS or email. You will see how those hacking attempts happened and fixed. For example if someone tried to hack into your admin panel by various user id/password, 6scan will detect the user IP address and block it for some periods to stop their hacking attempts. The product even provide an auto secure backup service where your site and database will be auto backed up on server and you can apply quick restoration from specific date.

Website Plugin

From the very beginning, we have to add our site from 6scan dashboard once signed up the service. But their tech team has simplified their service by plugins. As more than 20% websites are developped by wordpress today, 6scan team has programmed a wordpress plugin called "6scan protection" with all features included. Just download the plugin from wordpress official gallery then install/activate by few steps. The plugin is pretty light weight so your wordpress site performance won't be affected. Just make an initial configuration and you're all set, the service will running background based your configuration parameter and keep your data in safe place.

Plugins for other popular website softwares are also planned as suggested by its official team. Joomla, drupal and other popular cms softwares are mentioned in their list.

Web Hosting Integration

6Scan has partnered with multiple reputable hosting providers to have the service configured on server end directly. In this way, hosting users don't have to apply it one by one for different websites. Take arvixe( for example, 6scan is installed on all servers and available in each clients' control panel center. Just navigate to the security section and activate the service then your entire account will be secured/protected. All configuration parameters are just provided the same from control panel.

What would be the weakness of the service?

Seriously? price might be the huge weakness. The starter price $9.99/mo per single site might be non-affordable choice for personal webmaster as it's more than hosting service investment. They indeed provides some discounts from partner sites but it's still a little expensive. However, regardless the paying amount, people get free scan opportunity before you decide to pay. So it's pretty fair service. There's nothing to blame at all based all benefits it brings.

Basically, with 6scan service you don't need an antivirus or antimalware product. So it actually helps reduce your investment from other security solutions. If you need super reliable and easy website protection, 6scan is highly recommended solution.

SQL Server Compact Hosting

SQL CE hosting

SQL Server Compact(SQL CE) is a free, embedded database that software developers can use for building websites and Windows desktop applications. It's most well known as sql server mobile edition for its light weight on mobile and desktop devices. The latest release includes and The is mainly for development purpose.

SQL CE comes as default database for Webmatrix and can be used by Visual Studio as well. Unlike the other database systems that requires server end installation, sql ce can be working independently on web hosting server without any special configuration. Means, you can host sql ce web application with any hosting service that has 3.5 sp1 or 4.0 installed. Because of this, the hosting server performance will be your sole consideration.

Best SQL CE Hosting Service

Arvixe( is awarded the best sql ce hosting after reviewed 20+ reputable hosting providers based their plan features, server uptime, customer support and price value. The arvixe sql ce web hosting plan comes with unlimited databases support per single hosting account. Arvixe setup all .net hosting accounts on latest windows server 2012 with newest hardware production. Using standard websitepanel, you can configure and host your sql ce application easily and professionally. Arvixe sql ce hosting core features including:

  • FREE domain name registration
  • Dedicated Application pools
  • Unlimited databases support
  • 99% server uptime guarantee
  • 24x7x365 live tech support guarantee
  • 60 days worry free guarantee!

Learn more about arvixe .net hosting plans from

How to host sql ce application with arvixe?

You need to follow the below steps in order to configure your sql ce application properly with arvixe hosting.

1. Go to your development computer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v4.0\Private, then copy the following dll files to your website bin folder:

  • System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll
  • System.Data.SqlServerCe.Entity.dll

2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v4.0\Private\x86 and copy over the following dlls to bin folder too:

  • sqlceca40.dll
  • sqlcecompact40.dll
  • sqlceer40EN.dll
  • sqlceme40.dll
  • sqlceqp40.dll
  • sqlcese40.dll

3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v4.0\Private\x86\Microsoft.VC90.CRT and copy over the following dlls to website bin folder:

  • Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest
  • msvcr90.dll

Now, your sql ce is connected and ready to run! You can always follow above steps to deploy sql ce website to any other .net hosting service.

Why should you use SQL CE?

Among all microsoft database systems, SQL CE is an excellent option for a large number of small to mid-sized database driven websites. Read the following advantages then check why you should use other database system!

SQL CE is FREE: SQL CE is completely free database with no license required. You even don't have to have a driver on server end but just need to configure proper frameworks.

SQL CE is Full Functional: It's almost the same like full version sql server database except it does not support stored procedures. However, it's already good enough to power most .net websites.

Easy to Upgrade: Because SQL CE is sql server system, in case you're going to take advantages of full version sql server for more features, you can easily upgrade your existing sql ce to other sql server database systems painless


Where I can get sql ce?

SQL CE can be downloaded from this microsoft page directly. it's free.

How can I configure sql ce connection string?

The connection string for sql ce is very simple. Here is an example:

   <add name ="sample"
   connectionString="data source=|DataDirectory|\sample.sdf" />

How do I make sure my sql ce application will work with hosting?

You need to make sure your hosting server is full trust compatible and follow above deploy procedures. Medium trust will not work for sql ce.

Should I use sql ce or sql express?

SQL CE is pretty light weight comparing to sql express. While not every hosting providers be able to support sql express database, sql ce is compatible with almost all .net hosting providers. If you're going to put up a light weight website and don't have special requirements to database system, sql ce is absolutely your best choice.

Best Mobile Website Builder & Hosting

Best mobile website builder

goMobi is absolutely the best mobile website builder from various solutions on the market. goMobi is best for it's 100% mobile compatibility and support over multiple languages. With goMobi you can put up a mobile website in few minutes by just drag and drop!

More about goMobi Website Builder

goMobi is an innovative system/resource designed to create great mobile websites quickly and simply. The Mobile-friendly features like easy navigation and encouraging layouts will easily convert your visiting into sales. goMobi allows almost anybody to create a high quality, user friendly mobile website in minutes. goMobi works by combining traditional content management systems with the speed and simplicity of mobile website architecture.

Core features of goMobi

  • Generate website App on mobile desktop
  • Call seller via one click
  • Products image gallery
  • Video show
  • Show your latest promo
  • Show your business time
  • Quick contact form
  • Show your blog and twitter activities

Best goMobi Web Hosting

goMobi is not a free service and always charged for several bucks per month by almost every web hosting provider. But, today we'll introduce one of the best web hosting brand from the industry – FatCow! This cow becomes fatter this year by offering free goMobi website builder! Their people normally sell it separately for $60/yr. However, with our partnership with fatcow, you can get gomobi service completely for FREE! You won't find this offer on fatcow regular homepage but just be able to claim it from this promotional offer link. You'll be redirected to following page where free gomobi option is included!

fatcow gomobi service

More about Fatcow Web Hosting

Fatcow, founded in 1998 and has been operating for well over 10 years now. Fatcow is one of the most famous web hosting companies and been editorial choice on top of the leading web hosting list. With a single web hosting plan you get all services as unlimited plus a free domain name registration. Today, fatcow highlights their service by offering free goMobi website builder service which is $60/yr big saving! Fatcow also provides another traditional website builder called CM4all. Fatcow Hosting spotlights as following:

  • Free domain name registration
  • Unlimited disk space/bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases/email accounts
  • Super friendly customer support via chat, email and phone
  • Free Mobile website builder
  • Green hosting powered by 100% wind energy!

Visit for more hosting features

goMobi Website Builder FAQs

Q: Can I use gomobi to convert my existing website to mobile friendly?

A: It depends. goMobi has a great feature to populate your desktop website – such as your telephone number, address, logo, etc will be picked up directly by the design. However if you used some CMS software such as wordpress, the compatibility is not guaranteed.

Q: Do I have to use a .mobi domain name in order to use gomobi?
A: No you don't have to. You can use any kind domain with your gomobi website creation.

Q: Can I point multiple domain names to my goMobi website?
A: Yes you can. As long as your web hosting provider support this feature you can add as many domain names to point to your gomobi website. You just need to point the domain DNS records properly.

Q: Does goMobi works on all mobile device?
A: Yes, goMobi has a variety of templates that work with smart phones as well as other mobile device.

Q: How many languages supported by goMobi?
A: The setup languages available as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Chinese (Simplified). But you can create website via any language.

Q: Is goMobi website search engine friendly?
A: Yes, all pages created by goMobi can be optimized from the setup such as optimized URL, robots.txt and directories submission etc.

Q: Does goMobi provide analytics?
A: Yes, goMobi has a custom analytics tool and google analytics option for your mobile website.

Q: Why do I need a mobile website?
A: 43% of consumers use their phone to access internet. A bad design website with difficult navigation, display not optimized for the mobile device etc will simply drive away your potential business. goMobi ensures that you aren't missing out on the growing mobile audience by offering a quick and easy tool to build your presence on the mobile web.

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Best Affiliate Tracking Software

best affiliate tracking software

Affiliate program is an important part to most online business. Especially for newly setup service, if you have limited budget for advertisement, a good affiliate plan will attrack lots of people to advertise your service/products. But what software to use for our affiliate program? In case you're not so awared of, we're going to check some of the most popular affiliate tracking softwares.

WHMCS. It's probably the most popular name as being of the standard integration for cpanel control panel. If you're running cpanel based web hosting business and would like to configure affiliate program, you don't have to pay extra by using WHMCS. The WHMCS can be integrated with almost all online business for management over orders, clients, billings and all stuff.

Although WHMCS can be used for affiliate purpose, the core feature is about client and billing management, it's lack of support over affiliate program and only be suggested for easy and simple program purpose.

iDevdirect. It's a powerful and fully functional affiliate software. The sole purpose of this software is about affiliate management. There we can learn about the overall statistics, ROI as well as payment status etc in GUI interface. Since 1999, iDevdirect has been the industry leading product in it's class. There're thousands of user friendly features and technical support, we can fully customize it via addon plugins and modules.

Another advantage of iDevdirect is we can integrate with our existing website easily if we designed via Joomla, It will take over all user info and give each user affiliate role automatically.

Omnistar. A popular affiliate software that's being used by many IT giants such as Softlayer and Cisco. Omnistar is designed with fraud protection as well as thrid party integration such as google analytics and other monitor campaigns. All configurations can be setup in 10 minutes with worry free compatibility. If you're not sure if it's the right choice for your business, they proudly offer 15 days free trial to convince people!

If you are not ready to install those softwares yet but just want to take advantages of existing ones, Commission Junkie(CJ) is by far the most popular choice. Almost all business being advertised on CJ for it's reliable and professional service.

Of course, it depends your requirement. For some big groups like hostgator, iPage etc they programmed their own softwares and keep everything in hand. Affiliate program will bring us great business opportunities if we can make good use of it. A good affiliate tracking software will simplify the process to success!

Attracta Review

Attracta review

When we put up a website online, we always hope more people to visit. Especially for ecommerce site, more visitors means more potential orders. In order to archive that, SEO is recommended way and if there's a good tool to simplify the work, it will save our great times. Today we're going to talk about "Attracta" — a cpanel integrated SEO tool.

Attracta Overview

What on earth Attracta is? Attracta is advertised the world's largest SEO service provider which is used by over one million websites. Attracta has been around since 2009 and popularly used throughout the world.

What exactly does Attracta do to your site?

Attracta is simply collection of the available free SEO tools which is used to replace manual works. The Attracta will crawl each page of the website and fix some simple errors. The main features including XML Sitemap Submission, Google Blacklist Checking, Link Building, Social Networking Tools, SEO Tips and Tutorials. The solely purpose of attracta is to automate all your manual work.

Is Attracta good SEO tool?

Attracta is started as free trial and it's simply sign up process let people get in very easily. However, this software does not act as expected. The main problems are focused on following points

Unauthorized registration – Attracta has been added to cpanel by most hosting providers and there's always a good introduction over this implementation. In cPanel, Attracta is devided into several categories but all goes to the same place. Once it's clicked, we will be guided to optimize our sites and we're registered to their site automatically. Nowhere says about this.

Change over the website – During the submission, Attracta will change something to our sites for example the robots.txt. It will completely remove the old configurations and replace via it's own sitemap URL. So if we have some essential configurations there it will be removed. It's absolutely bad action as it changing something without any notification.

Can not get out – This is probably the worst thing with attracta service. Once we get into their mailing list we'll not be able to unsubscribe and could not cancel the service. We'll receive emails every few periods if we do not use their service.

What's the trick of cPanel integration?

Actually the attracta link in cPanel is affilliated from hosting providers. Means the hosting company will earn some money from user registration or further advanced services. It's advertised the largest SEO service provider with over 1 million websites list, but I highly doubt about the value because we always get into the service beyond expectation. If you ask if I recommend people to use this service, the anser is NO. If you're interested, there's hot discussion on this hostgator forum posting: