6Scan Reviews

6scan reviews

Website security is top concern by business groups. And because of the fast tech development, hackers are more and more active to find out vulnerabilities on our websites. It's not rare to hear about various hacking events thus it forces webmasters to tighten their website security by any solution they can found. Today let's check out one of the leading website protection solutions – 6Scan.

6Scan Introduction

6Scan(www.6scan.com) is a team of ex-military security experts who have implemented traditional expensive and complicated website security solutions. 6scan is also one of the very earliest solutions for website protection. The mission of 6scan is to provide an affordable and reliable website protection to both enterprise and personal webmasters. Till present, 6scan is partnered with lots of reputable IT groups and securing more than 10 millions websites.

6Scan provides total of 3 service plans – Basic, professional and enterprise with different features such as scanning depth and frequency etc. The basic plan is configured for daily frequency with up to 100 pages while it's hourly with unlimited pages for enterprise plan.

What's actually good of 6scan?

To learn the advantages, let's first check how it works and what kind of tasks can be done with it. The 6scan is simply a light weight scanner on your website after installed. It will communicate with host server for up to date vulnerabilities collection then scan your configured website. Once the security guard is turnned on, it will auto complete the following essential tasks:

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • CSRF
  • Directory traversal
  • Remote file inclusion
  • Several DoS conditions

Once vulnerabilities found, it will send SMS or email notification then apply auto fix if possible. As we see, it's more than a simple scanner but a problem fixing engine with 100% automation. Very few security products have managed doing so. You have option to receive scanning reports by SMS or email. You will see how those hacking attempts happened and fixed. For example if someone tried to hack into your admin panel by various user id/password, 6scan will detect the user IP address and block it for some periods to stop their hacking attempts. The product even provide an auto secure backup service where your site and database will be auto backed up on server and you can apply quick restoration from specific date.

Website Plugin

From the very beginning, we have to add our site from 6scan dashboard once signed up the service. But their tech team has simplified their service by plugins. As more than 20% websites are developped by wordpress today, 6scan team has programmed a wordpress plugin called "6scan protection" with all features included. Just download the plugin from wordpress official gallery then install/activate by few steps. The plugin is pretty light weight so your wordpress site performance won't be affected. Just make an initial configuration and you're all set, the service will running background based your configuration parameter and keep your data in safe place.

Plugins for other popular website softwares are also planned as suggested by its official team. Joomla, drupal and other popular cms softwares are mentioned in their list.

Web Hosting Integration

6Scan has partnered with multiple reputable hosting providers to have the service configured on server end directly. In this way, hosting users don't have to apply it one by one for different websites. Take arvixe(www.arvixe.com) for example, 6scan is installed on all servers and available in each clients' control panel center. Just navigate to the security section and activate the service then your entire account will be secured/protected. All configuration parameters are just provided the same from control panel.

What would be the weakness of the service?

Seriously? price might be the huge weakness. The starter price $9.99/mo per single site might be non-affordable choice for personal webmaster as it's more than hosting service investment. They indeed provides some discounts from partner sites but it's still a little expensive. However, regardless the paying amount, people get free scan opportunity before you decide to pay. So it's pretty fair service. There's nothing to blame at all based all benefits it brings.

Basically, with 6scan service you don't need an antivirus or antimalware product. So it actually helps reduce your investment from other security solutions. If you need super reliable and easy website protection, 6scan is highly recommended solution.

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