IX Web Hosting Windows Plan Review

ixwebhosting windows hosting plan

ixwebhosting has been a popular hosting provider who can offer lots of web hosting solutions like shared, VPS and Dedicated server hosting. The ix offers low cost hosting services with awsome dedicated ip bonus to every clients. Previously we only know there's windows hosting solution from ixwebhosting but I'm sure only few people knows what exactly being offered there. But now everything is clear! The ix team now configures the windows hosting on separate plan.

Ix Windows Hosting Plan Features

Now let's view the list of the most outstanding features via this hosting solution

  • Unlimited disk /bandwidth /hosted domains
  • Up to 3 free domain names registration
  • asp.net 1.0 ~ 4.0 and MVC support
  • Sql server 2005 database support
  • PHP 5 and unlimited Mysql 5 support
  • Coldfusion mx 7 support
  • 24 x 7 live support via phone/email/ticket
  • 15 free dedicated ips plus 7 days free trial

As we see, there's not another hosting company who can provide above great hosting features for only $9.95/mo. Especially they can proudly offer 7 days free trial service to make sure you'll be satisfied before paying. We still get the chance to get full refund from the first 30 days in case we need longer testing. So basically it's an risk-free service.

Ix windows hosting service is based on windows server 2003 with IIS 6.0 where Coldfusion is supported. If you're coldfusion app developer and looking for affordable hosting solutions, ixwebhosting is probably the best choice today. Especially if you like to host multiple domains on dedicated ips, you can find nowhere else with such price.

ix web hosting windows plan features

Weakness of Ix Windows Hosting Plan?

Regardless the outstanding offers from the ix windows hosting plan, the weakness is pretty clear by reading their description. The most easy to pick out point would be their server OS – Windows server 2003 Standard Edition, a pretty old server system. Till today, over 90% leading windows hosting providers have upgraded to Windows server 2012 on Raid 10 disk. There's great improvement comparing to the old OS that almost unsupported by microsoft group. Although we can configure most up to date softwares on the old system, the performance is downgraded a lot.

Because of their server system limitation, they can only offer sql server 2005 database instead the leatest one. If you developed your sites via new version sql server system, you can not host it with ix service unless you re-compile your application via lower version development tools.

Another weakness of this plan would be the plan structures. They configured two solutions "Unlimited Pro and Business Plus" with the same promotional price. While we can get all the business plus plan features from unlimited pro, why should we sign up the other one? Or maybe they just want to show up the advantages from Pro plan and get more orders? Not sure.

How Do We Think about Ixwebhosting?

Generally speaking, the ixwebhosting team mainly focus on linux. Windows hosting is available but not configured with up to date server technologies and their people did not advertise too much about it. However, based on their tech support and service features, it's absolutely 100%+ worth of the price. If you're ASP or coldfusion developer, windows server 2003 is the best platform for 100% compatibility and success. Windows server 2003 is not bad, it's just little old for hosting server. It's still used widely for development purpose because it's cheap solution comparing to new OS.

Based above points, if you're seeking for the latest MS support, the ix windows hosting plan is not your best choice. But if you're looking for a variety of technologies support with the least cost, ix is absolutely one of the best solution!

Go to ixwebhosting for full plan features http://www.ixwebhosting.com

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0 thoughts on “IX Web Hosting Windows Plan Review

  1. Joe M - October 31, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    While I realize this article is nearly 2 years old, it appears that the last update was made today and as such, I think you really should correct your article. Particularly the “Recommended Hosting” section. As a current hosting subscriber to IX Web Hosting, they do not support MS SQL 2008. Even on their site (http://www.ixwebhosting.com/windows-hosting-specs) the MS SQL version listed is 2005. Until they decided to upgrade their DB environment, you really shouldn’t recommend them to your readers who are looking for a good SQL 208 host.

    • Hosting reviews - November 2, 2012 at 2:19 am

      Ix is suggested because of their outstanding offers on overall rating comparing to other hosts. Their sql server is indeed 2k5, however that’s good enough for lots of people’s website requirements. thank you for your attention~


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