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Best mobile website builder

goMobi is absolutely the best mobile website builder from various solutions on the market. goMobi is best for it's 100% mobile compatibility and support over multiple languages. With goMobi you can put up a mobile website in few minutes by just drag and drop!

More about goMobi Website Builder

goMobi is an innovative system/resource designed to create great mobile websites quickly and simply. The Mobile-friendly features like easy navigation and encouraging layouts will easily convert your visiting into sales. goMobi allows almost anybody to create a high quality, user friendly mobile website in minutes. goMobi works by combining traditional content management systems with the speed and simplicity of mobile website architecture.

Core features of goMobi

  • Generate website App on mobile desktop
  • Call seller via one click
  • Products image gallery
  • Video show
  • Show your latest promo
  • Show your business time
  • Quick contact form
  • Show your blog and twitter activities

Best goMobi Web Hosting

goMobi is not a free service and always charged for several bucks per month by almost every web hosting provider. But, today we'll introduce one of the best web hosting brand from the industry – FatCow! This cow becomes fatter this year by offering free goMobi website builder! Their people normally sell it separately for $60/yr. However, with our partnership with fatcow, you can get gomobi service completely for FREE! You won't find this offer on fatcow regular homepage but just be able to claim it from this promotional offer link. You'll be redirected to following page where free gomobi option is included!

fatcow gomobi service

More about Fatcow Web Hosting

Fatcow, founded in 1998 and has been operating for well over 10 years now. Fatcow is one of the most famous web hosting companies and been editorial choice on top of the leading web hosting list. With a single web hosting plan you get all services as unlimited plus a free domain name registration. Today, fatcow highlights their service by offering free goMobi website builder service which is $60/yr big saving! Fatcow also provides another traditional website builder called CM4all. Fatcow Hosting spotlights as following:

  • Free domain name registration
  • Unlimited disk space/bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases/email accounts
  • Super friendly customer support via chat, email and phone
  • Free Mobile website builder
  • Green hosting powered by 100% wind energy!

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goMobi Website Builder FAQs

Q: Can I use gomobi to convert my existing website to mobile friendly?

A: It depends. goMobi has a great feature to populate your desktop website – such as your telephone number, address, logo, etc will be picked up directly by the design. However if you used some CMS software such as wordpress, the compatibility is not guaranteed.

Q: Do I have to use a .mobi domain name in order to use gomobi?
A: No you don't have to. You can use any kind domain with your gomobi website creation.

Q: Can I point multiple domain names to my goMobi website?
A: Yes you can. As long as your web hosting provider support this feature you can add as many domain names to point to your gomobi website. You just need to point the domain DNS records properly.

Q: Does goMobi works on all mobile device?
A: Yes, goMobi has a variety of templates that work with smart phones as well as other mobile device.

Q: How many languages supported by goMobi?
A: The setup languages available as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Chinese (Simplified). But you can create website via any language.

Q: Is goMobi website search engine friendly?
A: Yes, all pages created by goMobi can be optimized from the setup such as optimized URL, robots.txt and directories submission etc.

Q: Does goMobi provide analytics?
A: Yes, goMobi has a custom analytics tool and google analytics option for your mobile website.

Q: Why do I need a mobile website?
A: 43% of consumers use their phone to access internet. A bad design website with difficult navigation, display not optimized for the mobile device etc will simply drive away your potential business. goMobi ensures that you aren't missing out on the growing mobile audience by offering a quick and easy tool to build your presence on the mobile web.

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