Why VPSwebserver Sucks?

VPS Web Server Review

VPS Web Server Introduction

VPS Web Server(www.vpswebserver.com) is Hyper-V based windows VPS hosting provider with datacenter in Philadelphia. Since 2008, it has been offering low cost windows vps solutions to personal and small business users. You can not find too much reviews to this company because they're not very popular at the moment. Here we're going to share our experience with them and find out why they suck!

VPS Web Server Hosting Plans

Currently they offer 6 VPS server plans starts from $9.95/mo with choice of windows server 2003/2008. Websitepanel is included as default configuration and they offer smarterbundle as free bonus to every clients. 512 MB RAM /2 CPU Cores /50 GB Space /500 GB dada transfer. You can not find better offer with this price even from the top budget vps hosting list. Because of this price, most testimonials are positive with their service because you won't loose much even there's service failure. Their price simple makes you can't complain because you're paying less comparing to all other hosting providers.

So, how about the vps web server performance? We don't have a server hosted with their service at the moment and there're not too many customer feedbacks with their service. Regardless their service quality, let me share my personal experience with their people.

Just about 3 months before, I received an email from their people talking about partnership with their website. They request to add a review or backlink to their service on my hosting review blog. They even offered me free server opportunity to have their name listed. I examined their website and found there're really great resources to show up to my visitors. Then I added their site to my home page, they promised to link back too as we discussed.

Everything appears to be perfect in the first few days. However, after about 20 days, I went to VPSwebserver site and check if there's new offer, I found my link removed and no email notification or anything. My further investigation told they had removed most parter sites on their pages. There's no FAQ or announcement why they did that but all partner sites are still linking back to vpswebserver!!

I decided not to contact them for explanation because I feelt some kind cheat by their people. Till present, they have not contact me back.

VPS web server Cheap Server Revealed

How could vpswebserver offer such low cost service? The answer might be very clear – overselling. Just think about the basic logic of hosting. Expensive windows server license and networking, I'm sure the overall cost will be more than $9.95/mo even for unmanaged vps! They announced their Hyper-V virtualzation platform is completely isolated for each virtual server and meant to offer same priced service as traditional virtuozzo and OpenVZ. However, they will simply run out of business if they really follow what explained on their features.

So if you're just going to try our windows vps server for server management skills, they might be good for low price. However, if you're going to host your business application, VPSwebserver is never suggested. They simply use a nice domain name to rank better on search engines. Their site got changed several times for SEO purpose in the past few months.

Who do We Recommend for Best VPS Hosting Service?

If you need a decent Windows VPS server for reasonable cost, we highly suggest checking out arvixe hosting. They have been offering reliable and honest service since 2003 and trusted by over half million websites on the planet. Their Windows VPS server starts at $60/mo with all technical features included such as hosting control panel, email server and ms sql server, mysql server etc. It's ready to power your business with no further customization needed!

Visit http://www.arvixe.com for windows vps plan

If you would like to compare the best vps hosting providers and decide the most suitable one, you can also check out the top 5 vps hosting list for further reference. Moreover, you can also contact us directly by clicking the support picture in right corner then we will talk lively and search out the best deal for you!

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