Best Postgresql Hosting

postgresql hosting

Postgresql Introduction

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system developed by Burkley team. Postgresql can be running on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix like OS. The data structure is fully compatible with SQL server and all other programming languages such as C++, Java etc. The best Postgresql web management program is available as phpPgadmin

Core features of Postgresql

  • Open source – Postgresql is absolutely the best open source and powerful database system. Their advanced theories introduced to many other commercial databases.
  • Performance – Postgresql is the best choice for running a busy database drive website. A single postgresql table can be as large as 32TB and no max size limit for the entire database.
  • Cross platform – If you're familiar with other database systems such as mysql or mssql, you don't have to start a new lesson in order to use postgresql, it's fully compatible with other database structures.
  • Powerful support – Postgresql is widely supported by lots of communities. The point is Postgresql development even includes the hacker's effort.

Best Postgresql Hosting Provider

After reviewed and tested over 12+ postgresql hosting providers, we strongly recommend Siteground and Arvixe for high quality postgresql services. Not only for postgresql software, the two companies offer side by side support to general hosting service.

Arvixe Postgresql hosting plan comes support for both postgresql and mysql, you have the option to choose which one to use from cpanel control panel. The default management tool phppgadmin is offered as initial configuration. Only $4/mo plus 20% discount with yearly registration!

Arvixe PostgreSql hosting

Why Arvixe is your best choice for postgresql database hosting? Simply because of their knowlegeable tech support group and super friendly customer caring policies. Whenever you run into problems with their service you will get the instant support and fast problem fixing!

Siteground is another leading hosting solution which is fully postgresql compatible. They announced to have fully optimized the hosting server for best postgresql database. With siteground hosting you have choice over multiple PHP versions and mysql editions with unlimited website support. For only $3.95/mo you can choose datacenter location on multiple continents on the earth!

How to choose the best Postgresql hosting?

To search the best postgresql hosting provider, mostly you should look at the following items:

DB management tool – The hosting should provide an easy to use management tool for database creation, backup and restore. The best tool on internet is phpPgadmin.

Server uptime and reliability – The postgresql already optimized itself. By deploying postgresql to hosting server, it should meet 99% uptime guarantee at least.

Tech support – 24 x 7 live tech support must be a standard feature for a good hosting provider.

Reputation – We don't recommend put your business with a new company where we can't find too much user reviews and feedbacks on internet. A decent postgresql hosting service should have been tested by lots of existing clients with real experience sharing.

More about Postgresql database

PostgreSQL has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. An enterprise class database, PostgreSQL boasts sophisticated features such as Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), point in time recovery, tablespaces, asynchronous replication, nested transactions (savepoints), online/hot backups, a sophisticated query planner/optimizer, and write ahead logging for fault tolerance.

PostgreSQL supports international character sets, multibyte character encodings, Unicode, and it is locale-aware for sorting, case-sensitivity, and formatting. PostgreSQL prides itself in standards compliance. Its SQL implementation strongly conforms to the ANSI-SQL 92/99 standards.

Best Oracle Hosting

best oracle hosting

Oracle Brief Introduction

Oracle database, also called Oracle RDBMS or oracle, is a powerful commercial database engine released by SUN group. Oracle is capable of handling large data efficiently and professionally. Oracle is engineering in speed, reliability, security, and manageability.

Core features of Oracle database

  • Powerful – Oracle is the most powerful database system for multi user and multi task management. Especially when you're running a huge online platform with frequent data reading/executing, oracle is the best choice.
  • Security – Oracle provides advanced security control, it's the best choice for commercial application when considering both performance & security.
  • Fast – Oracle protocols are different than other database engines and be able to handle multi task concurrently with fast response.
  • Portable – The Oracle system is cross platform compatible and other databases are portable to oracle perfectly. The system is ready to accept any database platform transfer.

Oracle database versions

There're three main edition for Oracle. Express, Standard and Enterprise Editions, just the same as sql server database. Oracle Corporation supports a variety of platforms and secondary platforms, which make it a viable option to be used, and it is supported on both Linux and Windows web servers.

The Best Oracle Hosting Service?

Because of the expensive setup and deployment, oracle is mainly used by those enterprise IT departments themselves in dedicated environments. For live hosting service, it's offered by very few hosting giants like Rackspace and Amazon.

It's not offered yet under shared web hosting service. Oracle programming skills are required by many developers for its leading concept because they can optimize any other database system after learnt oracle. If any of you is planning to use oracle, it's highly recommended to evaluate carefully and see if it's a MUST go, or else the other popular database systems will work too. If Oracle is a must, there're two options – Sign up the service from Amazon or rackspace for service ready plans OR use a dedicated server then install oracle by yourself.

Who's Using Oracle?

Because the great amount features with oracle, this database system is mainly used by world class enterprise such as the airline groups and financial corps. For small business companies, oracle is not an affordable solution.

Oracle vs Mssql vs Mysql

There are various different database service providers, which provide different tools for small-end to very high-end requirements on data on different platforms and each of these databases has its pros and cons. The main database options available include MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Oracle is definitely standing at the top because of it's golden value(100% working with almost all platforms including MacOS, Windows, Linux, IBM, Sun etc). Especially in dealing with heavy traffic website, oracle is found to be very stable and performing steadily. Ms SQL is affordable DB system which serves Ms technologies directly. As for mysql, it's completely open sourced database software and free downloading available to everyone. The mysql database is mainly working with PHP scripting.

Basically, if it's a small website with limited budget, mysql is definitely the right choice. If we're developing a medium to large site with or other Ms scripting languages, mssql is what we needed. If it's for large enterprise IT solution that have pretty high technical requirements, no matter how you compare, oracle is the only perfect choice.

Best Ms Access Web Hosting

Best ms access web hosting

Ms Access database Introduction

Ms Access database or Ms Access is Microsoft most basic pseudo-relational database management system. Ms Access is included from Microsoft Office pack. The latest access version is 2013 and also available from Office 365 as a cloud service.

Access database works as regular files, you don't have to install extra service independently like mysql or ms sql server. You can host unlimited access databases and manipulate with ASP or applications. Access database scripting is popularly handled via ODBC DSN and DSN-less OLEDB connection strings.

Best Access Database Hosting Provider

100% windows hosting providers should support Ms Access database unless they restricted the service purposely. We highly recommend from the top list which is available on the windows hosting page. For short, you can take a look at the following for quick guidance:

ArvixeArvixe windows plan is fully Ms Access compatible and TOP recommended for windows hosting with ms access support. All newly sign ups will be located on the latest windows server 2012 for best performance. No matter if you connect via DSN or OLEDB, the engine is pre-configured for every hosting server. Just use as you're doing on local computer. There's no difference in using their service as your locall server.

Arvixe Ms access database hosting plan provides everything you need for successful website hosting. This includes a free domain name for life, unlimited server space and dedicated application pool

Arvixe ms access hosting

Basically, the arvixe windows server have all available engines installed and fully optimized for production website purpose. Since from 2003, they have been working with Microsoft to deliver the best part of windows hosting service and satisify every client as possible. During the past few years, arvixe is certified hosting provider for lots of windows projects and web applications.

How dowe Rate the best Access hosting?

As long as the hosting provides windows server, ms access will be supported as default. The difference is the supported engine and performance. For Ms access database, you just upload to web server and no special setup required to make it working. The best Ms Access hosting must meet up with following minimum requirement.

High performance server – The hosting server must be on server 2008 or 2012 with enterprise class hardware production. Take arvixe for instance, they use newest DELL production with max available resources on CPU/RAM. Their RAID 10 disk storage is centrally managed and properly controlled for every hosting account.

Security – Security is the biggest concern for Ms access database. Normally the access database can be downloaded directly from web browser if you know the full path to your mdb file, the hosting should be configured not to download it, they normally need to configure a script map from IIS. They should also support odbc connections to enhance the database security.

Another point is the permission restriction. If the permission is insufficient then your website will produce coding error, if permission set too high then mostly will cause security problem, a good hosting provider always test out the best permission value from hosting servers.

Customer support – Not only about the ms access. Most of the time customer be able to fix database problems by themselves. The real support they need is proper suggestion and responsive communication to support team. No matter which way customer choose to connect support, it should be available and working fast.

In a word, the best ms access web hosting is not only focused on this service but general rating of the hosting provider.

Why Access database?

MS Access is good choice for small to medium size website purpose. Especially when you do not want to keep a big database system, access is perfect choice. Comparing to other database engines, Ms Access provides following unbeatable features:

Easy to get – You don't have to buy it separately from Microsoft in order to use Ms Access, if you have office installed on your computer, then ms accss already included.

Small and user friendly – Absolutely, Ms Access has the smallest size comparing to any other database systems. It's GUI interface let people design tables fast and efficiently.

Easy to manage – You don't need a separate database server in order to use Ms Access but just put it directly on web server, Access database is just a single .mdb /.accdb file. You just manage it the same as regular windows documents.

Easy upgrade – In case MS access is no longer sufficient for your website growth, you can easily convert to other database engines like Mysql and Ms SQL server database. It's 100% risk free!

Best Jsp Web Hosting

best jsp web hosting

JSP Brief Introduction

Jsp or Java Server Pages was released by Sun Microsystems right after Asp and php in 1999. JSP technology provides a simplified, fast way to create dynamic web content. JSP technology enables rapid development of web-based applications that are server- and platform-independent.

JSP works with Tomcat web server and can be supported on both linux and windows server. However you have to install tomcat web server independently and get rid of IIS if choose to host on windows server. For linux server, tomcat is working independent as apache module and apache/tomcat will handle static/dynamic pages separately.

Best Jsp Hosting Service

According to jsp scripting specs, the best choice is vps server for high performance and professional management. Shared hosting is not the perfect choice. However, with the fast tech improvements, several shared hosting already optimized their hosting service to work with JSP scripting with affordable price. Best JSP hosting service goes to following:

Mochahost – Affordable and reliable JSP web hosting provider, hosting plan starts as low as $2.45/mon for shared JVM support. There're multiple JSP hosting plans available to meet your different tech requirements. Mochahost is probably the only web hosting who managed to offer JSP support via low cost plans. The mochahost jsp web hosting plans are enabled with following advantages

  • MySQL support for 4.x & 5.x
  • Shared JVM /Private JVM Linux
  • JNDI /JDBC support
  • RAID 10 server disk space
  • 180 days RISK FREE

Visit for JSP web hosting plans

Arvixe – Arvixe Linux plan provides Jsp support by additional costs. $5 per month for shared JVM and $10/mo for private JVM where you can start/stop the tomcat server and a management panel for tomcat management, Actually they will configure your account on dedicated Tomcat server directly other than the traditional apache server. Means the server is dedicated for this service and what customer get is more than expectation. Arvixe JSP web whosting is your best choice before going to VPS server. JSP hosting features including:

  • Free domain for life
  • Shared/Private JVM available
  • Dedicated Tomcat server
  • Unlimited database & space
  • 60 days full money back gurantee

Check out JSP hosting details

Why are They Best Jsp Web Hosting?

Arvixe and Tomcat are rated the best jsp web hosting simply because of their rich feature plans and affordable costs. While the real server uptime stat is more than 99%, mochahost provides 100% network uptime. Most of the time we have to go VPS solution for JSP support, but arvixe and mochahost managed to offer under shared hosting environment and don't force people to choose expensive plans. They're best choice because of

Ease of Use – Their JSP web hosting service is no difference than regular hosting management. We also get the same cpanel control panel for tomcat server management and no extra skills required to use the service.

Rich Features – JSP is only part of their leading hosting plan features. Especially for arvixe, they provide free domain for life and enterprise grade hardware platforms, Customer get unlimited technical feature support and available resources are more than enough to support a medium size JSP application.

Jsp tech support – The hosting tech support are pretty familiar with Jsp and tomcat web server technologies. The truth is their people are developers and be able to offer customer development support if we run into technical problems.

Uptime guarantee – Their people use brand new server production to power the service. Each server is deeply optimized for multiple service purposely. Each account service will be isolated for guaranteed server resource and performance. Beside this, their leading network backbones are all SAS 70 Type II certified providers with ddos protection. Their network uptime is 100% and server uptime is over 99% in the past few years continuing monitor.

More about JSP Hosting

Java server pages work best with web hosting services designed specifically for JSPs. These web hosts facilitate the creation of the servlets and are enabled for easy use of JSPs and similar applications like Enterprise JavaBeans. A Java web hosting platform can be easily adapted to a website's needs especially with increasing traffic and more client based web service needs.

Why JSP?

Security, especially for Large portal websites and projects, JSP is primary consideration by lots of enterprises such as  game and financial project development. The most outstanding features come with JSP as follows:

Cross platform support – Jsp can be developed and deployed from almost all system OS. Various development tools available for JSP projects.

Scalability – JSP can be as small as a single jar file and as big as you have to use multiple servers for loading balance. JSP is perfect for cross platform application handling.

Server component – Plenty of powerful JSP server components available to help jsp developers with complicated commerce applications.

Best Asp Web Hosting

best asp hosting

Asp Introduction & Hosting

Asp, also known as Active Server Page or Classic ASP. it's Microsoft's first server side script engine for dynamic website creation. Before Asp time, most of the websites on internet are static html and you have to be technical enough for CGI scripting in order to put up an online website. Asp completely changed the way of web developing.

Asp web hosting is supported by all major windows hosting providers. If you're going to host an ASP website, it's quite important to choose a reputable provider for high quality service. This includes server platform support, ASP components support and database support and the most important – technical support.

Best Asp Web Hosting Provider

Best Asp hosting awards locates at Arvixe & Winhost for side by side reviews of ASP compatibility, ease of use, server uptime and customer satisfication etc. We can easily deploy any ASP application via their hosting service with any available tool to build a successful website!

Arvixe Asp Web HostingArvixe is fully Asp compatible hosting provider with standard Asp control panel – websitepanel support. Most their tech guys are Ms certified developers with years' development experience. They have configured windows servers with all necessary asp components to make sure your asp website can be running properly.

All arvixe Asp hosting plans provide unlimited disk space /data transfer and one free domain name for life. Based the advantages over windows server 2012, your ASP pages are simply placed in most comfortable place! Arvixe Asp hosting advantages are followed by following unbeatable features:

  • Unlimited web storage /bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED database /emails /FTP accounts
  • ASP / v3.5, PHP5, FastCGI fully supported
  • ASP tech support by years experience tech team
  • 60 Days full money back guarantee!
  • 100% satisfication guarantee!

Go to for ASP hosting plans!

Winhost ASP web hosting planWinhost provides dedicated windows hosting solutions. Their people even programmed their own hosting control panel to make sure everything is under control and all hosting services are managed professionally.

Customers have two options to host asp website – windows server 2008 and 2012. The difference is we get sql server 2008 support for server 2008 platform and sql server 2012 support on server 2012 platform. Either server platform provides full configuration for asp hosting purpose.

  • Multiple SQL server databases
  • Mysql & MS Access support
  • Dedicated application pool
  • Easy plan upgrade/downgrade
  • Fully compatible
  • 30 days full money back guaranteed!

Unlike all other windows hosting providers, winhost only provides windows hosting service and the service is only setup for microsoft technologies. When referring to asp technology, it's just a simple support because the server is fully compatible with it and the features are more than enough to support a medium size asp website.

Visit for asp hosting details!

Why ASP?

Asp is an old ms technology that's gradually fading away. This is absolutely misconception by most people. You can actually use ASP to create all kinds of applications via light weight codes. Because of this, there're lots of asp developers in many countries. Being a matured script language, developers be able to take advantages over all existing programming skills like Vb, C#. Don't be misguided that asp is bad, ASP is pretty nice that's beyond your imagination.

Maybe Asp is not so popular like other programming languages such as or PHP for today's programmer, however since it's the first ms server side script language, asp is still widely used from many projects and websites. In some countries or district, asp is still the main programming language for the simple use and lot's of support resources. You can learn asp step by step from

How to select the best Asp hosting?

Asp comes with windows IIS with default support. To start your asp hosting search, you firstly should look for the excellent windows hosting providers. Asp scripts can be deployed to any versions IIS server, thus what you really look at is the server performance and reliabilities. A good Asp hosting should have the following prepared:

Ease of use – It doesn't mean the control panel must be dedicated for Asp but it must be full Asp compatible. The most popular control panel for Asp support come with Plesk and websitepanel.

Asp tech support – The hosting tech support need to be familiar with Asp technologies or at least familiar with the simple fix of Asp error.

Uptime guarantee – Both the web server and client websites must guarantee 99% uptime. Since Asp does not consume too much server resources and easy for trouble shooting, 99% uptime guarantee must be satisfied.

Best YAF(yet another forum) Hosting

best yaf forum hosting

YAF Brief Introduction

YAF, short for Yet Another Forum, is a powerful Open Source discussion forum written with and Sql server by C# language, YAF is supported by an team of international developers who are professional in building community softwares. Lead by Jaben Cargman of Tiny Gecko, the software is frequently updated by latest .net technologies to ensure the advanced structures and security.

Since 2003, the YAF project has been developped in multiple ways. We can use it independantly for forum site create or use it as module for other popular .net solutions like DNN and Umbraco etc. It's pretty scalable based your requirements. Some key features from YetAnotherForum:

  • Licensed under GPL
  • Web Based Administration
  • Unlimited number of boards forums and categories
  • Template-based design
  • Unicode (UTF-8) encoding
  • DotNetNuke, Umbraco, MojoPortal Modules .

Best YAF Hosting provider

The best YAF Hosting research goes to Arvixe .net hosting plan is fully YAF compatible with standard websitepanel and sql server support. Your YAF forum will be running on blade fast server with dedicated server resources and development support. The arvixe YAF hosting brief advantages include:

  • Free domain name
  • Windows server 2012 & IIS 8.0
  • Unlimited SQL Server 2012 support
  • 2.0 ~ 4.5 & dedicated pool support
  • 24×7 live tech support over chat, ticket & phone
  • 60 days full money back guarantee!

arvixe yaf hosting

YAF is just a simple support by arvixe hosting service based their leading server setup. Besides YAF, arvixe is golden partner of lots of .net projects including Dotnetnuke, Nopcommerce etc. By powering thousands of popular .net web applications, arvixe have learnt how to setup the perfect server environmnet for successful website hosting.

Why arvixe is the best choice for yetanotherforum hosting?

Lots of server resource – No matter what forum software you used on website, as long as the forum get traffic, it will consume plenty of disk and bandwidth, arvixe yaf hosting plans provide unlimited support to these crucial features.

Friendly control panel – The arvixe user friendly websitepanel allows automatic YAF installation and full setup of services such as .net frameworks and application pools etc. It save you a big amount time in configuring a secure and high performance site.

Unbeatable uptime and support – The arvixe server uptime is more than 99% from continuous monitoring for the past few years and their people provide 24*7 live tech support. Their people are knowledgeable in handling different level support either on web chat or phone call or ticket system.

Why YAF?

There're lots of forum softwares like phpbb, smf, but why should we use YAF on our site? Well, its simply designed for different requirements and tech specs. While most other forum solutions are php scripts and work the best under linux environment, YAF is designed specificly for windows server. It's outstanding because of the following

Open source – YAF forum is 100% C# based open source project without encoding. you always have the option to customize it according to your actual needs. No matter if you want to use it for forum creation or further development, it's a good framework to deal with.

Performance – If you're fans you would know how fantastic of YAF coding design, the sql queries are all optimized to reduce the respond waiting time to sql server, the result is your YAF site speed improved.

Templates – The nice templates come with YAF project can be easily integrated to your current website, that makes your entire website professional.

Spam control – YAF has very strict spam control, moderators has the ability to moderate topics, posts and users signatures and monitor all current forum statistics.