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webhostinghub faqWebHostingHub is reputable hosting provider for high performance and rich feature support. The company has been doing improvement in the past few years from a single hosting solution to multi class plans with side by side support. WebHostingHub is perfect choice when you just need a simple but reliable web hosting service. In this article we give a list of a to z FAQs about the company so people be able to understand their service in quick time.

Q: When was WebHostingHub created?
A: The company was setup in early 2010 in Virginia Beach, VA

Q: How many hosting plans offered by Webhostinghub?
A: Webhostinghub company initially provided a single standard cpanel hosting plan and upgraded to 3 class solutios since 2014 – Spark, Nitro and Dynamo. Different hosting plans come with different offers. All these plans/features are designed according to their ongoing experience for client requirements.

Q: How much disk space and traffic do I get per account?
A: There's no limitation on total amount you can use per account or per website. Webhostinghub provides unlimited disk/traffic support for each hosting account.

Q: How many websites can I host?
A: Depends the hosting plan you choose, you can host up to 5 websites under Spark plan and there's no limitation from Nitro and Dynamo plans.

Q: What's the money back guarantee plicy?
A: Webhostinghub provides 90 days no question asked full money back guarantee. Means if you're not satisfied within this period, you can get full amount back. If you need to close account after this period, you still get a pro rated refund.

Q: Where is Webhostinghub data center located?
A: Webhostinghub provides two data center choice from both Virginia and Los Angeles with green power supply.

Q: What's Max-speed zone?
A: It's a unique feature and only available from this company. Their data center technicians configured a special tunnel to connect their east and west data centers. No matter where your website visitor browse to your site, the data will be picked up from most nearby locations. It's extremely helpful if you're running a global famous website and need to serve people from different locations.

Q: What kind of server used by the company?
A: Webhostinghub uses DELL server production with cloudlinux installation. System drive is powered by Solid-state drives (SSD) and storage drive is RAID 10 SAS.

Q: What's the available PHP version support?
A: Webhostinghub only support PHP5 on all servers. To be more specific, it includes PHP5.2~5.6. You can select the suitable version from cpanel center.

Q: What kind of database support available?
A: Webhostinghub currently support MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases.

Q: Does Webhostinghub support secure POP/IMAP?
A: Yes. When you configure email client such as outlook, just tick the ssl option and change the port numbers to following:
SSL (POP3): 995
SSL (IMAP): 993

Q: Is Webhostinghub CMS friendly?
A: Absolutely yes. Webhosting not only supports all popular php cms softwares, they're actually sponsoring lots of events such as joomla and wordcamps.

Q: What're the add-on service from webhostinghub?
A: Webhostinghub provides two major add-on service: backup and McAfee protection service. Backup service costs $1/mo and you can schedule the hosting backup by your prefered frequency(24 hours at least). McAfee Email Protection utilizes cutting edge tools that keep your inbox and computer safe. From junk mail filters to reduce spam, to sender and message reputation filters to guard against unwanted emails from untrusted sources, McAfee takes a proactive approach to security. The protection service costs you $1.39/mo and can be added directly from control panel center.

Q: How does webhostinghub web design service work?
A: Web design service is totally handled by webhostinghub development team. You need to submit an online form to tell the detailed requirement. You can request to design on existing CMS platform or start from the scratch programming. The price varies by your final requirements. If you have selected a hosting plan, you can get 20% discount(for Nitro & Dynamo only)

Q: How can I get technical support?
A: There're just too many ways to get support from webhostinghub. The company support people not just work on their website but also very active on internet forums. They have web chat, toll free phone number, email and online support community system to share support experience directly.

Q: How does webhostinghub zero downtime transfer work?
A: If you're currently hosted from another service, webhostinghub migration team will schedule a best time to move over the site data including DNS change. Once the move is done, your site will be working on new server instantly.

Q: Do I get daily backup opportunity?
A: Yes, you can do backup in hosting control panel manually. If you need automatic backup support, you have to order this service seperately, the price is $1/mo.

Q: What actually makes webhostinghub outstanding?
A: The real advantage with webhostinghub is their protection over customer account and website. Webhostinghub isolate every client accounts on hosting server so a single account problem does not bring down its neighbours.

Another protection is on PHP configuration, unlike any tradtional hosting service setup, webhostinghub compiled their PHP via suPHP. Each account php codes will be running on their own system users with restricted permissions but not a single system level php user. Because of this, file permissions can be well organized to avoid potential weakness.

Q: Is there any ongoing promotion from the company?
A: Webhostinghub provides promotions on various festivals and or when there's some new feature/service launched by the company. Currently, they offer us $3.99/mo special by signing up through our website.

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