Best Enterprise Email Solutions

best enterprise email solution

Email is considered key feature of online business. Especially for those big groups with heavy daily email traffic, a reliable enterprise email solution is highly required. But what email platform to work with? We have carried out a list of leading email services to help people determine the best choice based their coperate needs.

Coperate email requirement is quite different from personal service. It's not just for simple email sending/receiving, coperate email always involve business that bring profits to the company as well as better management over company affairs such as group meeting, calendar, reliable security protection etc. Such features are not available from most common email service. For modern technologies development, most business communication is handled through mobile device. Thus mobile compatibility is an essential requirement to coperate email. Today we'll introduce two leading enterprise email solutions – Microsoft exchange and Smartermail.

Microsoft Exchange

Also known as exchange server, is one of the most popular enterprise software solutions by microsoft. Basically, it has side by side support for all email features. Till present, there's not another product could replace it completely for reliable and powerful email solutions. The microsoft exchange is more than email service but a great platform for many other services development like workflow, content management, web system and other messaging systems. It's an all in one intranet workstation.

Microsoft exchange server support all email protocols besides the common smtp/pop, these include IMAP4, LDAP and NNTP protocols. Exchange server is fully web access compatible from both computer and mobile devices.

The only disadvantage of exchange is the high price. There're several thousands dollars included in purchasing the software. That's how it being used by enterprise groups only. However, the latest exchange server is released in two ways where people can choose to install a full version exchange server or purchase the service directly along with office 365. We can puchase amount of user accounts based our needs, additional user accounts can be also purchased in case there's requirement in future.

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SmarterMail( delivers Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost. It's just a light weight windows installer with very low hardware requirements. Regardless its small size, smartermail provides superior stability and powerful features. It is recognized the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and hosting companies. Being an enterprise email solution, smartermail provides following unbeatable features:

  • Anywhere Access. Smartermail service can be accessed anywhere by standard web browser and outlook. Your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats can be always connected online. That means you will never loose a single email incase there's any.
  • Collaboration and synchronization. All your smartermail data will be synchronized to ensure you can get complete data view no matter when and how you logged into your email account.
  • Instant communication. The most leading feature from smartermail is you can send instant message to co-workers as web chat. You can also start group meeting by this chat feature.
  • comprehensive API. Smartermail provides very powerful web management APIs so you can customize the way in using the product such as user creation, bandwidth monitoring etc. Basically you can program to each feature of the product.
  • Leading antispam and antivirus protection. SmarterMail includes a variety of intrusion detection methods to prevent the mail server from being compromised. 97% spam protection upon setup and installation.
  • Easy migration. You can migrate to smartermail system from any service/platform. The system provides a powerful and friendly migration tool to complete the task in quick time.

Exchange or Smartermail?

Gnerally speaking, the microsoft exchange server is more professional but more complex for setup comparing to smartermail. You might need an IT professional to maintain the server frequently. Smartermail is light weight but already very similar to exchange and could just perform the same. The most important is it will help reduce the investment a lot. You can try out the product for free and pay with your real needs.

Based all the smartermail advantages, more and more hosting groups and enterprises have migrated their email service to this platform. You can easily pick up a smartermail hosting provider or simply install the software on your company server directly to launch the service

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