Attracta Review

Attracta review

When we put up a website online, we always hope more people to visit. Especially for ecommerce site, more visitors means more potential orders. In order to archive that, SEO is recommended way and if there's a good tool to simplify the work, it will save our great times. Today we're going to talk about "Attracta" — a cpanel integrated SEO tool.

Attracta Overview

What on earth Attracta is? Attracta is advertised the world's largest SEO service provider which is used by over one million websites. Attracta has been around since 2009 and popularly used throughout the world.

What exactly does Attracta do to your site?

Attracta is simply collection of the available free SEO tools which is used to replace manual works. The Attracta will crawl each page of the website and fix some simple errors. The main features including XML Sitemap Submission, Google Blacklist Checking, Link Building, Social Networking Tools, SEO Tips and Tutorials. The solely purpose of attracta is to automate all your manual work.

Is Attracta good SEO tool?

Attracta is started as free trial and it's simply sign up process let people get in very easily. However, this software does not act as expected. The main problems are focused on following points

Unauthorized registration – Attracta has been added to cpanel by most hosting providers and there's always a good introduction over this implementation. In cPanel, Attracta is devided into several categories but all goes to the same place. Once it's clicked, we will be guided to optimize our sites and we're registered to their site automatically. Nowhere says about this.

Change over the website – During the submission, Attracta will change something to our sites for example the robots.txt. It will completely remove the old configurations and replace via it's own sitemap URL. So if we have some essential configurations there it will be removed. It's absolutely bad action as it changing something without any notification.

Can not get out – This is probably the worst thing with attracta service. Once we get into their mailing list we'll not be able to unsubscribe and could not cancel the service. We'll receive emails every few periods if we do not use their service.

What's the trick of cPanel integration?

Actually the attracta link in cPanel is affilliated from hosting providers. Means the hosting company will earn some money from user registration or further advanced services. It's advertised the largest SEO service provider with over 1 million websites list, but I highly doubt about the value because we always get into the service beyond expectation. If you ask if I recommend people to use this service, the anser is NO. If you're interested, there's hot discussion on this hostgator forum posting:


  1. - Reply

    I’ve being using the free trial from Attracta service. Everything seem perfect and I would recommend to other user to try it out.

    • - Reply

      Unfortunately, I don’t recommend attracta with my bad experience. Just hope you’ll go well with it.

  2. RealTime - Reply

    I have seen several reviews of Attracta SEO like this that fault them for robots.txt modifications, but in my experience this change is made properly and benefits the site with a link to an XML Sitemap. All-in-all I have had very positive results with their service and I think this is why so many hosts have it in their cpanel, not for the money as you seem to imply.

    • - Reply

      I can only say it completely damaged my pre-setup robots file. The attracta just submit your site to directories where I don’t see any advantage. Moreover you will get unlimited notification to resubmit your site.

  3. AttractaSucks - Reply

    Attracta behavior is extremly intrusive. Very few companies work this way. One missclick to install a software in your cpanel account that will spam your e-mail everyday and auto change your website without any notice. I didn’t even knew what Attracta was when I accidently clicked it for first time.
    In my opinion companies that seems to be suspicious and act suspicious are not to be trust.

    Attracta is one of them.

  4. AttractaSucks - Reply

    Not to mention the hard work to get out that everyone talks about! At least there is an unsubscribe from e-mails link now. Let’s see if this stops the spam. Luckly I have destroyed the cpanels associated with previous attracta services and the only one still active is for a subdomain that I don’t care that much. I don’t know how to easily opt-out for their services (if it is possible without creating a new cpanel account)

  5. - Reply

    oh damn it,i just subscribe the attracta services..all of four their services..oh man,isit it really gonna ruin my website.i do it purposely for better seo.couple hundred buck already paid to them

    • - Reply

      Well, above is solely our experience with attracta. Personally, we do not think it’s a good one because it makes changes without any notification.

  6. Henry - Reply

    Hi Guys

    Specially Keny, does attracta has recently changed? I have got a feeling that the work on my website will be done manually or is it it just what I think? I have ordered first monthly managed SEO package from them.

    Thanks for your answers in advance

    • - Reply

      Hi, we have not any news about that. Basically, the software makes chages to site configurations to such as robots.txt. What they do is to submit your website to different directories, that’s all.

  7. davemarks - Reply

    Attracta is just a big spam upsell machine. Nobody needs it to run a successful website.

    Whether it’s the fault of Attracta or the hosts who include this junk I’m not sure. But anyone reading this who has new cpanel account needs to check where the link is going to before you click it because I’m sure in some configurations Attracta’s stuff is not all in one place. One click of attractive sounding links like ‘Instant sitemap’ and you’re on their spam list.

    There is no ‘opt in’, no warning.

    Also it’s not obvious what other information is being sent to them along with your cpanel email address.


  8. - Reply

    I am also using free version of attracta and wan’t to buy massive link blast but after reading this article and comments about attracta i change my mind. Thaks to all.

  9. Christina - Reply

    I’ve actually found them to be pretty good for off-site SEO, especially given the price. Haven’t experienced any harm and if anything the links have helped increased the authority of my site.

    I found them through my cPanel as well. Customer support is very helpful.

  10. - Reply

    Oh, almost.. thanks man, i change my mind dan save my money. But, I’ve created dan submitted sitemap with attracta, is it will be problem for my site?

    • - Reply

      Hi, you will need to remove from the service first in control panel then reset your robot.txt file if any.

  11. Derek Anderson - Reply

    I always thought the same but I ordered a lot of services from Attracta and they are top notch It’s just like everything else in life only use what you need and the services they are very good in is Writing you keyword packed articles,Site Audit Tool & Backlink Blasts [100% Spam Free] my site went from 2 millionth spot to 20K from 1 link blast there articles turned all green in Yoast plugin I agree some services aren’t for me they do but they know what time it is on other stuff.

  12. - Reply

    I am trying to pay for Attracta service cos I am desperate of improving my South African blog. I have seen their Turbo service and all. I have seen their free services where they requested I should be submitting my site weekly. Please… I saw some of these comments here are as old as 2-3years… Is there anyone with recent views about this company to tell me what is honestly is before I paid. I just want my site to top in Google South Africa. Thanks

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