Best Oracle Hosting

best oracle hosting

Oracle Brief Introduction

Oracle database, also called Oracle RDBMS or oracle, is a powerful commercial database engine released by SUN group. Oracle is capable of handling large data efficiently and professionally. Oracle is engineering in speed, reliability, security, and manageability.

Core features of Oracle database

  • Powerful – Oracle is the most powerful database system for multi user and multi task management. Especially when you're running a huge online platform with frequent data reading/executing, oracle is the best choice.
  • Security – Oracle provides advanced security control, it's the best choice for commercial application when considering both performance & security.
  • Fast – Oracle protocols are different than other database engines and be able to handle multi task concurrently with fast response.
  • Portable – The Oracle system is cross platform compatible and other databases are portable to oracle perfectly. The system is ready to accept any database platform transfer.

Oracle database versions

There're three main edition for Oracle. Express, Standard and Enterprise Editions, just the same as sql server database. Oracle Corporation supports a variety of platforms and secondary platforms, which make it a viable option to be used, and it is supported on both Linux and Windows web servers.

The Best Oracle Hosting Service?

Because of the expensive setup and deployment, oracle is mainly used by those enterprise IT departments themselves in dedicated environments. For live hosting service, it's offered by very few hosting giants like Rackspace and Amazon.

It's not offered yet under shared web hosting service. Oracle programming skills are required by many developers for its leading concept because they can optimize any other database system after learnt oracle. If any of you is planning to use oracle, it's highly recommended to evaluate carefully and see if it's a MUST go, or else the other popular database systems will work too. If Oracle is a must, there're two options – Sign up the service from Amazon or rackspace for service ready plans OR use a dedicated server then install oracle by yourself.

Who's Using Oracle?

Because the great amount features with oracle, this database system is mainly used by world class enterprise such as the airline groups and financial corps. For small business companies, oracle is not an affordable solution.

Oracle vs Mssql vs Mysql

There are various different database service providers, which provide different tools for small-end to very high-end requirements on data on different platforms and each of these databases has its pros and cons. The main database options available include MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Oracle is definitely standing at the top because of it's golden value(100% working with almost all platforms including MacOS, Windows, Linux, IBM, Sun etc). Especially in dealing with heavy traffic website, oracle is found to be very stable and performing steadily. Ms SQL is affordable DB system which serves Ms technologies directly. As for mysql, it's completely open sourced database software and free downloading available to everyone. The mysql database is mainly working with PHP scripting.

Basically, if it's a small website with limited budget, mysql is definitely the right choice. If we're developing a medium to large site with or other Ms scripting languages, mssql is what we needed. If it's for large enterprise IT solution that have pretty high technical requirements, no matter how you compare, oracle is the only perfect choice.

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