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H-sphere web hosting

H-Sphere Overview

H-Sphere is leading web hosting control panel solution that was firstly released by Positive Software group in January 1998. It's now a famous brand under Parallels, Inc. H-Sphere delivers a multi-server hosting automation solution for Linux, BSD, and Windows platforms. For hosting companies that offer both windows and linux plans H-Sphere is perfect solution. If you would like to learn about more about this software and the quality service provider. Just follow me and read below.

Best H-Sphere Web Hosting Providers

If you have searched around the industry you will see pretty few companies are offering this product. Most hosting services are either cpanel based or plesk based. Ixwebhosting and Jodohost are two of the most famous name with H-sphere support. From various client feedbacks we learnt the two webhosts are actually the most recommended providers, In some degrees, it's safe to deal with.

Ixwebhosting vs Jodohost, which is better choice?

Since Ixwebhosting and Jodohost are both H-Sphere based services, which would be better choice? Ok, Here's a basic table view of their hosting features

Hosting Brand Ixwebhosting Jodohost
Starter Price $3.95 $4.95
Disk & Bandwidth Unlimited/Unlimited 1.5GB/20GB
Dedicated IP support? 2~15 1~2
hosting coupon? SCENE None

Hosting Features: Both Ixwebhosting and jodohost offers windows and linux platforms with leading features. Ix is mainly popular for it's outstanding linux hosting plans where you get up to 3 free domain registration and up to 15 dedicated IPs. However, their windows hosting is based windows server 2003 which is pretty old comparing to the windows 2008 from jodohost. While you need to pay $9.95/mo to ixwebhosting, only $2.95/mo to start with jodohost.

Server Uptime: Ixwebhosting server uptime has been reported 99+% by lots of webmasters over the past years. Till present, ix ix recognized the standard choice for multiple websites hosting purpose. They provides cheap and reliable hosting services that's trusted by millions of world wide clients. As for jodohost, there's very few information on their performance/uptime. It still requires some more time to evaluate.

Customer Support: Ix offers live customer support via live chat, email, phone call and ticket system. Their support staffs are waiting to be called 24×7. If you sign up ix hosting service, you will even get a dedicated support hero who will be always with you! You can not get this special offer from other hosting company. Jodohost also provides customer support in multiple channels but since there're no much feedbacks to their service, it's hard to comment if they're offering decent support.

ixwebhosting plan features

As you see, the ixwebhosting is mainly outstanding for linux web hosting plans while jodohost has more advantages in windows hosting. They just offer the same type hosting control panel software. If you need windows hosting services with H-sphere support, jodohost would be better choice since they're more professional. If you need quality and affordable linux hosting service, you should sign up ixwebhosting because it's recommended by thousands webmasters worldwide.

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What's the Good of H-Sphere?

  • Across-system compatibility. H-Sphere is compatible with various OS such as the popular linux and windows server.
  • Built-in billing system. By integrating with H-Sphere, you don't have to get a seperate billing solution because it's already setup as default from H-Sphere.
  • Scalable multiserver cluster. You can manage physical and logical servers from one control panel interface, you can add extra servers lively too.

What would be the weakness of H-Sphere?

Price would be the biggest weakness of this software. it's pretty high comparing to many other leading control panel solutions. If you would need more user accounts than default limits, you will have to pay more to Parallels. That means, unless you're running a big web hosting business and both windows & linux service are offered by your company, you don't have to go with H-Sphere. If the Parallels group could cut some bucks off this product, it's obviously more companies will get involved.

H-sphere is popuar for it's simplicity. But not so professional comparing to the leading cpanel and plesk. You don't have choice of themes and you need to play a bit with it in order to use the software correctly. Other options like file manager and scripts installer are pretty old comparing to cpanel. H-sphere is best for web hosting novice who just like to put up a website without having to deal with lots of control panel service.

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