Justhost Review, cheap and reliable hosting!

Just host review

Justhost Overview

Justhost is branch of Justdevelopit LLC with Datacenter in Chicago. The brand was created in 2007 and started with a single linux hosting solution. It's also one of the very first service who provides unlimited service over a bunch of critical offers. In 2010, there're more than 200,000 websites hosted.

Till present, justhost is quite popular for its cheap and powerful hosting solutions. This justhost review article provides side by side introduction over hosting features, server performance, support and customer feedbacks.

Justhost Reivew – Hosting plans

Justhost provides 3 shared hosting plans and VPS solutions. Each plan comes with its own advantages according to customer individual needs. For shared plan, they're starter, plus and business pro

Starter: The basic plan with limited offers. one website support with up to 5 domain parking. Disk storage is limited to 100GB and 500mb per email account. Accordingly, we only pay $2.95/mo for this service which is quite fair.

Plus: Advanced solution comparing to starter. It supports unlimited website and domain parking. No restriction on disk storage and data transfer. Plus, we get $200 search engine credits, global CDN service and spamexperts service.

Business Pro: Include all above offers plus a free Dedicated IP and SSL certificate. This plan also provides domain privacy service and backup protection service.

Besides above 3 shared hosting solutions, Justhost also provides total of 4 VPS plans. All vps servers are cloud based with instant provisioning. By utilizing advanced cloud technology like OpenStack and KVM, the server is always setup to meet your advanced requirements.

justhost vps server

Justhost Reivew – Performance

Justhost services is powered by DELL server production with Cloudlinux installation. Load balancing is pre-configured to make sure your account is isolated from problems. What really matters is data center facilities. Justhost shares the same data center of bluehost who has more than 1/3 free available space. This data center is setup to meet the next 10 years' IT requirements from both hardware and software view. We can just grab any periods performance report for justhost server and the curve is pretty smooth with small fluctuation.

Extra advantages of Justhost Service

Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
With JustHost, you can claim a full or pro-rate refund when you cancel hosting account anytime during the subscription period. There’s nothing to lose on our side.  it's simply risk free to use justhost services.

Free Upgrade
If your business grows and current hosting package is no longer suitable to work with, just submit a request for higher hosting request. The support team will handle all technical stuff by their own and keeps no change on user end.

Simplified cpanel
Justhost provides a customized cpanel control panel. They added account management into the board and only keeps those frequently used functions(we can add/remove with our preference).

Jushost Features in details

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • SSL, FTP, Stats
  • CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • Support International Domain Names
  • Shell (SSH) Access
  • Site Statistics
  • Linux operating system
  • FREE Domain /Site builder
  • Free Instant Setup
  • No hidden fees
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • cPanel Account Control Panel
  • PHP 5 web hosting
  • $50 Google Ad Credits
  • $25 Yahoo Ad Credits
  • $50 MySpace Ad Credits
  • e-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 live technical support

The best value is just host support team has over 10 years hosting experience with advanced server technologies, with their hard work, just host is fast growing to one of the biggest hosting company and have been selected to TOP 10 for excellent customer support, low price hosting plan. Till present, just host is trusted by more than 250,000 websites on the planet. They're so confident to offer any time no question asked money back guarantee. No other company be able to offer this service as of today.

Justhost hosting features

What might be the weakness of justhost service?

Justhost offered unlimited disk space and bandwidth but they do have 50,000 files limit for shared hosting account. The limit is good enough for most personal websites, but in case you're not awared and your website grows up fastly, it will easily bypass the limitation. Moreover, the justhost server has a max 10% cpu usage per account. If we're running a busy website, we have to optimize properly to work with the limitation. However, since 50000 is really a big number for small to medium size website, it's good enough to work with.

How do we think about Justhost Hosting?

Being a budget hosting provider, justhost provides great hosting features to support our hosting requirements. We can put up a website easily at low cost with full time support. The truth is no matter if we just want to create a simple site with low cost consideration or launch a business site with performance concern, justhost simply provides more than what we expected.

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IX web hosting Review, $25 off Code revealed!

ix web hosting review

Ix web hosting overview

 IX Web Hosting set up their global web hosting services in 1999. Based powerful financial support of it's mother company Ecommerce Corporation( www.ecommerce.com ), Ix web hosting manages their own data centers. The ix web hosting service packages are varies for individuals, small to large businesses. Ix Web Hosting currently has 180 support staff , serving over 350,000 domains.

 Is IX good? What to look around if we want to sign up this company? Our team has been worked with ixwebhosting since 2010 for multiple project sites hosting purpose. So this ix web hosting review article is solely based editorial experience with actual practice.

Ix web hosting Review on Hosting Features

Ix provides multiple hosting solutions for different website requirements. Either shared or vps or cloud are all configured with rich features. Brief view of ix hosting plan offers.

  • Unlimited web space & data transfer
  • 24/7 technical support via live chat & phone
  • Host unlimited unique websites. up to 15 Free Dedicated IPs
  • Free installer of website scripts
  • Asp, PHP, asp.net & SQL server support
  • H-Sphere Hosting control panel

ix web hosting features

Plus, ix hosting service provide free sitebuilder wizard and free website transfer from other hosting provider. So no matter if we're puzzled about website design or migration, ix service can fix it upfront. For people who doubts the service quality, they even provide 7 days free trial service. No credit card required!

Unlike most other leading providers who use cpanel or plesk for control panel. Ix webhosting ultilize H-sphere since from the very beginning. It's simple but good enough for website management. There's a special function from file manager where we can download files directly from other servers. So in case we want to migrate website from existing company to IX, we don't have to download/upload to wait long time, we can pick the files directly from file manager! They company also provide a modern account manage panel for billing/service and support management.

Ix web hosting Review on Performance

We signed shared linux & windows hosting plans for our projects. Most our sites are linux based so we feel more about linux server performance. From our experience, the hosting server itself got quick loading. From google webmaster report, only few minutes not connecting during middle night backup periods which is acceptable. Similar with windows server but we spent more time on linux for our project purpose. The general performance is acceptable, especially when we hosted more than 10 websites together under the same account.

Ix web hosting Review on Networking

IX Web Hosting runs its own tier 3 (N+1) data centre in Ohio. the company does not share its building with anyone else, although it’s formally run through Ecommerce Inc. The facility has two backup generators and protection against server outages. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard at this level.

The company also takes backups of customer data, although it isn’t clear how often these backups are performed. Software automatically monitors the network, scans for malware and automatically removes any malicious code it finds.

ix web hosting support

Ix web hosting Review on Support

Support is available in different channels such as Web chat, Email and Helpdesk ticket. Support team is available around the clock for quick response. Some time before, we sent two tickets regarding to account change and got reply after 4 hours. But if we contact live support to refer to ticket request, they can put it in higher priority so it can be handled quickly. A small tip about live support, if you try to order the service, you can request discount code from support people and they will provide!

Extra Advantages from IX Hosting

Hero support
When you sign up with ixwebhosting you will get account HERO support! This is definitely the best comparing to all other hosting services. Hero support means you get a dedicated support staff from ixwebhosting team and they're available 24 x 7 x 365! The support person will be available as long as our account is live with Ix group.

SEO Opportunity
Just think some of the websites are causing problem under a shared hosting and the entire server sites got pulishment by Search engine like google, how can you let people to search out your website and make more sales? Ixwebhosting have it fixed for you, with up to 15 dedicated IPs your website just performs like under a dedicated server and never affected by other sites on same server. This is the best environment for SEO websites. As long as you're searching for SEO hosting, ixwebhosting is the right place you arrived at.

Risk Free Hosting
IX Web Hosting offers a free 7-day trial in addition to two money-back guarantees.

The first is a 30-day money back guarantee which provides a refund of hosting and setup fees, although domain name costs and over-limit fees are not included.

Additionally, they offer the "Anytime" money back guarantee. This allows you to request a refund of your current month’s fees, plus any future fees, although not fees due in the current billing cycle.

4 stars

What might be IXwebhosting weakness

Ix is good enough for common web hosting needs. However, for ixwebhosting windows hosting plans, it's a bit outdated from overall setup. They're still old windows server 2003 platform. Windows has improved a lot recent years and almost dropped support over the old OS. If we have something new to be hosted, the old server will not doing good. Unless you're fans of old technologies, we highly suggest checking out some decent windows hosting providers like Arvixe.

Is there any ixwebhosting Coupon code available?

Yes, please wait a sec before you sign up account with ixwebhosting! There're multiple ways to get discount code. You can contact pre-sales support directly to request a promo code or you can use this code  "SCENE" to get 25% off your total order!

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Bluehost VS Hostmonster

bluehost vs hostmonster

Both bluehost and hostmonster are recognized excellent hosting providers and lots of webmasters list they two in TOP recommendation list. Their hosting packages help businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost. Many people have difficulty in choosing between these two hosts, which one is better?

BlueHost Overview

One of the most reputable names from web hosting business and serves millions global websites. Since 1996, bluehost has been standard choice for rich feature linux hosting service with affordable price. Bluehost has built their own data center facilities in Utah. After 15 years in offering a single shared hosting solution, bluehost starts to offer cloud VPS and dedicated server plans based its powerful hardware resources and technical supports.

HostMonster Introduction

HostMonster was created in 1999, 3 years after bluehost birth. Hostmonster is almost 100% replicated from bluehost for either plan features and website structures. Surprisely, it replicated the success too! Hostmonster is recommended together with bluehost whenever people require affordable and reliable linux hosting service.

Hosting Features Comparison – Bluehost Wins

About hosting features, bluehost and hostmonster provide the same feature shared hosting plan. They're actually the very first service to offer shell access under shared server. Screenshot of the two hosts' advantages as below

bluehost & hostmonster hosting features

As we see, both HostMonster and BlueHost provide unlimited disk space, data transfer and email accounts.  Plus, they each provide a free domain name registration and allows clients to host unlimited websites.

However, bluehost provides multiple upgrade options to cloud vps & dedicated server while such services are not available from hostmonster. Because of this, in case our website grows up with higher hosting requirements, we have to switch service. But we can get seamless upgrade under bluehost.

Bluehost ultilize betterlinux technologies which is developped by Matt heaton new company. Also, bluehost is now fully cloud based for fast response while there's no news from hostmonster. Especially with bluehost VPS service, their leading cloud technologies automated everything for better hosting management. With regarding to security, client can get instant alert from management center in case any suspicious action.

Hosting Support – Bluehost Wins

Actually the two hosts are supported by the same team. However, bluehost provides more support to people from different corners in the world. Currently, bluehost operates two support centers in China & India. They even developped local hosting plans to meet their different server requirements such as windows hosting plans. Such features are not available from hostmonster site.

Price Comparison – Both Win

Certainly, it's for shared hosting price. Bluehost provide promotional price at $3.95/mo while it's default offer on hostmonster site. Same hosting feature should result in same costs, especially when they're operated by the same group.

hostmonster features

More about Hostmonster and bluehost

BlueHost and HostMonster are the sister brands, founded by "Matt heaton" in 1996/1999, operated with the same staffs, data centers, servers, support system and technology.  Matt is also operating another company called "fastdomain". They are the only 2 shared web hosting providers having 3 dedicated data centers in Provo, Utah that have invested 20+ million USD since 2010. They are the really leaders of shared web hosting industry today.

Advantage views

Extremely reliable server
Matt heaton is a server core developer himself and his team never stopped optimizing the server by ongoing testing. The company is handling multiple projects regarding to server improvements. Time has proven they are making good use of the technology, the shared hosting has almost zero down time and this really amazing.

SSH Shell Access
Bluehost & hostmonster are the very first service who can provide people shell access under shared hosting. In early times, it's big challenge because a little mistake can bring disaster to entire environment.

Anytime money back guarantee
You can always ask for a refund when you are unhappy with the services, no questions to be asked. Because of this, their service is 100% worry free. Clients and their data are in safe hand.

Business with endurance

Bluehost & Hostmonster were merged into EIG group in 2013 and their founder no longer in that company. Instead, he started a new group with new product called "BetterLinux" which was showed in hosting con 2012. However, don't treat BH and HM as crappy brands just because they were sold to endurance, actually they got huge improvements after business transition. For example their support staff almost increased half than before. More affordable hosting plans are also being offered if you ever liked their service.

But who to choose between the two? If you're looking for a reliable shared web hosting provider, Both BlueHost and HostMonster are perfect choice, But for scalability and platform consideration, bluehost is much better choice, especially when you need upgrade in the future.

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Netfirms Hosting Reviews

Netfirms review

Netfirms Overview

Netfirms was initially started as free hosting provider in 1998 from Canada and quickly changed to offer cheap hosting. It's one of the major hosting providers with over one million websites hosted throughout the world. In 2011, the company got merged into endurance and it's platform was migrated to Vdeck for central management.

Are you trying to sign up Netfirms hosting but not sure how to go? Let's dig out more on this netfirms reviews article.

Netfirms Review – Hosting Plan

Netfirms offer 3 class web hosting plans – Advantage, Plus and Business plan. While there's big price range, there's no much difference on technical features such as number of hosted website and disk storage etc, the real difference is number of free domain name opportunities. While there's only one for free on Plus plan, 2 on advantage plan and 5 on business plan.

Except for the free domain difference, the three hosting plans have no real difference. So basically there's only a single hosting solution unless you really need more free domain names.

Netfirms Review – Hosting Features

Netfirms hosting features comes with following

  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth
  • 1 Free domain name
  • Free website builder wizard
  • App Installer over lots of scripts
  • Host unlimited websites
  • $175 Online Advertising

netfirms hosting features

As we see, it's typical offer from other endurance sites, most features are offered unlimited. Although 4 years passed since from the business merging to EIG, the plan structures are still the same with no change.

Like every other EIG hosting brands, Netfirm is completely Vdeck based hosting where most services are offered unlimited and support various popular php scripts including wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. All new clients receive $100 Google Adwords credit, $50 Facebook Ads credit, $25 for Yahoo!/Bing advertising plus a free listing on yellowpages.com. Under endurance group technologies, you can also take advantages of their website builder and instant store builder for quick ecommerce website setup.

What would be the Netfirms Hosting Advantages?

Being the first ICANN accredited registrar to offer domain registrations via twitter. The company offers comprehensive features at an affordable price, supports over 1.2 million businesses and individuals in getting their websites online. Netfirms is committed to provide easy web hosting solutions for beginners along with advanced flexible features for professional webmasters.

Netfirms business growth history:

* Significant expansion and moves into its new data center and headquarters in Markham, north of Toronto.
* Launches 40,000 server capacity high density Tier 1 data center in June
* Launches One-click Apps which instantly install some of the most popular applications users ask for
* Becomes the first ICANN accredited registrar to register domain registrations via twitter. This means customers can register new domain names on any Twitter enabled mobile device. It's the quickest, easiest way to register domains on the go.

What would be the weakness of Netfirms hosting?

Currently, most netfirms review articles are outdated because they're posted before netfirms business migration. Their current services are mainly in offering web hosting service, domain registration & ready-to-go ecommerce solutions. Everything is simplified comparing to old service. But at the meanwhile, we see less and less updates from the service, just like everything stopped moving forward. I would be surprised if something kept no change for years. Especially for hosting service, if there's not any update even on home page design, I would imagine if the company is really operational.

Do we recommed netfirms hosting?

Personally, we haven't dealt with netfirms for hosting or domain. But if you're looking for cheap and reliable hosting solutions, there're more choices to go like WebhostingHub or even iPage who's pretty active. About netfirms service, personally we do not recommend since it's just one of EIG service while there're many good ones on their sister sites.

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Dreamhost Reviews

Dreamhost Overview

One of the earliest host provider with over 1500 Hosting servers & trusted by 800,000 websites all over the world. Dreamhost always be able to meet your web hosting requirement. Dreamhost is recognized rule maker for multiple aspects in hosting industry. The company provides leading technologies to make sure their service is up to date. They provide inhouse programed hosting control panel for shared, managed, VPS and dedicated servers. Dreamhost is also leading multiple cloud computing technologies for developers & entrepreneurs.

Dreamhost Review – Hosting Plans

Since year 1997, Dreamhost has been offering full hosting solutions. Now dreahost plans are moving forward to cloud platform while traditional service is still offered.

Shared Hosting: Basic but advanced setup by SSD drives. All popular offers like free domain and unlimited domain pointers are included. The difference here is dreamhost people guarantee 100% uptime other than 99.99% or similar from other companies. Also, they are proudly to offer up to 97 days full money back if you're not satisfied.

Managed WordPress Hosting: A solid service that's dedicated for wordpress. Your wordpress will be hosted on VPS server, the backend mysql database is also setup on separate VPS platform to ensure the best performance. Their automatic installation has already optimized on many sides based their experience such as varnish caching etc.

VPS Hosting: SSD storage and 100% uptime guarantee starts with $15/mo. The dreamhost vps server is truely unbeatable from any side comparison over other providers. Please note, dreamhost has Ubuntu linux installed as default with Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) – for higher uptime and faster security updates.

Dedicated Server Hosting: All dreamhost dedicated servers utilize Intel XEON server-grade processors with RAID 1 hard drives, in case one drive fails, another take in place to make sure your service is online. At the meanwhile, dreamhost professionals will fix problem in quick time to ensure your server health.

Cloud Hosting: Powered by OpenStack and Ceph, dreamhost provides different grades cloud service to support your different needs. All cloud computing technologies are based open source projects where dreamhost is foundation gold member. In this way, their people can make sure to deliver the best service to customer.

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Dreamhost Review – Hosting Features

dreamhost control panelDreamhost drives leading platform to support their clients. They use SSD for both shared and vps servers with no limitation of space/traffic usage per hosting account. We have tried to upload 50GB files and no problem at all. Our clients got similar experience too and no complaints by support, so their unlimited policy is quite true.

While most linux hosting providers are cpanel based, dreamhost use their inhouse developped control panel software(screenshot as left image). This wordpress like management panel is simple but capable of handling all services efficiently. Any system notice will show up on control panel home page so we can keep updated with official team..

Because the company itself is foundation gold member of lots of popular open source projects, their professionals use many award winning technologies to power their service. For example openstack – the most popular cloud server software.

Dreamhost Review – Price

Definitely, the initial price of dreamhost shared hosting plan is pretty high comparing to lots of competitors. However, dreamhost does provide various coupon codes to reduce their costs at very affordable rate. Here're few promo codes from dreamhost official with promotional details. Prices are cut down instantly!

  • SPECIAL97OFF — Global use to get $97 off and one free domain
  • 3UNIQUEIPAND7OFF –Extra 3 free static IPs, one free domain and $7 off your total order
  • 6DOMAINS22OFF — Free 6 domains and $22 off your order
  • 2DOMAINS82OFF — 2 Free domains and get $82 off your order
  • 1UNIQUEIPAND67OFF — One free static IP and get $67 off your order
  • 1IP2DOMAIN52OFF — One free static IP, 2 free domains and get $52 off your order

Attention to Dreamhost coupon codes:

  1. you have to sign up with US IP or else it won't work (you can use vpn connection if not located in US)
  2. Only one time use for the same credit card sign up.
  3. some coupon code can be used through google checkout (ex. the code "777")
  4. hosting coupon will always be offered during festivals for example "valentine's day", "fool's day", "US national day" etc.. You will save big money if sign up during this period.

What would be the strong points at dreamhost service?

Dreamhost provides leading hosting features including free domain and unlimited disk space etc. The biggest spotlight with dreamhost would be their honest disk usage. From existing user experience, they allow up to 300GB per account. Because the average disk limit is all around 10GB for most unlimited hosting providers, the dreamhost offer is absolutely on TOP.

Solid plans
Dreamhost offers shared, VPS, dedicated & Cloud hosting plans. Unlike most providers who blow off what they have, dreamhost does follow the offer honestly. What's listed on their website will be what we can get.

Lots of Disk space
Dreamhost offers honest and most disk space among all other shared hosting providers! From our experience, you can upload up to 300GB files to your hosting space. Yeah! Under shared hosting account! You can't find a greater solution from other providers.

Leading technologies
As one of the earliest hosting provider, dreamhost keep their service up to date from both server config & tech support. For example they introduced cloud hosting via the leading openstack in real cloud environment.

Longest money back guarantee
DreamHost offers the longest 97-day money back guarantee. Absolutely the best one if you worry about your money paid to their company. They proudly offer such period refund policy simply showed their confidence to keep your business with them.

What would be the Dreamhost drawbacks?

There's no really drawbacks with dreamhost service. However, if you have familiared with the standard control panel solutions like cpanel, plesk or websitepanel, you might find a little difference with dreamhost. They use inhouse developed control panel which is not very nice for new clients. It's simple but not so attractive organized like the leading control panel softwares. If you have to use a cpanel or plesk hosting service, dreamhost would not be good choice.

Do we recommend dreamhost hosting service?

Dreamhost is one of the earliest hosting provider and everything seems to be managed professionally. They proudly offer really unlimited disk space via shared server to approve their abilities. In case you have a website that requires lots of web space, dreamhost will be perfect choice for money saving. On the meanwhile, their budget shared hosting service is always complained for slowness, you might have to face some kind slow depends your location.

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Top Vps Hosting unveiled

VPS hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) is a marketing term used by Internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine for use exclusively by an individual customer of the service. The term is used to emphasize that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers' virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer. and can be configured to run as a server computer (i.e. to run server software). The term Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS is used less often for the same concept.

Best VPS Hosting Provider Awards

So you need a VPS server For your website but not sure where to go? Indeed, there're lots of hosting companies offering VPS service and the service/price are various, it's really a hard job to find the one most suitable for you. Based our editorial experience from multiple providers, we picked the following VPS hosting service which is perfect for both service & performance.


An INC500™ Company. The arvixe VPS server is pre-configured and ready to use for business purpose, means we don't have to install the popular programs by ourselves. If you're not familiar with server management, you can take advantages of cpanel and websitepanel directly since it's offered as default. Arvixe VPS hosting is setup for both linux and windows OS.

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The most reputable business hosting solution provider for its advanced server & network setup. Inmotion Hosting VPS comes with rich features and affordable price with all VPS management tools included. If you're going to setup a complex and big size cart site like Magento commerce site, Inmotion is simply the best.

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Unlike any other vps platform, bluehost provides instant provisioning service for VPS registering. Everything is cloud based, either OS or control panel or storage service. Bluehost programmed everything based their huge and powerful data center solution.

With full root access, you're able to customize on any side as if your VPS is a dedicated server

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Myhosting is one of the earliest web hosting providers who offers leading services in Canada. Myhosting is also the only VPS hosting provider on the globe who can offer custom vps server plan. There we can select how much server resource we're going to use exactly. In this way we will not pay extra to the service like from most server providers, We can choose personal or business use configurations and make sure the best performance.

Myhosting official plan: www.myhosting.com

VPS Hosting Advantages

  • High performance The main advantage of VPS is performance. Each vps server is running independent so you can take full advantage of the server memory/CPU and all other resources without any limitation.
  • Low cost server solution VPS is actually working the same as a dedicated server except the hardware aspects. Each server has its own share of CPU, memory and bandwidth allocation and capable of doing multiple tasks concurrrently. It's perfect choice when you have to run some Apps on different machines.
  • Full customizable The users can install their own software in their virtual server. In case we're in need of further resources, it can be added on the fly with no downtime.
  • Enhanced Security If you're concerned to the utmost about the safety and security of your data, you're also going to want to go ahead and upgrade to a virtual private optionA virtualization of your hosting experience removes any and all shared joints between you and other users.

VPS Hosting Technologies

So, what kind of technologies used to configure a VPS? VMware is the most user friendly GUI VPS software, just like commons software on your computer, you run another system inside your computer. Parallels is another famous VPS solution provider, their commercial release Virtuozzo has best performance for running VPS server, OpenVZ is their open source edition used under Linux. The last one is called Xen, it's already deployed to the main popular Linux distribution and perform an important role in VPS field.

More about VPS Hosting

Many of us come to the stage when shared hosting simply just not enough to fulfill the web presence needs. Most of the VPS providers offer various types of packages and each one of the packages can be easily upgraded with its processing power, RAM and the Hard Drive space. All of these factors are managed by Virtualization software installed on the dedicated server machine.

If you are choosing the VPS from one the popular providers you will definitely be ok with no lack of functionality. You need to pay attention to the company's downtime. Everybody out there will give you 99.9% uptime, but in reality everyone experience downtime related to various external factors. Best VPS providers here are well trusted and they earned to be on our list because of positive customers feedback on various web forums.

Except for price, you might also wonder what kind VPS will be best choice for your website requirements. Normally, if you need to host a windows application, you need a windows VPS hosting plan instead Linux. You will also note there're several bucks mor for windows choice because the licensed OS from Microsoft.

For decent VPS hosting service, don't just pay attention to the cheap, such VPS server is only good for practice purpose before you host your business site. To host your monetary site safely, it's suggested to get a decent VPS server for reasonable price.