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VPS hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) is a marketing term used by Internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine for use exclusively by an individual customer of the service. The term is used to emphasize that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers' virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer. and can be configured to run as a server computer (i.e. to run server software). The term Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS is used less often for the same concept.

Best VPS Hosting Provider Awards

So you need a VPS server For your website but not sure where to go? Indeed, there're lots of hosting companies offering VPS service and the service/price are various, it's really a hard job to find the one most suitable for you. Based our editorial experience from multiple providers, we picked the following VPS hosting service which is perfect for both service & performance.


An INC500™ Company. The arvixe VPS server is pre-configured and ready to use for business purpose, means we don't have to install the popular programs by ourselves. If you're not familiar with server management, you can take advantages of cpanel and websitepanel directly since it's offered as default. Arvixe VPS hosting is setup for both linux and windows OS.

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The most reputable business hosting solution provider for its advanced server & network setup. Inmotion Hosting VPS comes with rich features and affordable price with all VPS management tools included. If you're going to setup a complex and big size cart site like Magento commerce site, Inmotion is simply the best.

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Unlike any other vps platform, bluehost provides instant provisioning service for VPS registering. Everything is cloud based, either OS or control panel or storage service. Bluehost programmed everything based their huge and powerful data center solution.

With full root access, you're able to customize on any side as if your VPS is a dedicated server

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Myhosting is one of the earliest web hosting providers who offers leading services in Canada. Myhosting is also the only VPS hosting provider on the globe who can offer custom vps server plan. There we can select how much server resource we're going to use exactly. In this way we will not pay extra to the service like from most server providers, We can choose personal or business use configurations and make sure the best performance.

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VPS Hosting Advantages

  • High performance The main advantage of VPS is performance. Each vps server is running independent so you can take full advantage of the server memory/CPU and all other resources without any limitation.
  • Low cost server solution VPS is actually working the same as a dedicated server except the hardware aspects. Each server has its own share of CPU, memory and bandwidth allocation and capable of doing multiple tasks concurrrently. It's perfect choice when you have to run some Apps on different machines.
  • Full customizable The users can install their own software in their virtual server. In case we're in need of further resources, it can be added on the fly with no downtime.
  • Enhanced Security If you're concerned to the utmost about the safety and security of your data, you're also going to want to go ahead and upgrade to a virtual private optionA virtualization of your hosting experience removes any and all shared joints between you and other users.

VPS Hosting Technologies

So, what kind of technologies used to configure a VPS? VMware is the most user friendly GUI VPS software, just like commons software on your computer, you run another system inside your computer. Parallels is another famous VPS solution provider, their commercial release Virtuozzo has best performance for running VPS server, OpenVZ is their open source edition used under Linux. The last one is called Xen, it's already deployed to the main popular Linux distribution and perform an important role in VPS field.

More about VPS Hosting

Many of us come to the stage when shared hosting simply just not enough to fulfill the web presence needs. Most of the VPS providers offer various types of packages and each one of the packages can be easily upgraded with its processing power, RAM and the Hard Drive space. All of these factors are managed by Virtualization software installed on the dedicated server machine.

If you are choosing the VPS from one the popular providers you will definitely be ok with no lack of functionality. You need to pay attention to the company's downtime. Everybody out there will give you 99.9% uptime, but in reality everyone experience downtime related to various external factors. Best VPS providers here are well trusted and they earned to be on our list because of positive customers feedback on various web forums.

Except for price, you might also wonder what kind VPS will be best choice for your website requirements. Normally, if you need to host a windows application, you need a windows VPS hosting plan instead Linux. You will also note there're several bucks mor for windows choice because the licensed OS from Microsoft.

For decent VPS hosting service, don't just pay attention to the cheap, such VPS server is only good for practice purpose before you host your business site. To host your monetary site safely, it's suggested to get a decent VPS server for reasonable price.

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