Best Ms Access Web Hosting

Best ms access web hosting

Ms Access database Introduction

Ms Access database or Ms Access is Microsoft most basic pseudo-relational database management system. Ms Access is included from Microsoft Office pack. The latest access version is 2013 and also available from Office 365 as a cloud service.

Access database works as regular files, you don't have to install extra service independently like mysql or ms sql server. You can host unlimited access databases and manipulate with ASP or applications. Access database scripting is popularly handled via ODBC DSN and DSN-less OLEDB connection strings.

Best Access Database Hosting Provider

100% windows hosting providers should support Ms Access database unless they restricted the service purposely. We highly recommend from the top list which is available on the windows hosting page. For short, you can take a look at the following for quick guidance:

ArvixeArvixe windows plan is fully Ms Access compatible and TOP recommended for windows hosting with ms access support. All newly sign ups will be located on the latest windows server 2012 for best performance. No matter if you connect via DSN or OLEDB, the engine is pre-configured for every hosting server. Just use as you're doing on local computer. There's no difference in using their service as your locall server.

Arvixe Ms access database hosting plan provides everything you need for successful website hosting. This includes a free domain name for life, unlimited server space and dedicated application pool

Arvixe ms access hosting

Basically, the arvixe windows server have all available engines installed and fully optimized for production website purpose. Since from 2003, they have been working with Microsoft to deliver the best part of windows hosting service and satisify every client as possible. During the past few years, arvixe is certified hosting provider for lots of windows projects and web applications.

How dowe Rate the best Access hosting?

As long as the hosting provides windows server, ms access will be supported as default. The difference is the supported engine and performance. For Ms access database, you just upload to web server and no special setup required to make it working. The best Ms Access hosting must meet up with following minimum requirement.

High performance server – The hosting server must be on server 2008 or 2012 with enterprise class hardware production. Take arvixe for instance, they use newest DELL production with max available resources on CPU/RAM. Their RAID 10 disk storage is centrally managed and properly controlled for every hosting account.

Security – Security is the biggest concern for Ms access database. Normally the access database can be downloaded directly from web browser if you know the full path to your mdb file, the hosting should be configured not to download it, they normally need to configure a script map from IIS. They should also support odbc connections to enhance the database security.

Another point is the permission restriction. If the permission is insufficient then your website will produce coding error, if permission set too high then mostly will cause security problem, a good hosting provider always test out the best permission value from hosting servers.

Customer support – Not only about the ms access. Most of the time customer be able to fix database problems by themselves. The real support they need is proper suggestion and responsive communication to support team. No matter which way customer choose to connect support, it should be available and working fast.

In a word, the best ms access web hosting is not only focused on this service but general rating of the hosting provider.

Why Access database?

MS Access is good choice for small to medium size website purpose. Especially when you do not want to keep a big database system, access is perfect choice. Comparing to other database engines, Ms Access provides following unbeatable features:

Easy to get – You don't have to buy it separately from Microsoft in order to use Ms Access, if you have office installed on your computer, then ms accss already included.

Small and user friendly – Absolutely, Ms Access has the smallest size comparing to any other database systems. It's GUI interface let people design tables fast and efficiently.

Easy to manage – You don't need a separate database server in order to use Ms Access but just put it directly on web server, Access database is just a single .mdb /.accdb file. You just manage it the same as regular windows documents.

Easy upgrade – In case MS access is no longer sufficient for your website growth, you can easily convert to other database engines like Mysql and Ms SQL server database. It's 100% risk free!

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