WebhostingHub Nitro Plan Secret Revealed

webhostinghub nitro plan secret revealed

WebhostingHub team launched a upgrade plan called "Nitro" with very limited information about how it works and how it's configured. We have did a bit research and direct contact to their support about this service. This article provides side by side explanation for Nitro plan configuration and when you should consider using it. We'll also reveal some further webhostinghub plans under development so you will get further understanding of their service.

WebhostingHub currently is mostly well known for it's all in one single shared hosting plan. It's mainly setup for personal website users who don't have extremely high requirement to server system. The plan is just a division of InMotionHosting business class plans. The purpose is to deliver the same quality service at a lower cost. Since both Inmotion and WebhostingHub brands got huge business growth, they both tried to offer upgrade plans to meet up with user needs. Learn more about webhostinghub reviews

Nitro is just a beginning from Hub site, from our discussion with their support team, they have multiple plans under development. The purpose is to provide an affordable upgrade option to all clients. The new plan strucure is provided as Spark, Nitro and Dynamo

web hosting hub spark, nitro and dynamo plans

During our discussion, we confirmed Nitro clients is still located on regular shared servers but not a separate one. The only difference is people will get much more resource support. Although their standard shared plan has everything unlimited, they do have limitation on some sensitive resources such as CPU and bandwidth. Every user account is placed in isolated environment so every clients can not affect each other. But once your website grows up to the system limitation, you can not get the same quality performance as before. For such case, you have to upgrade to make sure everything is working properly. With Nitro plan, your account resources almost double sized for $6.99/mo. You don't have to sign up a separate plan in order to complete the upgrade, just contact their support for assistance and it's almost done instantly.

Here's a graphic explanation about what kind of website is suitable with Nitro plan

webhostinghub plans

As we see, the higher plan you choose the more resources you get. Especially when you run a dynamic script that has frequent read/write to database, mostly you will need upgrade after your website grows up quickly.

What's actually good of the Nitro and Dynamo plans?

The primary advantage is you don't have to open a new account then do account migration, the upgrade to either plan can be done instantly from support end. Everything is kept the same as before, what you get is the extra server resource for better performance.

Normally, when you grows up and shared hosting is no longer suitable to support your site, you're requested to switch to VPS or dedicated servers and if no action within some periods, your account will be suspended or cancelled. It's absolutely not good at all when you are not familiar with server management since there're lots of stuff to configure with. You don't get such problem from webhostinghub service, you get VPS level service but with much better support and user experience. Because everything is the same as regular hosting, you don't need to worry about server security and service setup. The support team is fully in charge of such.

Learn more details about webhostinghub new plans at http://www.webhostinghub.com/hosting-plans-customers.html

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